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  1. Yeah nothing but moving money from the bank to the matteress….just paying players roster bonuses and guaranteed money to stretch out bad contracts. im also convinced he influences players snap counts and involvement so that he can justify not having to pay them later. Like how he is holding sanders back so his value stays low and he can hopefully extend him cheaper
  2. Fletch isn’t buying in anymore. Basically called him out as well, saying they aren’t aggressive at all, can only run what’s called etc. clear that he’s not on board with it. But also disappointed that fletch hasn’t stepped up and gone to talk to him. Earn that money, be the leader you’re paid to be and go have a chat with coach.
  3. I think he is. I think lurie looks at it the same way he looked at Andy’s first year. It’s a rebuilding process. By definition process takes time. We weren’t ever winning the Super Bowl overnight. However, I do think they need to either let the OC call the plays or bring in someone they trust to do that. And secondly, for another thread, is fire Gannon because that guy is clueless and if you wanna breed accountability, then he has to go. The players are already showing signs of not buying in. Fletch spelled it out pretty clearly.
  4. Amazing that they can survive a post nuke apocalypse now. Like they should all be really dead at this point.
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