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  1. I don’t care who’s favored. The Eagles will win the game.
  2. I could do without EVER having to listen to Mark Schlereth smell his own farts for three hours again. Talk about the actual Fing game, Mark. The broadcast is not about you acting tough every second.
  3. How did the clock start running before the snap? I thought an injury timeout stopped the clock. (1:48 on the clock when the injury stoppage occurred). I assume that’s incorrect.
  4. I came here to ask that question. Was the play clock on the TV wrong or did they clearly delay the game?
  5. I’m assuming he was under the age of 70 and not obese.
  6. No that you mentioned it, how have things in the country been going from January to September?
  7. @LeanMeanGM It worked last week: 49ers - 27 Birds - 23
  8. Those are full grown men on that Auburn line. Impressive drive.
  9. Chris Fowler said something interesting this morning. He said the Happy Valley crowd has gone from reserved (when he was a kid) to "the best in college sports.” I’ve noticed the exact same thing. Growing up I was shocked by the lack of crowd noise on game days. Now the atmosphere is electric.
  10. Before Girardi got here, did anyone else realize he knew so little about game management? It’s shocking. This should be 2-0.
  11. After the first week of the media obsessing over these morons, who were allowed into the Capital, I jokingly asked, "Are they going to talk about this longer than THE ACTUAL RIOTS THAT OCCURRED MONTHS PRIOR?!?!?!?” I guess we now know why these pawns were let into the Capitol.
  12. This is such a good and thoughtful response. Polamalu was banged up for long stretches at the end of his career. When he wasn’t right, he was close to pedestrian. However, when he was healthy he changed the entire game from the safety spot. That’s almost impossible. I watched both throughout their entire careers. IMO, Polamalu’s absolute peak is better than Dawkins. However, Dawkins brought it game-after-game, year-after-year, was more consistent, and made fewer errors. Both men were gifts to their teams and cities and both are deserved HOFers.
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