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  1. Nice to meet someone who can for tell the future !
  2. Super Bowl QB,s don't grow on trees !
  3. To many CB;s & not a great cover guy in the bunch.☹️
  4. We need the defense to improve before we can win games !
  5. 6 Wins at the most they have not beaten a team with a winning record .
  6. Hell no he has been cut twice there is a reason for it he stinks !
  7. Wo are they going to play at QB Brett Hundley the backup no way hope Wentz is the cause of the Colts losing !
  8. Saints don't need a QB they have 2 good backups they can win with !
  9. No way Minshew is our no 2 QB HE IS GOING NOWHERE!
  10. Amen Wentz is not good under pressure plus he is no leader glad he is gone now he the Colts problem !
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