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  1. Trot was a 3rd rounder. The days of the big thumper MLB are over man. It’s all about defending the pass now. Edwards is 6’1” 245, Trot was 6’1” 260.
  2. Stokes and Campbell were both gone. I’m not as high as others on Samuel Jr. either. Had Campbell or Stokes or Newsome been there and we took Dickerson, THEN I would have been pissed.
  3. That’s because you’re the center of your own universe. Thank God you’re on these boards, your posts are ALWAYS entertaining at the very least. Accurate? Not so much. But definitely entertaining.
  4. I didn’t notice any former 2nd round CB or S passing through waivers today on reasonable deals with very low risk…did you? Ima gonna have to go check it out again and make sure I didn’t miss someone.
  5. There should be higher standards set on kids whose plan include becoming millionaires sometimes before they can legally drink. Character matters, and his is thus far…lacking.
  6. They happened in two different programs in college…and he’s still in his early twenties so they happened you know, recently.
  7. I’d be happy with: Nelson Conley Sherman Dennard Breeland Poole Hayden Amukamara Any of them can come in and at minimum give us a vet #2, and best case scenario really push McPhearson to show us he’s capable of being that #2 guy. Ideally we’d sign a Conley and a Poole and your CB room would be: Slay, Conley, Poole, Maddox, McPhearson and the best of our JAGs from last year. Or maybe there’s a trade available out there for a 26-28 year old guy we aren’t even thinking of. I know for sure though that we are not going into the season with this current crop of CBs.
  8. I think that CB2 spot deserves some love. Steven Nelson with McPhearson gunning for his spot sounds like the best possible outcome to me at this juncture.
  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…with statements like that I know for a fact you have not watched even one quarter of one Memphis game with Gainwell playing. He’s extremely nimble…you’ll never catch him FLATfooted and I don’t believe there’s anyone on EARTH who shares your opinion that he isn’t "worth a damn.”
  10. Lol @ philly sports writers. Read some of the well respected National guys like Brandt, Jeremiah, Caplan, etc. Hell Brugler gave us his highest grade. I can’t wait until Milton Williams is killing it and I can search these posts up.
  11. Well, most people disagree with you. I’d take Milton Williams over Alim McNeil or Aaron Robinson (who while good, 100% is a slot corner that we don’t need). Dickerson was a hell of a gamble, but the die have been cast on him just gotta pray they don’t crap out.
  12. Exactly how many WRs did you expect them to draft? Lol. My top 5: Tyson Campbell (who I believe may have been the pick in R2 had the Jags not snatched him up, quintessential body type and press skills for Gannon’s secondary) Quinn Meinerz (looks like Kelce’s drunken cousin) Kellen Mond (was hoping he’d be there in the 3rd or 4th) Nico Collins (think he was one of the top 2-3 X receivers in the draft) Kenny Yeboah (UDFA that I was hoping we’d sign up)
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