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  1. So now, a Monkeypox outbreak is all over the headlines. A new worldwide mass vaccination effort could be in the works. And if I were a betting man, we're being set up for more restrictions on our freedom of movement and civil liberties, not to mention further stress on a global economy that's in a major blue funk.
  2. This is a much better, more straight forward poll than the foo foo 'nuanced' poll - but either way, pop pop comes out looking like the stumblebum that he is
  3. Newman!


    Post your picts of great meals, bbq's, catches - whatever. This was so unexpectedly good I started this thread. Comes in a foil pouch. I nuked over some cold rice for 90 seconds for a quick lunch. Chock full of flavor popping out from many directions - and perfect texture and consistency.
  4. Actually, you were called a dumb hick because you're a dumb hick.
  5. Grow a set. I had a scratchy throat and was sneezing a couple of days ago. It's gone now.
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