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  1. It annoys the hell out of me when people misspell his name. It's Philip (like a normal person), not Phillip (like a weirdo).
  2. It's not as random as you think. On EVERY fair catch, the receiving team has the option to take the ball at that spot and begin a new series of downs....or attempt to kick the ball from that spot through the goal posts for three points. It is customary for teams to want to have the ball to begin a possession, but that doesn't mean that there is somehow something random going on. The rule is always in place.
  3. Can't really blame the front office for that one. It was a homeless guy who told them what they should do. Who were they to disagree?
  4. Exactly the point I made the instant he started talking on Monday night. He doesn't have that deep voice that screams "game show host." It's more of a pipsqueaky kind of voice. It's the same issue that Tony Romo has faced as a color man on football broadcasts. Romo has that same kind of voice.
  5. I've always enjoyed Ken Jennings. He's got that funny, quirky kind of personality to go along with his superior knowledge. But I'm not sure yet what to make of him as a host. His voice isn't that commanding. And it seemed to me that he was speaking a bit too rapidly. First impression was neither overwhelming or underwhelming. Let's see how this develops.
  6. My 88-year old mother has never slept past 8 AM in her entire life. Ever.
  7. Just because something might be somewhat exciting for some fans and might generate decent ratings doesn't mean that it's a good idea.
  8. Cowboys week 16 game, which I was too lazy to get around to til now. Cameron Johnston punted five times. He averaged about 35.3 yards and 4.26 hangtime. His short punts were quite terrible. None had a hangtime of at least 4.5 seconds. Two of the five were hit outside the numbers. Newbie Hunter Niswander punted four times for the enemy team. He averaged about 44.8 yards and 4.63 hangtime, with three in the air for at least 4.5 seconds and only one hit outside the numbers. Significant advantage to the other team, putting Johnston's mark at 7-8 on the year. It was the seventh straight game he was outpunted by the other team's guy. On the season, Johnston's numbers were at 46.0 yards and 4.47 hangtime with 46% getting to 4.5 seconds and 37% hit outside the numbers. Opponents were averaging about 45.2 yards and 4.59 hangtime with 58% at 4.5 seconds and 44% hit outside the numbers. Overall, I'd say it's a slight advantage for the Eagles. But the second half of the year has not been good. Niswander was particularly slow getting rid of the ball. Jake Elliott kicked off four times, with an average of about 74.5 yards and 4.22 hangtime. Greg Zuerlein kicked off eight times for an average of about 67.0 yards and 4.13 hangtime. On the season, Elliott was at 69.1 yards and 4.12 hangtime. Opponents were at 67.5 yards and 4.10 hangtime. It was obvious as hell that the Cowboys were intentionally kicking the ball short trying to induce the Eagles to return the kick. The Eagles kick return game is that horrid. Elliott did not attempt any field goals, so his kicking numbers remain the same. The rating of Eagles Opponents improved to 2270. The Top Five kickers after Week 16 were Tucker (2408, 2.90 STD above the mean), Lambo (2376, 2.29), Gano (2373, 2.23), Crosby (2341, 1.62), and Myers (2340, 1.60). The Bottom Five kickers were Wright (2204), Seibert (2196), Rosas (2189), Badgley (2187), and Ficken (2177). Ficken was released after the game. Other stuff: * K'Von Wallace continues to look like crap blocking on kickoff returns. * In addition to not getting much yardage on kickoff returns, Boston Scott decided to add to his repertoire by fumbling. Fortunately for the Eagles the ball was not recovered correctly by the Cowboys so the Eagles maintained possession. * With the Eagles up by four points in the second quarter and the Eagles punting from the Dallas 40, the Eagles were in position to pin the Cowboys deep. Instead, Johnston uncorked a seventeen yard punt that flew out of bounds at the Dallas 23. Horrible. * Rudy Ford had a great play on punt coverage. * Jalen Reagor had a decent punt return late in the game. He at least showed some forward burst, something that Greg Ward never does. Dunno when I'll get around to the Washington season finale. Not really in the mood right now after this debacle of a season.
  9. It might mean nothing to us, but it means EVERYTHING to Washington. Therefore it is definitely a meaningful game.
  10. Why would you expect us to be flexed out of SNF when we were just flexed in in the first place this past Sunday night?
  11. I sure as hell hope they don't. It's a classic logo.
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