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  1. Breaking: Bears Reportedly Make Decision On Next Coach (msn.com) Eberflus (who?) DC Colts If Pedersen had Reich and Riech had Eberflus, is Eberflus part of the Andy Reid, Doug Pedersen coaching tree?
  2. My prediction on how my draft will go. 14 picks go by at 15 minutes per pick....that's 3.5 hours on the sofa waiting for the Eagles. Pickett and Corral are still on the board. Really? "OMG, go get em. Make the pick." " The Eagles have traded the pick...Steelers are on the clock " "Noooooooooo.........."
  3. Aaron Rodgers Speculation Growing Following Thursday’s News (msn.com) Green Bay OC Nathaniel Hackett getting closer on Denver. Second interview pending. Therefore, folks are speculating Denver will make a trade for Aaron Rodgers.
  4. It depends what was in his contract. He may have an opt out, a clean break. He may have no restrictions on where he goes or what he does.
  5. Why not dispense with overtime? Go to penalty kicks like soccer. Field goals at increasing distances. Double elimination. Or is it 3 strikes and your out? or Make Time of Possession the Tie Breaker. At the end of regulation, if tied, team that had the ball longer wins. Game over. If you're ahead on time of possession, you play for the tie because you have the tiebreaker. If you're behind on time of possession, you gotta go for the 2 point conversion for the win. If you tie the score, you lose. or (even stupider) Flash phone numbers on the screen and America can call to vote for who wins.
  6. NFL World Reacts To Wednesday’s Brian Daboll News (msn.com) Daboll to Miami?
  7. NFL World Reacts To Wednesday’s Josh McDaniels News (msn.com) Raiders have gone cold on Josh McDaniels. I wonder if they ghosted him, just stopped taking his calls.
  8. 15. DeMarvin Leal DT Texas A&M 16. David Ojabo EDGE Michigan 19. Devin Lloyd LB Utah You like defense? There you go. I drafted for the Giants as well. Corral went at #5. Pickett to the Giants at #6. Leal dropped in our laps at #15. most times Leal is picked top 10 or so. Sometimes I pick Jordan Davis at 15 or 16. Here's another one: 15. Derek Stingley Jr. CB LSU 16.. Jordan Davis DT Georgia 19.. Devin Lloyd LB Utah Lots of good players. Lots of combos. Or this one: 15. Kenyon Green OG Texas A&M 16. Jameson Williams WR Alabama 19. David Ojabo EDGE Michigan Just give me 3 premium best players available 8. Kenny Pickett QB Pittsburgh 15. David Ojabo EDGE Michigan Traded #16 and #19 up to #8
  9. The tool let's you trade like crazy. Sometimes the simulation gives you great trade options, other times no. Sometimes the simulation drops a player in our laps. Most times that player is picked ahead of us.
  10. But, if the Eagles want Pickett, they need to trade up to get him and multiple picks is what it will take. So, the price of multiple picks is the price from where we sit with these picks at 15, 16, 19, based on draft pick value charts. The decision is whether the Eagles want him or not. If they want him, that's what they need to pay.
  11. Kenny Pickett is worth 2 of our first rounders + another pick (2023 2nd rounder/Jalen Hurts). He could go / should go Top 5 in draft. I think 7 teams that pick before the Eagles at #15 need a QB. We need to move up to get him.
  12. Trade two 1st rounders, the #16 and #19, plus a 2023 second rounder (or Jalen Hurts) to move up to the #2 or #3 pick overall. Select QB Kenny Pickett at #2 or #3 overall. Pick whoever you like at #15 slot. No deferment of a pick to 2023 in the hopes to get a QB next year. You have draft capital (3 first rounders this year) and 2 tradeable QBs this year. Do it this year. Next year is kicking the can down the road and is risky, based on hope of converting two 2023 first round picks into a top 5 pick. Best move is to trade Jalen Hurts. Get him out of the picture. Decision is done. Move on with Minshew and Pickett.
  13. What I recall is that Reid's decisions on personnel, both players and coaches had caused the team to decline. He had to go.
  14. Yes. damn clickbate headlines. Click here to get news about so and so. that's not how you write headlines, damn it
  15. 3 DE/OLB with last 3 picks? What are you gonna do with all those guys? Special teams? Maybe add another RB, QB, TE. I would say P, but i aint drafting no punter.
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