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  1. I think someone really messed up the photoshopping in this picture.
  2. "Hustle” is definitely worth your time. Good movie. More importantly, the good Sydney Sweeney scenes are the best things put on film since Alexandra Daddario in "True Detective.”
  3. We see this exactly the same way. Rogue One is underrated, IMO. I’ll definitely give Ashoka a chance. Animated Ashoka is a good character.
  4. It’s over. Obi Wan episode 4 was the final nail in the coffin. It was "Book of Boba Fett” bad. There was even a bacta tank! As a Star Wars fan, though, this doesn’t upset me. I just refuse to acknowledge the new material as canon.
  5. I’m as big a Ricky Gervais fan as anyone, but I found Supernature to be mediocre. Both 14% and 92% seem off, IMO.
  6. Someone needs to work on their reading comprehension.
  7. It has been one or the other. That’s my only point. Personally, I’m anti-assault rifle and all for making schools safer (even at the slight expense of freedoms).
  8. Is anyone going to spend one second asking actual questions about the changes in our society that have caused all of these horrific shootings? Can we truly examine the intersection of humanism and freedom? We spent our lives believing pop culture, TV, movies, and video games desensitizing us to violence was meaningless. Were we wrong? What percentage of these killers are fatherless? Children have been taught their immediate thoughts and feeling are the only thing that matter in the world. What happens now that they’ve grown up grow up and find out that way of thinking is wrong? Kids were also taught they were "special” and deserved a participation trophy. News flash! They aren’t and they don’t. Did these teachings do tremendous harm? These are just a few. There are many, many more actual questions we should be asking. Political BS is much easier, though.
  9. Thanks so much for putting this together. It was a very enjoyable read.
  10. This social media barrage is very similar to the one in "The Boys: Season 2.” It should still matter that he abused her, right?
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