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  1. This is my choice too. Trade down a little bit more, hopefully pick up a 3 (maybe we can get a 2 if a QB is still on the board at 12) and get Barmore. that’s my ideal draft scenario
  2. I have never been to a nightclub in my life, and I understand it’s a culture that’s beyond me. But all these multimillionaires seem to have problems there, is it really that difficult to avoid?
  3. I believe 5 QBs will go before us, so the numbers are in our favor. Only 6 other players need to be taken for us to get Surtain. I believe the OT Sewell will be one of them, at least 2 WRs will be taken before us, Pitts will be... that's already 4. It wouldn't be a huge shock if Parsons or the third WR go before him. Sporting News has CB Caleb Farley going before him. I'm not saying its even probable he falls to us, but definitely possible. Too many bad teams draft for need, those WR's may go off the board quick once the first one goes.
  4. I think someone trades up to Atlanta and we get 4 straight QBs to open the draft. The odds one isn’t Fields is astronomically low. He’d have to get passed up for Wilson, Lance, AND Jones
  5. One major issue I’ve had since the SB is occasions when they’ve gone into games with no intention of using a short yardage bruiser back (despite how big Lagarrette was for us and our offensive proficiency). So I welcome it
  6. Anyone thinking about trying it or getting back in, clean slate time is the best time
  7. Carson led the league in interceptions AND sacks AND fumbles. The comparison won’t be difficult for Hurts to overcome. No one is expecting 2017 Carson, and Indy shouldn’t even be expecting 2017 Carson
  8. ...really? what long shadow is Carson casting? We got rid of him because he was broken goods. A little bit physically, a lot a bit mentally, and has been declining at an alarming rate since 2018. We spent 3 1’s on him and sold him for a 2 and a 3. Jalen will likely be worth more than that by the end of the season, as long as he stays healthy. The best kingdom to rule is one where the previous king failed in his duty. Because everyone will be relieved when you ascend.
  9. Because it’s proven top pick QBs can immediately lead to winning, unlike TEs
  10. That's not the point. TE is a position that has little bearing on the development and success of a rebuilding roster, it is purely a luxury pick. We won 4 games last year not because of terrible luck, but because of an awful cap situation and a legitimate 4-win talent roster. You said he is only technically listed as TE, implying he has a WR makeup. WR's are also a luxury pick. You never draft them with a high selection in the draft, with the only exception if you are a playoff team that has acquired a top 10 pick via trade. Maybe Pitts becomes a great TE, maybe he puts up alltime numbers... but that wont help us build a winning football team, like at all. Who are the best WR's taken in the top half of the first round over the last 20 years? Larry Fitzgerald - 1 SB, 2 NFCCG, 0 Rings Calvin Johnson - 0 SB, 0, NFCCG, 0 Rings Andre Johnson - O SB, 0 NFCCG, 0 Rings AJ Green - 0 SB, 0 NFCCG, 0 Rings Julio Jones - 1 SB, 2 NFCCG, 0 Rings Braylon Edwards - 0 SB, 0 NFCCG, 0 Rings Michael Crabtree - 1 SB, 1 NFCCG, 0 Rings There are a couple dozen busts in that timeframe too, but they just fuel the point. What does this list have in common? Every single team was bad when they drafted these WRs, teams with holes up and down the roster. The only exception maybe Atlanta, who went 10-6, traded a TON to move up and get Julio, and then went 13-3. But then they felt the brunt of the lost picks and proceeded to go 18-30 over the next 3 years. Who cares if he makes the hall of fame? His selection crippled his team. The rest of the teams on the list were the same, they needed foundation players and they picked only for luxury. Now let's look at TE's taken in the top half of the NFL draft first round last 20 years: 2019 TJ Hockenson 8th overall Lions - Still Young, but 0 playoff appearances, and trading Stafford for Goff isn't indicative that he'll have his heyday anytime soon. 2014 Eric Ebron 10th overall lions - He's had a nice career, but once again, drafted by a bad team who had holes everywhere, didnt contribute whatsoever to them winning. 2004 Kellen Winslow 6th Overall Browns - They needed Oline and Dline help BADLY. Kellen Winslow developed into a pro bowl player for Cleveland and had a nice career, spanning 5 700+ yard seasons. The team ended up actually worse after they picked him. That's literally it. There's no more. Teams don't do that, except for the 2 worst teams in NFL history. They know it's a bad idea, they know they'd be stunting their rebuild. You'll find some OJ Howards and Hayden Hursts at the bottom of the first, otherwise Good teams know not to take TE's that high. Here's another example: Lane Johnson. Lane Johnson was a huge boost to our Chip Kelly years, he was a pivotal piece in Nick's 27-2 season, as well as the back-to-back 10-6 years. When we drafted Carson Wentz, his rookie year ebbed and flowed by what Lane was able to do for him. Lane was instrumental in us winning the SB in 2017. Why would I bring up lane in a TE thread? Because he's the guy we chose to spend our last top 10 pick on. He's the guy we went to in the top 10 the year we drafted Ertz. Ertz had value in the second round. Despite Zach's great career here, even he would have been a wasted pick in the top 10. Oline, Dline, Quarterback, fix the second and third levels of the defense, then start thinking about offensive weapons. What if Pitts turns out to be great? What if he has a Jason Witten or Tony Gonzalez type career? Wouldn't that be amazing? A similar career to 2 guys who never even sniffed a super bowl. Kellen Winslow Sr, also never even made one. You can just go down the list of alltime TE's, It's the same story: If you were on a team that had an extraordinary Oline, Dline, alltime QB, you probably won. Gronk, Kelce, Sharpe. But does John Elway win 2 super bowls if he never had Shannon Sharpe? Probably. Shannon wasn't instrumental in either victory. Does Tom Brady still win Superbowls without Gronk? Bucs yes. 2018 Yes. 2014 maybe, 2016 if you remember Gronk didnt even play against the falcons. Gronk had a big day in 2017 agains us, they lost anyway. We don't have the Oline KC does, the Dline KC does, the defense KC does, especially the QB KC does to make Travis Kelce a SB champion. And the teams that did win with prolific TE's did it the right way. As we mentioned, SB champion Ertz was a second round pick, when we went Lane Johnson in the first. SB champion Kelce was a third round pick, when his team when Eric Fisher with their top 10 pick. Even the great Rob Gronkowski was a second round pick, when NE smartly took Devin Mccourty in the first. Being diligent in their rebuilds paid off in the long run. Would it be fun to have an alltime receiving yards TE this draft? Sure, if you have absolutely no consideration for winning football games with a broken roster. If that's what you're okay with, then you're making a great argument for it. TE's are good, but theyre good for built teams that can take advantage of them to win. if you're not on that level, they pale in impact to a better Oline, a better Dline. Who are our best Olineman? Kelce Johnson Brooks all on the wrongside of 30, and who's to say Kelce or Brooks are even still here in 2022. We may be looking at a complete overhaul of the line. Who are our best Dlineman? Again, Graham and Cox on the wrong side of 30. Graham made his first pro bowl last year, was outstanding in run defense. Cox was still his beast self, but as they get older what have we really got? Technically 4 good players to field a starting Dline, but we have only about half of a quality D line rotation. So again, we have 2 pro bowl caliber TE's already, and a 4-win talent roster. TE's are frosting, they make the cake that much better, but only after its done. You don't ever consider frosting when you're still mixing the batter. 6th overall? Welcome to the Browns. Maybe whoever picks Pitts with their top pick won't regret taking him, but he wont make a whole lot of difference in their roster building, one way or the other.
  11. For a 4 win team with 2 pro bowl caliber TEs, I don’t exactly see him as being the missing piece
  12. I’d be open to trading down to the mid 20’s if we pick up another 1st
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