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  1. I am suspending myself from the message board until Strong does something good.
  2. Living in NJ is a paradise compared to PA. Liquor stores are open on Sundays And the food is better (except for maybe in Philly)
  3. I thought Pickett and Corrall would go in top 11 picks. Pickett got picked at 20th overall by the Steelers. Corrall got picked 94th overall by Carolina. Howell went at 144th overall to WAS. Surprised they lasted that long.
  4. Minshew is ready to play today. Strong needs some time. Even the great Jalen Hurts didn't start until late in his first rookie season.
  5. White probably isn't allowed to hit QB1 in his red jersey. Keep tweeting about White getting juked out of his socks and next time he'll level QB1 coming out of the backfield in his fancy red shirt.
  6. Yeah, well if it helps, my mother and sisters work in Pennsauken and Vineland... Have at it.
  7. I haven't seen an update. Depends on the severity of the hamstring pull. He will definitely miss practices and reps. Hopefully he's back in a couple weeks or so before training camp and final cuts. Maybe we see him in a preseason game.
  8. Reagor is on punt returns because the coaches like watching him get tackled hard. But it's not frequent enough because our D can't make a stop.
  9. @Sack that QB should at least have his testicles examined. And rest.
  10. Sounds like a strain. Rib cage muscles (do these exist?). Back. You can't lay around without exercise for weeks on end and then make an athletic move like you did. I recommend light pain killers as required. Some drinking. Rest. Hot showers. Light stretching.
  11. Oct 16, Game 6 at home versus Dallas. That's where we will know where we stand with Hurts.
  12. I knew the mention of english cuisine and footie would draw you out of your pub chair in protest. Back to your beef wellington and sticky toffee pudding. Cheers.
  13. Can Aunt Ellie whip us up some fish n chips for the footie game? Or some bangers and mash?
  14. 4.35 40 time Gonna be some DBs that will want to test him. This is the plan. Have Watkins draw the faster DBs.
  15. RTK knows mental gymnastics better than everyone.
  16. Go #2's! Beat #1's. What's next? #1's vs junior college team?
  17. I'm all for Hurts playing well. That would be great for the franchise.
  18. We also got Zach Pascal and Grant Calcaterra and Cam Jergens. With adding AJ Brown and Pascal, we gain a real premium WR in Brown and hopefully see less of Jalen Reagor. I think AJ Brown draws a lot of attention and that creates single coverage for other receivers and TE. Jergens is a backup for now. Maybe we see some Calcaterra in 2 TE sets. On defense, we made additions across the board and should have better performance.
  19. Lurie, Howie and Siri continue to prop up Hurts as the starter. It's like they are protecting an investment. Maybe they are protecting his ego. Maybe they are protecting his reputation. . . in case we trade him. All we need is one team out there that is desperate for a QB (aside from us).
  20. I bet he settles the other 4 soon. He should just get it over with.
  21. It's early to expect Strong to be with the ones. He's still learning. Drinking from the fire hose. And, Hurts . . . is going to get an opportunity this year. Not sure how many games, but Hurts is Plan A this year.
  22. I agree. Hurts needs to take every opportunity to get some work in. And, what's the sense in scrambling for a first down? Throw the damn ball.
  23. Day 3: Did I see that Hurts threw 2 INTs today?
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