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  1. Nice fact, except that it's not true. Jefferson ran faster than expected, and Reagor ran slower than expected so maybe that's where the confusion lies. But their times were virtually identical. In fact, the average clocking of all official timers had Reagor at 4.47 and Jefferson at 4.48.
  2. Yes but not necessarily. I think Dickerson offered the versatility to be the team's center or right guard of the future. I honestly don't see Brooks or Johnson on the team for more than another year.
  3. Are you planning on coming out east again anytime in the near future?
  4. Yeah. Great player. But we got McDougle, so it's all good.
  5. Here's the recap from the season opening victory over the Falcons. Arryn Siposs punted four times in his NFL debut. He averaged about 49.0 yards and 4.32 hangtime. Two of his punts had a hangtime of at least 4.5 seconds. All four of them were hit outside the numbers. I have the impression that the new special teams coach is an advocate of that strategy, more so than Dave Fipp was. So I have a feeling we're going to see a lot of punts toward the sideline this year. Cameron Nizialek punted six times for the Falcons. His average was about 46.0 yards and 4.29 hangtime. The obvious theoretical win goes to Siposs. The Eagles snap to foot times on punts was much better than Atlanta's. They were usually around 1.90 seconds. The last one was a little slower. Atlanta's times were closer to 2.05 seconds, with one of them around 2.12. So I have the distinct impression that Siposs is going to be a "quick" punter. And that's a good thing, for sure. Jake Elliott kicked off six times, but one was a squib at the end of the first half. His five traditionally kickoffs averaged about 75.0 yards (that's the back of the endzone, folks) and 3.96 hangtime. Younghoe Koo only kicked off three times. His average was about 67.7 yards and 4.36 hangtime, although I'm not 100% sure of the hangtime of the final kick. I did the best I could Elliott made his only field goal attempt from a distance where the expected probability was about 75%. Along with his PATs, the time on the Eagles attempts were around 1.3 seconds. The Falcons kick attempts were a tad slower. So again, the Eagles were better with that. They almost always are, year after year. Elliott's Elo Kicking Rating improved slightly to 2241, which ranks 23rd in the league. The rating of Eagles Opponents improved to 2279, which would rank 11th if such a player actually existed. The Top Five kickers after the first week are Gano (2377, about 2.21 standard deviations above the mean), Tucker (2363, 1.95), Lambo (2338, 1.86), Myers (2354, 1.78), and Crosby (2347, 1.65). Those dudes almost never miss. When they do, it's a shock. The Bottom Five kickers are Blankenship (2199, -1.08), Rosas (2196, -1.13), Seibert (2194, -1.17), Ficken (IR) (2177, -1.48), and Badgley (2171, -1.59). Badgley was released after the first week. Other stuff: * Andre Chachere made a super impressive play on the Eagles first punt. He was out of bounds, and he knew he was out of bounds. So quite smartly, he indicated to Zech McPhearson to down the ball. He knew in the moment that if he were touch the ball first, it would be a penalty. As the play unfolded, I commented about how smart it was, and I noted that if the broadcast people have any smarts about them, they'll mention after the commercial break. I was surprised and pleased that they did. * Avonte Maddox (I think it was him) got away with a late hit at the sideline on Cordarelle Patterson on a kickoff return. It was kinda borderline, but the Eagles had been the beneficiary of a borderline sideline call a little earlier in the game, so I was surprised it wasn't called. The Falcons complained and I think they were justified. * Quez Watkins ran backwards during a kickoff return. That's something you rarely see, and for good reason. It usually results in a dismal return. On another kick return, he barely got it back to the twenty yard line. All in all, and impressive performance by him. * Jalen Reagor made a smart play on the first Falcons punt. He rushed up from his deep position to fair catch the ball at around the twenty yard line. This move probably saved the Eagles about ten yards...the yards the ball would likely have rolled before being downed. This has been a bugaboo for Greg Ward for awhile now and is probably one of the reasons he's not the team's primary punt returner. * On Reagor's first punt return, he fielded the ball at the Eagles 37 and proceeded to run backwards for seven yards before finally getting to the 38. A one yard return. Horrible. * On Reagor's final punt return, he caught the ball at the 21 with no defenders anywhere in sight. He then hesitated, ran back to the 18, danced around, and was tackled at about the 19 yard line. It ended up being a net loss on a return when he fielded it with lots of room in front of him. Again, a horrible play. * JJ Arcega-Whiteside came close to blocking a Falcons punt. I liked the idea that the Eagles went for it after observing that the Falcons punter was kinda slow on his first couple attempts. This showed to me that there was some thinking going on on the Eagles sideline. It didn't work, but they tried. Not bad. * I was mildly surprised that the Eagles attempted a field goal with a little more than a minute to go. On their possession, the Falcons courteously didn't call timeouts, thus allowing the Eagles to basically end the game right there. I kinda thought Sirianni would reciprocate by just running a play on fourth down rather than try to add more points to the scoreboard. It's hardly a big deal, but it's something that crossed my mind at the time In summary, it was a pretty good game for the special team's units. The punter and kicker both had good games. The coverage units were fine. The big problem, and this could be an issue all season, is that the speedy return men (Watkins and Reagor) don't seem to know how to return. The natural inclination to run backwards is mind boggling. This needs to be corrected, the sooner the better.
  6. In 1947, Ted Williams led the American league in HR (32), Runs (125), RBI (114), BB (162), BA (.343), SLUG (.634) -- and obviously OPS too which wasn't a thing back then -- and finished behind Joe DiMaggio in the voting. DiMaggio hit .315 with 20 homers and 97 RBI. But he was a Yankee and they won the pennant. Williams lost by one point in the voting, apparently because some writers (maybe only one) who didn't like him kept him off the ballot entirely. It's a famous baseball travesty.
  7. When quarterbacks dive forward, they are down immediately. The ball popped out after he hit the ground. I'm fairly certain that was never a fumble and it didn't matter who recovered it.
  8. @LeanMeanGM 49ers 29 Eagles 16. I just have a hunch it's going to be one of those games where we're always behind and sort of still "in it" but never quite able to close the game. BONUS: One of the teams will miss a PAT.
  9. Back when The Simpsons was new and fresh and creative, there was a scene where Homer was lamenting all of the family's money expenses. And he said something to the effect of "...and we spend money for vaccinations for Maggie for diseases she doesn't even have"! The humor was obvious. Homer didn't understand the concept of the value of prevention. This scene is what I think of when I hear people complaining about Landon Dickerson being on the active roster rather than on PUP. What I think they fail to fully grasp is that he is in essence a vaccination for the Eagles offensive line in case that Seumalo, Kelce, Brooks, or even Herbig suffer an injury at some point in the first six weeks of the season. In that case, he'll offer service to the team in the form of a spot in the starting lineup or as a valuable sixth man who could come in as a replacement during a game. In my view, it is THAT flexibility and comfort that makes him worth a spot on the 53-man roster for the first six weeks of the season. And yes I'm aware that I'm making the assumption that he would be healthy enough to play if such a need arises. I consider that assumption a fair one.
  10. Speaking of that 49ers-Lions game, how come no one (that I've observed) has even commented on the final score?
  11. No lie. My father still complains about the Super Bowl, specifically the way the Patriots drove the ball on their last ditch drive. He still feels anguish watching Gronkowski get out of bounds to stop the clock.
  12. All three linebacker spots. Both safeties. And one corner. That's just considering current starters. There's also a need at defensive end with an eye toward the future.
  13. We were arguing at the time about whether the Eagles should challenge that while indeed it was a "pass", it was actually a backward pass and thus a live ball which the Eagles could (and did) recover. My father thought the Eagles were stupid for not challenging. I thought that it was simply a challenge they could not win because it wasn't clear enough to show that it was backward.
  14. And just like that, Matt Amodio begins the new season with another phenomenal performance. This guy is an all-time great.
  15. Ryan Kerrigan must have had the most invisible 34 snaps of any player in history.
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