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  1. One Eli is better calling than playing in my book.
  2. Well looky here, another fan of mine Truth is Eagles beat the Falcons Dallas lost to the Champs, so probably the best at this point Giants were terrible, Stop Drafting QB's from Duke for the love of Pete. Skins, IDK
  3. It's like the back 8 but with one missing.
  4. What's the limit of f the giants then?
  5. Meh, lots of people get over hurt mainly cause they shouldn't be posting on the Interweeebzz. So what's the limit then?
  6. Quotes are yur friend, bonehead
  7. I don't have my Don.B account anymore or you'd hear from.
  8. This doesn't matter anyway, the Eagles aren't doing anything this year anyway. probably decades to be honest
  9. Nice work, when you look at a homeless dude.....do you think you stand a better chance of getting rump pounded?
  10. Asking me doesn't make any sense.
  11. From Ireland and an Eagle fan?
  12. I know you're gay because...........
  13. Yeah, so many people on the net are so strange and sensitive about crap.
  14. Anyone ever see the Giants fans that used to post here? not those suppressed ones that hang in the football section.
  15. Alright you got me on that one. I had them removed by the dermatologist and all is good now. but I didn't tell them about the one on my thingy I still pick at when people aren't looking.
  16. I will but only because you asked in such a nice way
  17. Messed up World huh? How ya doing?
  18. Chicks with no d**ks
  19. I'd call the law, you can't just cut people like that. Hit!!
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