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  1. Just get this kid ready to go. We’re gonna need him in the second half of the championship game.
  2. We have all preseason to get it right. Starters need their reps together. If not, then we’ll start sloppy. Question I have is will they come in in game shape. Dunno. Some of these old fat guys aren’t really fighting for their jobs. Don’t work em too hard in OTA’s. They might not wanna show up. What’s next? 3/4 speed in 1/4 of the playing time in the preseason?
  3. It would be grotesque to give a $40 mil extension to Hurts. I’d rather trade him. Let another team sign him to that sort of money.
  4. They better get Hurts some live reps in spring training. He needs practice making reads and spreading the ball around. No need for Hurts to tuck and run for preseason 1st downs. He’s gotta throw the ball to a receiver or throw it away. I don’t expect a competition. It almost doesn’t matter what the other guys do. Minshew and Strong could put on a clinic, but there’s about a 1000% probability that Hurts starts no matter what.
  5. Lane wants to get a Christmas card this year. I see Hurts image here in red practice shirt. Why in his right mind would he wear a bracelet? We need some safety rules and regs. Does he wear that on game day? Better not.
  6. Why would any team not copy that defensive scheme / game plan against Hurts? Hurts needs to prove he can beat it / take what the defense is giving him. And, beating that defensive scheme is also on the OC.
  7. Hurts will probably get replaced at half time in the championship game. I didn't see that as an option in the survey.
  8. If all goes well, we beat Dallas in week 6 or whatever and are in cruise control by mid season.
  9. For the backup QB haters: Which of the backup QBs would you gladly trade to Dallas? I wouldn’t send them Minshew or Strong.
  10. Isn’t it QB2 that holds the clipboard? QB3 doesn’t dress on this team. They should expand the rosters. Where is QB3 on game day? Up in the booth with the OC and pass game coordinator?
  11. No news about Carson Strong, Minshew, Sinnett, or EJ Perry down in Jagsville. No stories out of OTA’s on b-ball shooting competitions on the playschool hoop. Nothing to see here.
  12. Got #5 McNabb. Got #7 Vick. Got #11 Wentz. Bought #9 Foles for father in law after SB win. I’ll just wear my Wentz jersey this year.
  13. I am thinking I need a QB1 jersey in my collection. Maybe?
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