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  1. The, uh, two people running the ranch said " Ok yeah , Hop on over .... " and the rest is history.
  2. Ok not to do something silly by bringing the attention back to Football but it's obvious "now" that HR will be looking for "tacklers" to come free between now and camp. Obviously last year's group wasn't good enough. Heck it's one of the reasons why I don't bail on Maddox. That kid might not have great size or length, he's one heck of a good open field tackler. Think it's time to change my signature to You know this is about a whole lot MORE than football Taylor and Wallace (or Bradley) stepping into the lineup and showing they can tackle people might help this teams' chances " just a teensy little bit"
  3. Don't know if people can understand, we've been around this message board. We've seen things.
  4. Lol half of them are dead. Now what? They're getting all geared up to try and bring MR California to town? No thanks. Big PASS on that one. When Hell freezes over. 🥶
  5. Better yet, get all geared up and show that Dimebag Darrell a Lesson why don't ya
  6. Well that's it. If the conclusion of the majority of the members of this "message" board is that Fletcher Cox is overpaid. Can't argue with a "Psycho Holiday" . Nor would I bother. Gotz to go. Btw, the reason why people love the "Internet" , "comments sections" , "random fake news reporters" , "our entertainment in chief" is because just when you think they can't be topped. Here's what human beings never get. You don't pay Fletcher Cox. And you've never paid someone else I know hahahaha. OK so then "don't buy a ticket to the next __Elton John___ , ___Aerosmith___, ___PearlJam___ , ___DustinJeeper___, ___WhizonmuhWifeKhalifa____ , ____MeatGoddessGaGa___ " Show. Who cares?
  7. Initial reaction to "most" commentary ... What went on in your head? Saving this for a few months from now
  8. Really I gotta come in here to find out the latest Genius idea is to trade Fletcher Cox?
  9. Don't want to live in your misery. I don't live- I inhale. Tell me, tell me what you’re afterI just want to get there faster Hahaha still "thinks" we're going to listen to a buncha hippies who don't know that Gish is one of the greatest albums ever written. Good work " HR "
  10. When's the Vegas game? We have a date yet?
  11. People are overly worried about Jalen. Then again people overvalue Quarterbacks. They're important but they are the "Last piece of the puzzle". Never the first.
  12. Scumbags "who can play" are welcome. Just don't want any JaMarcus action. Didn't think you had to worry. Eagles haven't taken a LB since Jerry Robinson. They just don't do that.
  13. Anyone hear the crazy rumor of what Winnie the Pooh wants to do with our 2nd rounder ?
  14. Nah , he was just the best offensive player on a team that rolled to the National Championship. Kid can't play a lick.
  15. Well it's a message board.... right. Here's the message. Howie's going to try to win this year... and couldn't care less what the Boo Birds "think". Got the message?
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