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  1. No salt, little man. Believe it or not there are people who don’t love Trump OR Biden. Sorry that your warped bipartisan mind can’t reconcile that. For someone who claims to not have a lot of free time, you spend a ton of time posting weak unfunny retorts.
  2. Sorry you have to work so much for mediocrity. Pretty sure I’ve said this at least 3 times, but I’m not a Trump fan. I am rooting heavy for a different candidate in 2024. But stick with whatever narrative makes you feel intellectually and morally superior…we know deep down you’re a mediocre man.
  3. All good little man. Should come down and have a beer with me next week at K lot.
  4. Well he already took step 1…racist anti-travel bans. I mean, that’s what we called them last year, right? And yes, this will be an endemic just like flu. Yearly boosters will happen. And no, sorry…despite you thinking you know everything, Carlson is not against vaccines. And guess we will never know about forced mandate affect since the court rightfully called them unconstitutional. Pompous as you are on here, I have little doubt you’re a little man in real life.
  5. Cool story. I’ll just continue to live my life, thanks. But you feel free to worry about it.
  6. Wait until Joe shuts us back down because of the dreaded cold, I mean, Omicron. I’ve talked many times about how misleading those numbers are right now as it does not take underemployed, those who have quit searching, or those who quit their jobs into account. And no 500k jobs were not added. I know you’re tongue in cheek here, but this is equivalent to spiking the ball after a catch for a first down (although I’d be ok with Reagor doing it cause it’s at least, you know, a catch).
  7. They weren’t calling Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo. There are some accusations about Mr. Lemon now coming out as well…
  8. To be fair, Tucker's never been anti-vaxx from what I've read, just anti-mandate.
  9. Bet we never hear anything regarding the DA's "investigation" as to why this piece of crap was bailed out on $1,000 for running over one of his "baby mamas."
  10. There are differences between adoption and fostering. His claim was that most adopted kids never find a settled home. I called BS because, well...it is.
  11. "Most kids put up for adoption never find a settled home” Got anything to back that up there chief?
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