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  1. Interesting note on that: She writes and produces those commercials. She had a kid a few years ago and didnt lose the pregnancy weight right away and twitter just chewed her out for it. So she said she wont show off her figure in any future AT&T commercials, even when she gets skinny again. So its very intentional
  2. Is this Carson Wentz's biggest Eagles win? I cant remember a more dominant game with him at QB. Denver 2017 maybe?
  3. Titans fans were whining about it when he demanded a trade. Said that showed he doesnt care about anyone but himself. They're just bitter
  4. And just like that Hurts is 7/12 for 140 yards and having a strong game. Can turn quickly
  5. My season prediction was Brandon Graham in the pro bowl. Dude is back!
  6. At the stadium in Maryland. Commander fans tailgate seems a bit light today, wonder why
  7. You’re either making fun of the American forefathers being from Philly while you root for the other historical foundation in Washington DC… or you’re saying the great Eagles players are all ancient while you root for the Commanders (formerly the racial pejoratives) 80% of our SB era success has happened in the last 22 years; Yours all happened pre-1992. What were you trying to say with this put down that doesn’t reflect back on you twofold?
  8. Would be nice to affirm Hurts is the guy AND have a high pick that someone will trade the house for to get a QB
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