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  1. Yes Trent Cole was another one he was a monster at time’s and such a great leader. Mufasa, aka Dameco Ryans Ian’s Simba Jordan Hicks. The two linebackers made a excellent leader and talent but injuries made their Eagles career shorter than expected. Great role models leaders, and players. True Playmakers. We use to be excellent at drafting secondary talent . Then once Lito Lewis, Brown, Hood, it’s been a revolving door. Would love to see us hit on our secondary when looking for talented scouts in our new interviews for opening positions in the front office and scouting department.
  2. For what he was asked of ? Absolutely. How many targets did he have ? 6 He was asked to block when 12 and 13 was our sub package. He has really good hands if you look at his college tape when he was targeted. Smooth routes soft hands and tough to bring down. He can’t call his own number.
  3. This is a bit blasphemy Jack Stoll was incredible as a TE and wasn’t asked to do much else. He has good speed and reliable hands. Go watch his tape his last season. Jackson is extremely talented but has the injuries slowed both his development and athletic skills? TBD. Our 6th round TE Grant has a Trey Burton size and skill set. Would have went a lot higher if he didn’t already retire and has concussion issues. 3rd round talent easy. We have players here we just haven’t seen a lot from the young guys other than Stoll. Scott and Gainwell were better and more complete backs than Sanders was last season. He didn’t have that incredible home run speed where he could take it to the house at any time. He has never been a great pass protection guy and his hands have been suspended or just no show. But don’t forget they were the guys who lead us to the playoffs and helped make the #1 rushing offense in the NFL. Jordan Howard is also a phone call away. He is just such a natural fit in the room and as a Philly type player. Minshew is better than Mariota, Mills, Lock, Jones, Trubisky/Pickett, Fields, Darnold, Zach Wilson, and Geoff and possibly Wentz that’s a lot of teams hurting for talent so yeah be happy with our backup QB and Strong was considered a Day 2 talent and we got him by injuries in the past. He can develop and continue to heal as the third string.
  4. A lot of time until the season starts but a lot of questions need to be asked. Some are more important than others and also maybe we use a few players as traits bait later during the end of camp. 1. Miles are you ready? Miles is a good back but he has ball security issues, last couple seasons his hands have been below average and well his injuries have been annoying.He says he’s taking it real serious this year…. He talks a lot about how great he is and truly believes he is a top 5 back. Gotta show us… I honestly believe Boston should start or at least compete for the job. Just because your talented doesn’t mean anything. Boston deserves a true shot at the Job. He is always productive and is reliable and durable. I know Miles Sanders has more talent but I also know Boston Scott’s production is obvious and consistent, as well as his pass protection and pass catching skills . You need Miles absolutely but maybe he is better off as the change of pace Boston may be short but he is durable and has a lot of power in his thick legs. This is most likely his last Season as a Philadelphia Eagle if he fails to produce or stay healthy .and I want to see him succeed but if I was the Eagles I would trade him and get compensation while you can because trade value I think would be higher than whatever compensatory pick he would earn i could see a team like the Rams would love to team him up with the FSU Back.Sanders would be a perfect fit for Sean McVays run game. Eagles still need a dynamic return specialist. I’d see about trading for Tutu Atwell ISSAC Samuelo/Andre Dillard also are viable options to be traded. Andre has really morphed his body and looks to have extremely added muscle and strength. He is looking to try and earn a massive second contract somewhere. Samuelo is a excellent player and could start for almost anywhere but Driscoll is cheaper and he has shown to be almost or even more capable at RG. He deserves to be a starter even if elsewhere and I think the eagles would do right by him. Young ELITE TALENT up at the FIRST & SECOND LEVEl Howie really is a master at always keeping an eye on the present and the future when building a roster. No one believed the Eagles truly did select Nakobe Dean , well because the Eagles have never been a team that truly puts a lot of value in LBers. Adding Reddick along with White and bringing back a healthy Taylor and a.natural leader in T.J This group looks extremely impressive with a excellent combination of pass rush , playmaking, range, instincts and speed and coverage skills. All ar no older than 26 years old. This core is extremely young explosive and looks like a positives heading into the season. Now Howie also took care of his lines as always. The more I watch Davis the more j fall in love with his talent and potential as a pass rusher. Georgia never asked him to play as a one gap often. However when he did his talent with his insane movement skills he has and flexibility he as at that size is something the NFL has rarely if ever come across. Milton Williams is also a athletic freak and his measurements and numbers were exactly of Aaron Donald and or better. Josh Sweat I’d also still just beginning to enter his prime and has WE speed and is 6-5 260 and has a 40 inch vertical. Derek Barnett does show talent and has had a few dominant games but he needs to be a lot better than just his title as 4th DE. If he wasn’t so dumb when it comes to penalty flags I would be fairly happy with him. Just excited to see all of the new up and coming main core leaders come into their own
  5. OFF-SEASON OVERVIEW The eagles are finally getting their roster and the culture in order after the Super Bowl and then what transpired with Carson. We no longer are in cap He’ll and being completely controlled by the huge dead money we had to pay in order to get any for of compensation. Howie has financially gotten us back in to a area to where we no longer can’t sign or extend a player or two if we decide. Howie has replenished talent again and has started a really strong young core group that’s now just starting to take over the older vets. The defense is in transition and the offense is almost complete OFFENSE The Roster has been consistently focused on and the front office has found so many directions of finding ways to help strengthen our team. We added more draft capital for the next two years as well. Now Jalen Hirts has been given the green light to take over and control the team. He also in his first time ever had the same playbook , OC ,HC and play caller all in tact. Speaking of Jalen it’s hard also not to point out the players that were added that he has either played with or begged the team to add his best friend. Call it coincidence but our new TE,WR,UDFA RB all played with Jalen and had great chemistry and are great friends. Grant played at Oklahoma as a TE with Jalen as a sooner, as was Brooks the RB who has 3, 1000+ yards and also had 7.0 yards a carry the last season. A.J Brown asked Jalen to be the god father of his child. They are extremely close. They throw and work out all the time already. They have definitely helped Jalen. Now Hurts is the guy but don’t think for a second Minshew isn’t wanting to take that job. Jalen may be the unquestioned starter but if he plays poorly or if the Eagles don’t get off to a fast start that Minshew won’t come in and can’t light it up. Minshew reminds me of Ryan Fitzpatrick excellent leader,swag, intellectual awareness and problem solving. The only thing he doesn’t have is a cannon but how he plays it’s not needed. Both are gamers and both are winners just with different styles, however both aren’t elite at anything. RB Sanders Scott Gainwell Huntley (PS Brooks) Even though we don’t have elite backs we do have extremely productive backs that get the job done in a multiple of ways. Miles needs to start showing the talent he has can come full circle and be consistent playmaking. He most likely will be a free agent next season if he can’t convince the Eagles that he can be a productive and complete player. Durability, ball security, and receiver skills. Just to name a few that must overcome. Gainwell was the most consistent goal line runner he had a quick burst through the whole and played tougher than his size suggests. Was extremely good as a back who can also line up and be a excellent pass option for Jalen. Scott can be the most consistent and most underrated player on the team. He is not the biggest or the fastest but he does everything at a high level and he demand at least 5-10 touches a game himself. Also his pass protection for his size is extremely impressive WR- DeVonte was our bright hope that continues to make insane acrobatic catches that very few players in the world can make. He does block well for his size and he isn’t afraid of any challenge. Teams are no longer just going to be able to focus on Smith or Godert. A.J Brown brings so much strength and confidence to the passing game it gives us a perfect 1, 2 Punch. Quez is also a factor who is the fastest on the team. He is insanely good at 50/50 balls and high contested catches. Pascal is a solid player who will give us a good rotation. Deon Cain to me should be the number 5. Injuries have limited him but now healthy I think he has more than enough talent to take number 5/6. . Raegor is going to play somewhere else. He isn’t worth another year. Greg Ward has a chance but I honestly don’t see the coaching staff to give him anymore reps than last season. They phased him out. Britain Covey is a explosive weapon in college. However I don’t see his talent translates to the NFL. TE Godert has been a excellent YAC TE and now finally gets a full 17 games to be a full time starter. I know Dallas can be a mismatch in the run and pass game. His strengths as a inline blocker are also what make him unique. He can line up anywhere and give you 15 yards a catch. That’s amazing for a WR let alone a TE. Ty Jackson is a former QB and has been trying to transition to QB to TE for the last two seasons. He provides Greer size and athletic skills for a guy 6-6 255. Injured with a broken back and ACL tear he may never recover. J Stoll. Was a great pick up as a UDFA out of Wisconsin. Didn’t catch a lot of passes but all of his snaps he played a significant impact on running the ball as well as we did. He has a lot better hands than was used hopefully he gets more opportunities. Grant calcaterra is a James Casey/ Trey Burton Hybrid that can run very good routes and has good speed down the seams and crossing the field. He could also line up as a H-Back/FB and do some option routes across from Jalen.
  6. Kyron Johnson will be a great special teams ace but I also see him being highly productive when it comes to 10-13 snaps to rush the oasser. I couldn’t imagine Dean Johnson and Reddick all blitz at once that would be so much speed it would be insane
  7. I to want to say thank you and I know you guys are amazing fans and we do have the best and most intelligent fan base. Yes we have our homers and bias agendas to a degree but the majority of us all provide great insight and reading material. Cheers to my famz!
  8. I wouldn’t be afraid to let the young corners play and either sink or swim. I know it may be a bit harsh but that’s always been at least for me the best way to learn. Tay Gowan actually to me I’d looking extremely impressive and has gained a lot of muscle and completely improved his whole body. He was already fast and fluid now with the broader shoulders and upper body strength you should be able to take on blockers and backs on swing passes . He should also be able to jam and control receivers better with the quicker and stronger arms in press. I believe he wasn’t just a throw in for the Ertz trade. I believe they really do like him and are giving Mcoherson and Gowan first shot at CB2. If they show they can’t handle that’s when I think we would trade for or sign a CB2
  9. Jamal, Sam Rayburn , Nick Cole, Raheem Mostert for like two games (we should’ve never let him go) Greg Lewis, Quinton Mike’s Rod Hood, Mike Labinjo Hollis Thomas, Artis Hicks Reno Mahe Antonio Dixon Jacuai Parker /Thomas?, Chandon Sullivan even back then we always found talent at UDFA. I know I am missing so many more to. David Akers Mike Bartrum? Hank Baskett
  10. Why Shady is a true Eagle just like jackson. Those two bleed for us so did Brent. It’s not just about play it’s about how he and the community connected.
  11. Valdez Scantling is a 7th rounder who got a huge payday. Adams as well, they had talent Rodgers just can’t win because the team isn’t a team.
  12. Eric Stokes was a hit last year from Georgia. He actually was the best corner for them not Alexander even though he too has shown to be All-Pro. Not to mention the safety’s who have been added.
  13. Packers are good at drafting talent just don’t ever draft many WRs and we already got the WR room handled so we’re fine. Packers are excellent at drafting secondary and so has the browns
  14. No but Strong has 2 ( 70%) completion percentages the last couple seasons. He is probably the best pure passer in all of the draft and to get him as a UDFA is out of the ordinary, if it wasn’t for injuries he would be the number 2 QB in the draft maybe number 1. If he can stay healthy he could make it easier for the Eagles to try and trade Gardner during TC if someone loses a starter
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