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  1. Looks hot there. Is there sweat on the bollocks?
  2. I couldn't help but notice that you used the word shed... not once, but twice!
  3. Yes. Apparently a number of garden sheds.
  4. You should consider one. Possibly three. But nothing between.
  5. Step 1: I lock you up in my single garden shed Step 2: I dress you in lederhosen (SWISS lederhosen! ) and make you sing the Starburst Berries n' Cream song while I soak my feet in a hot epsom salt bath Step 3: I stick my water-logged toe up your mud gun How 'bout THOSE apples, Jack!
  6. I'll eat yours with some eel pie and Yorkshire tea with clotted cream! Beat that, wanker!
  7. I have a counter-proposal... How about I put the skitters in your Alan Whickers, you plonker!
  8. I'd advise you to shed your aggression, tosser.
  9. You, sir, have offended me
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