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  1. Trump weaponized toothless rednecks from VA and brokeback hillbillies which has far more dangerous to our nation. Redneck splooge parties will be the downfall of our entire planet.
  2. I’m in DC this week for some touristy stuff. I’m hitting up the capital tomorrow. This should be fun!
  3. How’s it feel to have unwanted guests tear down your doors and bust through the windows and then steal all your laptops and files? maybe he can tweet Pence for help?
  4. I’m not saying this stuff isn’t look at in the league but I think a lot of it isn’t implemented or utilized appropriately. To over simply though, Siriani explained that they take the 3rd day as a walk through because the league data shows that more soft tissue injuries happen on day 3 of camp than any other day. That’s great use of the data. The leagues answer to all of the concussion data is:
  5. That was a negotiation. Less intense practices and fewer preseason games in exchange for 17-18 games.
  6. Yeah sure that could potentially free the nfl of any Liability and/or responsibilities related to safety. But I’m saying even from a players perspective, the tech is there not only to study in labs but study in the field and develop better helmets. The PLAYERS should want this and push for it and the union should fight for them and make the owners take some responsibility. Owners instead opt for lighter practices, less hitting, etc. clearly that’s not the answer. There are more non contact injuries in the nfl today with its soft practices than there were in the 80-200’s before they went soft. Same with concussions.
  7. My thoughts exactly. To publicly post her info is too far. She may lose a job, her kids may see it, her kids friends may see it and bully the kids, etc. he could have used this as an opportunity to help this woman get educated and break down whatever walls she has up. I won’t go as far as to say it’s petty because he’s a famous former athlete because his "status” doesn’t matter, or shouldn’t anyway, but he could have Handled the aftermath differently. It’s also clear she knows who he is and that’s part of her motivation for behaving the way she did. I wonder if it was a rando black man if she would have done the same thing.
  8. @Bwestbrook36 Now you’re sad? get your emotions in check and use your words. 😆
  9. @Bwestbrook36 what’s so confusing and/or sad to you?
  10. It’s The old adage of you can scramble an egg without cracking the shell. The padding on the outside of the helmet won’t do crap. There’s a ton of variation in the helmets too which are all approved helmets but I’d be curious to know if the guys getting concussions are all wearing the same helmet style or if they’re different. I’d also like to see the nfl take steps and start putting in the tech that’s used to test helmets for research and gather that data in the real world. Most of the helmet testing are done in labs and most of them only need to pass frontal collision testing. It’s well known that concussion can and do happen from side impact and rotational forces and sometimes not even a direct hit to the head, just a whiplash like effect. The NHL has actually done a good job of improving the helmets in regards to the side impact and rotational forces. The nfl could look to that data and the helmet construction and take some of that R&D into their own helmets. You’d really think by now the nfl with the settlements and all the CTE related deaths would start to put more emphasis on the actual helmet rather than the answer being "just hit less in camp.”
  11. 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  12. His hashtag of "walkingtothemailboxwhileblack is pure gold
  13. It’s not harmless when you accuse a family of being involved of said conspiracy and their livelihood is ruined let alone the continued suffering and mental damage that the lies jones continued to tell has done to those families. It’s a defamation suit. The first amendment does not protect jones and the media from lawsuits if they knowing and willingly spread false information that then harms a persons reputation. He doesn’t even need to intend malice when he says it, if they can prove his comments damaged their character and reputation and prove the damages then he’s Fed and he most certainly is Fed in this case. these people should hire johnny depps lawyers too. Take this clown for everything he has.
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