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  1. I kinda get it... the movies and themes are similar... underdog tri-state guido wins a fight after montage-driven training. But come on.
  2. I have no bone to pick with you... you seem like good people in a 4chan sort of way... but I have a question. Will you fight me while I play "You're the Best Around" in the background? And afterwards will you gently powder my scrotum with corn starch since it will be all sweaty from crane kicking your arse? (Interesting side note. If you type "you're the best around" in a google search, the third - THE THIRD! - completion suggestion is "you're the best around rocky"... which means that there are enough people who either think that, or wonder if, that song is from Rocky is large enough to affect an algorithm.)
  3. off topic, but never bet against Prudence Baxter in an egg and spoon race
  4. ever put your head inside a pillowcase containing a live cobra?
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