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  1. If this game somehow winds up with Bosa lined up across from Dillard, uh you got a problem. But it won't.
  2. Oh did anybody check yet? So the gameplan is still hit the guy with the gold helmet ? Cool now that we've got that straightened out.
  3. Yeah I thought it was odd because the local news blurb early in the week called for Niners fans to have a white out on the Art Museum steps. Guess I could check...
  4. As long as they don't wear Red. My mama said people who wear Red and play Foosball is the Devil. Come to think of it those tye dye shirt under their shoulder pads fellas wear RED.
  5. Hmm wonder why they'd opt to go all white ? Hey hey we're the Monkees People say we're messin around It It is not little Baby sally. Wow Mark McMillian . Forgot about that kid. He had heart to spare.
  6. Slightly. https://decider.com/2021/08/19/the-witcher-nightmare-of-the-wolf-sex-nudity/?utm_source=url_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons
  7. Just another Saturday amongst many in time. Oh would you look the hippity hip hips have come to town trying to steal the local kids Saturday cartoon shtick.
  8. Ok you have a nice day... I thought everything sucked now.
  9. What you sipping on Tonight? Immediately understood . Sumtin about Drake and his house in Cheecago ... WTF ? No clue hahahaha
  10. Only a knucklehead will post a sentence and believe it's topical to every generation.
  11. You know I once saw Glenn Campbell on the street, you know Glenn Campbell? His hair moved.
  12. A confused Sixers fan with a Lakers Kobe jersey calls his friend Donnie on Staten Island after getting "that" text this morning.
  13. Ahh ah ah ah ah I'm still trying to understand .. If Dave can MAKE IT THERE, he'll make it .... bump bump ANYWHERE .... Hahaha Reduced to
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