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  1. Thanks for the weather report. Here’s the skinny....anybody making over 4.5m base salary for contracts negotiated before the 17th game being added will make less money than their usual game check for the 17th game because it’s capped at $250,000. So there are some pissed off players making less for the 17th game. Unless they negotiated their contract after the 17th game became official. Which isn’t many players. https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/20/report-17th-game-would-mean-an-extra-game-check-capped-at-250000/amp/
  2. Show me the list of all the salaries that were bumped this year and all the contracts that were torn up and rewritten to pay the players under contract More money now that they went to 17 games.
  3. The collective finger they, along with 18 other teams, are giving is to the NFL for adding the 17th game. Covid is a convenient excuse. But I believe they just don’t want to have another week of work. That’s why these OTA were voluntary to begin with, the nfl can’t force them to do more than their contract says. Now it says 17 games. Which is another week in the weight room, another week of hitting, another week of damaging their bodies, and another week of recovery. Oh and they aren’t getting any extra salary for the 17th game, just forced to do more work for the same amount of money. Imagine your boss said you can’t take that week of a vacation anymore, ever, but you have to work 4 extra hours a day for one month for the rest of your employment, and you won’t get any extra payments. But he or she also wants you to voluntarily come in on Saturday’s for a week on top of that. You know, for extra "professional development” work. I don’t blame them for skipping it.
  4. Unknown at this time, but generally that’s how these things go.
  5. So this is a good example of what Biden wants to do. If a family member or a friend or someone who thinks you’re a threat to yourself or others due to mental health Issues reports or contacts police they can come take that persons guns....they apparently took this guys shotgun in 2020 because of this mental health issue. Great. However he probably bought another one without a background check or flag of some sort. So that’s the hole that needs to be closed. This is the person we need to take guns from. Not billy bob and his cousin earl who want to hunt and shoot beer cans off the tailgate of a broke down ford. We need to keep the weapons out of the hands of the clinically insane.
  6. DBW

    paige spiranac

    She played competitively for a while but crumbled under the pressure so she does this pseudo golf trainer/mostly stripper afraid to get the full time gig thing. she knows enough to be credible but isnt Able to put 2 brain cells together to actually teach it well without a way to hook viewers hence the low cut v tops and short skirts. If she dressed like Ana she’d have zero views.
  7. Thank you!!! I was going to post something along those same lines but I didn’t want to start another "race war” but you are absolutely right. Under served and under privileged communities are and will continue to suffer and not have access to the vaccine. Let’s face it, they aren’t stocking up the shelves of the pharmacies in inner cities with the vaccine. The "super” Walgreens and select Republican run counties in Florida who fill the pockets of santos are the ones getting stock. The corner rx stores in west philly are not. It sucks, it’s sad, but it’s true.
  8. Of course but without knowing that number I’m putting a loose estimate on the outlook and pace at which we’re vaccinating and it’s spreading. The point is we need to get people vaccinated if we ever want it to "go away” which I don’t think will ever happen
  9. 78m are fully vaccinated. Plus the 32m who had covid. 1/3 of the population theoretically is immune to some level. Yet the numbers are steady at 70K new cases a day. It would take roughly 9 years for the other 230m to catch it if we stopped vaccinating today.
  10. Funny. So do fauci, gates, the head of the cdc, and 16 doctors in Wuhan. 😂 😉
  11. I totally see the call for annual shots like the flu. Right now it’s about getting a pandemic under control. By fall it’ll be about how much money the drug companies are making off of it. This is not a new thing and shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.
  12. Am I the only one who doesn’t give a F about either one of these guys? Or el presi-D-bag?
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