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  1. I do not approve moving this to Around the NFL, Mod. This is Eagles draft impacting.
  2. Already, the probability that he reaches the 75% mark is greatly reduced. One more injury anywhere in the season and he's done. It doesn't look good.
  3. I am not wasting my energy wishing for a good outcome with Wentz involved. I'm just glad he wasn't an Eagle when this happened.
  4. Maybe they waited until surgery completed, doctors opinion on his health and recovery started.
  5. Hope springs eternal as camp is about to open. Many thanks to Matt Mullin for putting this turd of a story into our punchbowl. Keep up the good work!
  6. Some of the personas have multiple personalities. I don't blame the Eagles for getting rid of their message board. Too much babysitting required. They just want your money, not your written opinions.
  7. Green Bay is paradise for football. I think Aaron Rodgers is getting a bit goofy/selfish/stupid in his old age. Take the money.
  8. Are we still talking about Ertz? Trade him already.
  9. I'm thinking that Jalen Hurts makes the Pro Bowl this year... Will that be good enough for the haters and negative nancies?
  10. Yeah, maybe a little over the top. He's not expensive this year at like $1.7mil. But, he thinks he deserves too much money. Trade him before the deadline or just let him walk. Can't pay tight ends $12-13mil per year.
  11. Howie should trade himself to another team.
  12. Issue extension offers with a deadline. If neither extend, the Eagles should cut both tight ends. That would get some flexibility with their cap.
  13. Extend Goeddert. Release Ertz or trade him for whatever.
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