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  1. They will be soon. He killed someone in my family. Its fitting he is getting the ending he deserves
  2. I can't stop laughing at this ukn picture. I will throw Andrew off the ukn bridge he named after his sheetbag father.
  3. Cuomo and his brother are a bigger clown show than Bobeph and Blobeph
  4. ukn top notch comedy right there. Blob jr hahahahaha PA is being gay and cancelled the tournament. All his tournaments are is boston
  5. anybody in here want to use their hand on me?
  6. LMFAO......ronald mcdonald is as soft as baby sheet. I would kill him and then rape that purple queer grimace
  7. my pension from my circus days is now underfunded and in critical status. dam defined benefit plans!!!!
  8. I am not funny. But you are a Dewsh. Now get back to trying to nibble your own tip
  9. I did. Its name is Toastrel. Please return her
  10. Ready for a black clown?
  11. being a black clown, I have faced discrimination and hatred. When I tried to get a loan for some big red shoes and a new unicycle....I got denied. I made less then the other white clowns at work. My cork is so big i have to hang it down my pants leg and keep getting piss on my socks. But i'd rather all of it .........then to be a stone cold honkey
  12. you find being gay interesting? That's gay
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