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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.indystar.com/amp/5428115001 oh boy there goes that pick
  2. Carson wentz is out "indefinitely” with a foot injury. Oh boy.
  3. You’re right. The vaccine is amazing that way.
  4. What’s so hard to understand? He’s under contract. They tried to trade him. Nobody wanted him, or their ask was too high. Cutting him only saves $4m of cap space. It’s not like He’s not a bad player so he’s worth the cap space.
  5. The smoke and mirrors is so that the media doesn’t blow it out of proportion when jalen struggles and try to run him out of town. If they proclaim him the starter now, the first incomplete Pass he throws will be the start of the media witch hunt to get him benched for flacco and/or call for trading for nick Foles. It’s their way of keeping the dogs at bay. They’d rather be criticized for "being non committal” than to have their starting qb be overly criticized for being a young inexperienced qb.
  6. Wait you mean I don’t have to keep dunking my donuts in Clorox?
  7. Let’s hope. He really hasn’t been fully healthy like ever. I’m placing bets we will see jason peters back before camp ends.
  8. Well, that didn’t take long. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/eagles/eagles-training-camp-2021-brandon-brooks-leaves-practice-apparent-injury?fbclid=IwAR2L6Gg7BU7RfmEcwYL6P05eNryXmdCOzl5pOddhlEJXOz75lRJypRxpNO0
  9. Back when this all started I read something that indicated the American Association of Pediatrics considered people children up to the age of 23 in some states. Which inflated the "child” cases of covid in some states. I think they fixed that for covid reporting though.
  10. Honestly my kids wouldn’t care. They’ve seen us not wearing our masks for months. We still have them wear a mask in crowded indoor spaces or around other non vaxxed kids. Kids are more understanding than we give them credit for.
  11. Yeah our kids are used to it now. But my wife is a vaxxed teacher. As an employee she shouldn’t be required to but it’s going to happen. My kids are under 12 so we will do what we need to do to protect them. It’s more of a matter of principle for me. They think that going backwards is a good way to get people vaccinated. It’s not. It’s so far from what should be done. Start laying down the hammer.
  12. Agreed for the kids to wear masks, but teachers and staff that are vaccinated shouldn’t have to.
  13. Delaware is 70% vaccinated and we can pretty much count on mask mandates in schools and public places if that’s what the cdc says because well, it’s bidens state for one and for 2 they followed the cdc to the T on everything to this point.
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