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  1. iladelphxx


    My coach, Sean Brady is on the card vs Jake Matthews - He's 13-0, 3-0 UFC and one of the top Welterweight prospects. He'll probably break the Top 15 if he wins
  2. I hate when this thread gets bumped and it's not related to a new trailer or release date announced
  3. Apparantly, he's had a large lump on his neck for months but refused to go to the hospital because he is afraid of the paparazzi finding out. It finally got so big that it was affecting the bloodflow to his brain and caused him to pass out.
  4. They have to be doing this to drive up the price, right? Probably leaked by his agent
  5. Re: Jerami Grant: Man could Hinkie really did find some solid pros in the 2nd round/undrafted FA's.... Covington, Grant, Woods, Holmes, McConnell Speaking of Woods.... I saw this recently:
  6. Save face with the mouth-breathing WIP caller types... Plus, make his old boss look bad
  7. I think the source is Morey who is trying to save face
  8. You have to be thrilled with this kind of value added from the 21st pick
  9. If they can keep Maxey this is a home run deal
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