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  1. While this was done the wrong way, it's clear there should be many more crowds protesting how this Country is ran.
  2. Oh snap...... classic case of monkey see, monkey do!!
  3. Chicken wire over the top of my raised boxes stopped the squirrels and raccoons for me.
  4. Lol, FIGHT!!!!! Limey Arthur getting plowed under in here.
  5. The lack of, or poor parenting and social media seem to be the issue. Oh, lock the doors too.
  6. I'm in no way saying there's not a huge amount of waste. look at what we all pay to for illegals to walk into hospitals, run up a huge bill then not pay a dime. I never hear anyone complaining about that though.
  7. I run 3 miles per day and workout too, that's cake for me.
  8. So, say he's missing both legs and his job was being a roofer? he can't do that job without legs but there's much more to it really.
  9. There could be many things. but if it meets the guidelines then it gets approved. maybe PM him and ask the reason.
  10. I just took a pee on your post, OP!
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