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  1. @LeanMeanGM Eagles 23 Giants 20 BONUS: Daniel Jones 40+ yards rushing.
  2. In all seriousness, the Davis pick was never about the 2022 team or even the 2023 team. It was about the 2024, 2025, and 2026 teams. And then hopefully beyond that for his next contract. In case you haven't noticed, our current defensive line is really, really old. It was critical to get a new piece into the mix as a future cornerstone.
  3. Just saw a weather forecast for Sunday and it looks like rain with the possibility of snow later in the day. Glad I'm not going.
  4. I thought so too. Legitimately.
  5. I think Kansas City, Buffalo, Green Bay, and Dallas were better. I also think Tampa Bay and San Francisco were better even though they lost to them. But again, credit to them for winning after putting all their chips into the table.
  6. Kinda seems like no one really cares much about this season.
  7. Curious. When you're calculating those numbers, are you remembering to incorporate the fact that they generally strike the ball about ten yards from behind the line of scrimmage? So when I say a ball went 58 yards, it actually went about 68 yards from the impact with his foot.
  8. I always find it cringeworthy when they bring him out to sing the national anthem now that he's an adult. As a kid, he had a really good voice "for a kid". But as an adult, he's actually pretty bad. Sure, I guess he'd sound good in a barroom but compared to professional singers, nope.
  9. What's kind of annoying (to me, anyway) is that the Rams were objectively about the fifth or sixth best team in the league. And everything broke their way. Credit to them for actually winning it, but they were never a real juggernaut. Not even close.
  10. There was some question last night about Tennessee's punting game. I went through the game last night (couldn't sleep, still not feeling well) and collected all the data. They averaged about 58.1 yards and 4.33 hangtime. That distance is insane. Their punter (Ryan Stonehouse) is among the league leaders in distance, and he ranks pretty low in fair catches, so this all makes sense. He's a distance punter who doesn't focus as much on hangtime as most punters do. So yes, Covey had more room to work with in this game than normal. Kudos to him for actually doing something with it. I went back through the data from 2017 til now, looking for punts that were hit to the middle of the field, had a distance of between 50 and 65 yards, had a hangtime below 4.50 seconds, and landed outside the ten yard line. My rough guess is that if all of those criteria are met, the punt could/should be considered "returnable". I was surprised by the results. From 2017 through 2021, the Eagles returner only had four, three, one, four, and four such opportunities each year. In the Titans game on Sunday, there were three such opportunities. Furthermore I went back through the first eleven games and discovered that there were another three. So this year, the Eagles have fielded six "returnable" punts.
  11. While we're at it, don't get me started on Cam Jurgens! The dude hardly ever plays. What the hell was Howie thinking!? Grrrrr!
  12. Anyone who doesn't like Butterfingers is just wrong.
  13. If that was the case (I plan on working on it tomorrow), then it's about fn time. For eleven straight games, opposing punters have been just killing it. We were due. Let's not overthink this.
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