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  1. Omg! my mind is blown. I have to go lie down. This is just…
  2. I’m really supposed Beth can get near a fire or smoke without spontaneously combusting due to all the vodka and whiskey leaking from her pores 😂
  3. Yeah none of my backs really did much. Walker left the game with an ankle injury but if you ask me he quit in the team tonight because shortly before he left he was arguing with Gino. Fortunately AJ had a big day and Adams is having a big day….and my opponent lost jimmy G so I should be fine
  4. He’s still starting at the menu trying to figure out what "wiz wit” means. for the record I don’t hate him. He just cracks me up. How are we so good with a guy that looks so lost?
  5. Why does Siriani always look like he has no idea what’s going on? 😂
  6. Trevor Lawrence just got hurt looks really bad left leg twisted up under him and the defender.
  7. I heard from a friend who witnessed it that the eagle offensive line had a late night in fishtown last night….explains all the false starts and penalties
  8. Aj just took off his belt and whipped his kid, then hugged it out 😂
  9. Williams with a TD hope you started him 😉
  10. Williams is almost a lock to get in the end zone every week. He gets 10-15 attempts and can easily break one for big gains too. I’ve had him as a lineup lock all season along with henry and Kenneth walker
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