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  1. Here's the thing.... If you get Durant, you become the favorites to win the Championship. If Boston gets Durant, they become the favorites to win and you waste another 2 years of Embiid's prime.
  2. I think they will do another show about the power vacuum. New cartel, New dealers, etc. AMC is milking The Walking Dead dry, so why not Breaking Bad?
  3. I'll argue with anybody that the music industry peaked in the early-mid 90's. Every genre of music was on fire... Rock, hip hop, metal, R&B, Country, Punk/Ska, Classical, Pop, Club, Latin There even were hits in crazy sub genres like Opera (Three Tenors), Irish Dance Music (Michael Flatley), Gregorian Chanting, New Age (Enya, Enigma), etc.
  4. My friend's band was recording with a very famous engineer back in the early 2000's who just got done mixing a Brittany Spears album. Their singer was dealing with some vocal chord issues and was embarrassed that he couldn't hit some notes he normally could and had to rely on autotune. To make him feel better, the engineer played the isolated and unmixed Brittany Spears vocal tracks for him.... He said it sounded like some drunk chick doing karaoke.
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