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  1. Eagles are FUBAR. We've got junior varsity coaches. Undisciplined, dumb football. Tick tock. Looking like time to fire Howie Roseman.
  2. With the Collective Bargaining Agreement set to expire Dec 1, there is a chance for a lockout after Dec 1. This might mean no signing free agents during a lockout. Not sure. With this uncertainty, I don't think OF Nick Castellanos opts out. The top free agents have been signing later and later, causing a delay in the overall signing. The CBA expiring might create an urgency for a free agent to sign, potentially accepting an offer before their market fully developed. Can Dombroski sign any players before Dec 1? Hopeful that he signs a least a couple mid level relievers when free agency opens. Can Dombroski sign a big time free agent or two before Dec 1? Maybe wishful thinking. Top free agents don't usually get signed before winter meetings.
  3. They have signed some and have had mixed results. Good production: Realmuto, Wheeler, Segura Could be better production: Didi and McCutchen, relievers Dombroski was just starting as GM and we were coming off a terrible season, worst bullpen in the history of MLB (got Klentak fired). Extended Didi last year, probably not the best move. This off season is extremely important. We need to overhaul the team. And, what the heck is wrong with our minor leagues?
  4. We are years away from some sort of talent surge or core of young players forming. The window of opportunity is right now with Harper, Realmuto, and Wheeler. Free agency and trades is the only way to get more talent now and get into the playoffs. We hold options on McCutchen and Odubel. We need to drop them and replace them with better talent. We need to sign 2 OF, a SS, and a 3B. We need starting pitching, relievers, and a closer. On the morning on day one, sign OF Nick Castellanos, OF Starling Marte, Kris Byant 3B, and Marcus Semien 2B/SS. In the afternoon, sign SP Robbie Ray, SP Corey Kluber, and closer Kenley Jansen. On day two, we start filling in around that core.
  5. They are all in their 30's and top rated free agents. Scherzer is a bit old around 37. Do you want Didi with a negative WAR playing regular or Semien with a 3.7 WAR? Marte has a WAR of 4.7. Otherwise we bring back Odubel? Freeman is better than Hoskins. Doubt he leaves the Braves, but I'd pay him stupid money. Do we want to compete? Then we need more talent. Not enough pitching or hitting on the team. And our defense stinks.
  6. Free Agents to pursue Scherzer Semien Marte Ray Freeman Jansen / Kimbrel Day one of free agency, I'm sending offers
  7. Stick a fork in em. They're done. Eagles about to lose the next 4 games. Watch them implode. Not enough talent. Too many injuries. Fire Howie.
  8. Maybe. i am ready for the off season already. Who will the Phillies target in free agency? Upgrades needed across the board. Need more talent. Starting pitching, relief, closer. 3rd, maybe 1st, and OF. Did I miss anything? And a new minor league player development director or two.
  9. 1st and Goal from the 1 and we don't score. Embarrassing failure. Just put in your biggest hogs and run it straight up the middle. I also blame the play calling here, but if you don't have the hogs, you cant run it. Is Landon Dickerson ready to play yet? Still rehabbing? Move Seumalo over to center for a series. Mailata to left guard. Insert Dillard at left tackle. Run it.
  10. I think listing QBs by attempt over whole career is not slicing the data correctly. I would look at attempts per game, yards per game. Brady has 636 attempts over 21 seasons. 30 per season, about 2 per game. Are these 1 yard QB sneaks? Brady is the GOAT, but not a great runner. Was Jalen Hurts a running QB last year by design or was he running for his life behind a swiss cheese OLine on a losing franchise. Stats cant tell you that. We saw with Carson Wentz how a mobile QB could extend plays. Before he was hurt, Carson was slippery in the pocket, evasive. Game 1 this year looked more like Jalen was running by design. Make reads. See opportunity. Take it. OLine good. Team wins. Different than last year.
  11. I am looking forward to watching the Eagles build a lead and then run the ball in the second half. We will watch the OLine dominate the Cowboys, Giants, and Washington Football Team latein the games as Sanders and Gainwell run downhill, moving the chains. To me, it's not Sanders or Gainwell. It's Sanders & Gainwell.
  12. Maybe Sirianni can find ways to use JJAW. Like that touchdown JJAW caught in preseason. Fulgham was a flash n the pan last year, but something is missing from his game. Maybe smarts. Maybe routes.
  13. Are you talking playoffs? Watch us go 3-0 at the start of the season... I'm talking playoffs.
  14. All 3 QBs are Eagles. If they are on the field, I support them.
  15. I'm excited about this year because... Super Bowl !!!!!
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