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  1. I view him as a versatile weapon that is a mismatch nightmare... in line, in the slot, at the X. I think he’s our chance to have a Kelce or Waller. A QB’s best friend who can grab 1k receiving yards as a "TE.” This draft has second and third round WR talent...only one Kyle Pitts. I’ve said before my ideal draft is Fields sitting available and doing a small trade down with Carolina. 8 and 40 for 6. Gives us #8, two 2nds and 2 3rds. Take Pitts and with other 4 picks you grab an outside CB with size, a LB, a S and a WR. Then day 3 is a developmental QB, IOL, defensive line. Something like:
  2. I’m excited for the draft. I’m excited for the philosophy changes on O and D. I’m excited to see if Hurts can say F the haters. I’m excited to get Kyle Pitts (hopefully). And I’m excited to see some growth for young guys under a new regime. A regime that isn’t tied to anyone. Everyone has a clean slate right now. Don’t perform, gtfo.
  3. I'm ok with a 2 in 2020 and a 1 in 2022 if Hurts isn't the man, but a 1 or a 2 this year seems to be a waste. Is Kyle Trask sitting there at 84? Heck yeah, roll the dice. That's the highest I'd want to draft a QB this year. If they take one at 6 (especially freaking Lance), "Ima lose my mind." I think Brian Johnson has the potential to do great work with Hurts, and Quincy Avery is working with him a lot in the offseason this year too.
  4. Reid was a green Head Coach who had never even called plays before. As was Doug.
  5. Nice thing is we most likely have 2 first rounders next year if Hurts is only average (8 wins) to move up if need be.
  6. I think Mac Jones or Trask are the only ones who could be there in R2 or R3. I think 2 is too high though. If Hurts shows this year he can’t be the guy you’re more than likely drafting a high QB next year. Don’t want to spend a 2, a 2, and then a 1 in back to back to back years. I think Tyrod is a good one year signing while you develop your day 3 guy this year into a backup. And if Hurts stink up the joint then you’re looking at Rattler, Howell, Slovis, etc next year.
  7. Trask with their Colts 3rd rounder I would consider. Other than that, agreed, give me a round 5-6 guy.
  8. At 37 or 70 I want more impact. My ideal draft is a small trade down with Carolina getting 8 and 40 in exchange for 6 and going: R1- Kyle Pitts TE Florida R2a- Tyson Campbell CB Georgia R2b- Terrace Marshall WR LSU R3a- Jabril Cox LB LSU R3b- Andre Cisco S Syracuse After that they can do whatever the F they want. Lol. That gives us two impact playmakers with size, 2 valuable secondary pieces and a potential stud at LB. After that I’d like to see IOL, another corner, a developmental QB, and an Edge guy on day 3.
  9. Yeah that would strictly be if Trask somehow fell to 84. Other than that it’s a day 3 developmental guy like Newman, Ehlinger, Mond, etc.
  10. I think our perfect QB room for 2021 is: Jalen Hurts Tyrod Taylor Trask/Mond/Ehlinger/Buechele Sex Panther.
  11. Bwahahahaha...listen, I LOVE Pitts. More than most on this board. But if the Bengals are stupid enough to pass on a generational OT for a WR then we better SPRINT to the podium with a card saying Sewell on it in capital letters and glitter. You get Sewell then you trade Lane and go youth at OT.
  12. Love this...except for Drake Jackson. He has T-Rex arms. I would also rather have a 2nd CB than a 2nd safety.
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