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  1. firstly, love the detail you put into this. I feel like way to often now people just put the names down with no explanation and expect us to see things the way they see them, which never happens. So love that you explained your thought process along the way for the most part i like the ideas you laid out, this mock includes a TON of change, which puts it on the more unrealistic side of the scale for me but its still fun to go thru and imagine the outcome. your FA is probably exactly what i didnt even know i wanted, addressing LB, S and WR (with a more cost friendly option) is probably my ideal scenario and generally i like the draft prospects, Ojabo kinda scares me with his inexperience, people just assume he'll get better because of it but it reminds me of ziggy ansah who had a couple good yrs, a couple very good yrs and s bad one mixed in, then disappeared after his rookie contract ended... Just feel too raw isnt always good. in addition to that Davis with his size and general lack of a pass rush/more run stuff style gives me major Louis Nix vibes and honestly wouldnt entirely shock me if he falls similarly in the draft tho not something id bank on, but i still dont view him as a guy that has enough pass rush for a 1st rn. Love your pick of London, i question his speed but still would be a nice complement to Smith and love that you didnt forget about TE, too many people just think going into next yr with Jackson and Stoll as the backups will be ok lol
  2. we've been predicting Kelce to retire for the past 3 years now, I wont even bother predicting he leaves anymore until it actually happens Sweat would definitely start over one of Leal (more of a DT anyway) or Ojabo simply because he's a vet and likely more adjusted to the speed than either of them will be also, one or both of Seumalo (if not starting at C) and Driscoll would start over Herbig at G and i think you need to do something at TE.... god forbid Goedert got hurt in this scenario and were left with Jackson who id love to see do well given his height but hasnt been able to succeed much on field and Stoll who is serviceable but not a starting caliber pass catcher
  3. obvs i must be confused here.... you're trading two 1's for a 1-2-4 and a 1 for a 1-2 does that not leave us with only two 1s??? ------ also unsure where the fourth 2nd comes from... we have one already, you got one more in the first trade, and one more in the second trade giving us three total i must be missing something? all that being said, i like the players picked
  4. dont forget Driscoll who was playing decently well himself at G before injury if i remember correctly
  5. i question whether Kelce will ever retire lmao... he 'flirts' with it but it never feels like he's actually as close as the media makes it sound and the philly media has shown to be so incompetent the last couple yrs that i truly wonder lmao. I'd also just keep Graham cause the DE position at the end of this looks very questionable tbh despite the fact i like the players you drafted. I dont care much for Pickett... his advanced age and questionable hand size both scare me since it's completely expected he'd dominate players that are 2-3yrs younger than himself. He's older than Hurts is fwiw otherwise, id be shocked if Elam made it to the 2nd round considering he's mostly considered the 2nd/3rd CB in the draft rn, but i do like all the picks in the first 2 rounds you made (minus Pickett) since i dont know much about the guys after that. That being said id prefer to address LB earlier and before we address DE twice for that matter, and i'd stay far away from Faalele if he really is 400lbs, given guys that size often bust cause they just cant move well enough for the NFL. Fun fact, according to my brief research it'd put him somewhere around 4th heaviest NFL player of all time. overall i just dont see that DL producing much and the LBs would be as questionable as ever
  6. leaves me feeling kinda uninspired tho it's still half decent
  7. i was with you until the draft. Firstly the return for the 6th pick was disappointing, trade chart be damned (if you used that), a 2nd and some 4ths aint enough to get #6. even with us getting #15 back. then the draft itself... meh, nothing excited me, i feel like after a yr with that draft the narrative will still be that Roseman is incapable of adding young star talent even with one being dropped in his lap at his original draft spot (#6). I know it goes against what you're point was, but if you had put Waddle at #15 instead id probably have a different feeling or one of the CBs. I do however share your thought that Siri could potentially work with these WRs , it'd be nice to have some real WR developers for once if so. Id add that i hope Gannon could work wonders with our CBs as well given how revived Rhodes and Ya-Sin has been solid tho not spectacular, Moore was kinda rough analytically but did get turnovers at least.
  8. now that's a flaming hot take if ive ever seen one
  9. fwiw Singleton is an Exclusive rights FA and will likely be signed for 1 yr at the minimum Draft and FA look good tho
  10. Lane is still a top RT in the league.. id honestly be a little shocked if he only garnered a 4th anyway this does feel like a major over reaction to your disappointment in the trade return but even in saying that, i like the players you picked even tho some i doubt would make it to the picks you selected them at
  11. im fairly satisfied with a 3rd and a conditional 1st... he was one of the worst starting QBs last yr after all
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