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  1. Hot take: keep the cloture rules the same as it can only help to ensure that Congress remains gridlocked for the sake of not getting anything done. Pros: the legislature will have trouble enacting "need to do something” legislation, keeps the government from getting bigger. Cons: keeps the legislature from doing something that actually needs to be done.
  2. Yeah I mean Hextall was great at clearing us from Homer’s cap hell, but his drafts outside of Hart and maybe Farabee were complete and total ish.
  3. OPEC didn’t cut supply because of lower demand. For awhile they were pushing supply to F over Russia. (You can park as many ships as you want off the port but there’s only so much room in a pipeline.). They didn’t lower it until the US threatened to pull troops out of Saudi Arabia.
  4. No. We need an expeditionary force that is capable of fighting banana wars and conduct expeditionary fighting around the globe. The Air Force and Navy aircraft are all designed to do several things, but the name of the game is air superiority and ground attack. Eliminating other aircraft, AAA/SAM sites, ground attack, airborne warning and control, recon, etc. The Marine Air Wing exists to do one thing: ground attack/close air support. I mean yeah, they can fight A2A engagements and have the capability, but the totality of Marine Corps operations is to support the Marines on the ground. The Marines are their own thing because we need them to be their own thing. They’re like a mini military in one for when we need people that are good in fighting in mini engagements. The thing of it is, too, is that when they’re used in larger engagements they tend to excel at that too. See: Belleau Wood,
  5. Because at the altitudes you’re flying at, you have a very short time until you black out. The pressure is low enough that it actually sucks air out of your lungs. So if you’re fiddling with your kids mask before yours, not only will their mask not get on because you’ve passed out before it goes on, but your mask won’t be on either. Ultimately though it depends on how quickly the pilots get theirs on. Normal procedure is to drop altitude as quickly as possible, say to 10,000ft, but yeah. Once there’s a decompression event, there’s no air to breathe, anywhere. Now for this analogy, once we get our end under control we can help them out. Otherwise the @vikas83 paradigm applies: don’t be poor.
  6. Ask me how much I love being a fan in Tampa and dating a Fn Lightning season ticket holder. Really Fn great. Didn’t even watch the game and all I could do was sit there and take it like some beta bish.
  7. Side bar: is abortion abhorrent and murder in the case of rape/incest?
  8. It’s Philly so 100% plus it’s determined that all of the Super Bowl 52 winning team was doping so they forfeit the win.
  9. How long is it going to take until it’s realized by the organization that the whole coaching staff needs to go?
  10. Glad I sprung for glass seats tonight. That was Fn brutal.
  11. Glad I decided to go out instead of watching the game. Got a ticket to see them Tuesday. Hopefully they can pull it together.
  12. In my experience you can’t rely solely on data driven evidence or anecdotal evidence. They both go hand in hand. Anyone can shape evidence to fit their viewpoint. If you think something because of data driven evidence, you need to get out in the field and see it happening for yourself. Also since November 2020, My salary is up 45% because I lateraled into another department at a higher salary, got two pay increases in six months, and then got promoted, then got an annual. So I’m doing ok, just had to get out of the ish department I was in.
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