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  1. You give everyone 3 months to get the shot in their arms and anyone that doesn't have it yet is forced to get the shot in their D (or C, I'm not sexist). Problem solved.
  2. Yeah, Republican anti-vaxxers ignored Trump and the GOP constantly calling Covid a hoax and instead took their cues from notable right wing influencer Joy Reid.
  3. I was responding to this: with this I was admitting that I was criticizing a woman. You, for some reason, were acting like she was above critique. She's not. But I'd love to see your "we can't criticize women" line of thought extended into other topics of discussion.
  4. You're not making any sense, Zucker. Are you trying to say women are above critique? Fact is she's an amazing gymnast and an elite level athlete, but she sheet the bed here. Obviously that doesn't take away from her previous accomplishments, but it's okay to say she failed in this instance. She'll be fine.
  5. This is a website made up of fat dudes criticizing high level athletes. And you're an active participant.
  6. If Tom Brady quit halfway through the Super Bowl for mental health reasons, he’d get blasted for it universally and no one would think twice about it. Just because she looks like a 12 year old doesn’t mean she is. She’s an adult and should rightfully be criticized for laying down during one of the biggest moments of her career.
  7. And we’ve reached the hospice stage in the life cycle of a Kz thread.
  8. Really makes you rethink "In a white room with black curtains”
  9. My favorite part is that the existence of the thread itself answer this question.
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