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  1. Ok jalen find AJ for some second half fantasy pts please 😂
  2. It’s not…the boards would embed the video because it’s restricted - that’s how ugly it is.
  3. Seriously, don’t put your friends pipe in your mouth unless it’s a redneck poker party and you’re doing it for splooge antibody boosters.
  4. https://youtu.be/f-GTC6cm4AE gross! 🤢
  5. I mean I’m not gonna argue about a tv show 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. It’s not a problem unless you make it a problem. I’m just saying the obvious, it’s hard to fit hundreds of what’s into a show that may only be 3-4 seasons at best without some time jumps. If that bothers you then it’s a personal issue you can choose to hate it if you wish. As for Dork of the Rings, I’ve never read a book or watched a single one of those so I won’t comment on it.
  7. They can’t really plan a prequel that was 200+ years ago without time jumps. This is 3-4 seasons at best before we get to the GoT we all know.
  8. Amazon prime football feed sucks ass it’s so choppy
  9. I’m convinced He faked being banged up to bait Cousins into going at him again and it worked because he immediately intercepted the ball on the next play. Veteran move!
  10. Howie was actually in the game and intercepted Cousins twice. You guys didn’t see that?
  11. I’m pretty sure slay faked an injury to bait cousins to throw it at him.
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