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  1. I dont remember seeing the part about Cassell when this was posted earlier. Maybe I just overlooked it. Sam is the man.
  2. They said they wanted 3 1sts for Murray. Maybe ATL was the only team to offer it? They said they wanted a Jrue Holiday like offer. They got 3 1sts and took on a bad contract for Jrue. ATL got 3 1sts, and a Galinari expiring contract. They actually got a better offer than the Jrue offer.
  3. When you are a Miami fan, Wade and Bosh take less so you can add LeBron When you are a Philly fan, Embiid gets a super max, Harris is near max, and Harden takes a little less so you can add PJ Tucker. 9.5M per year should go to Dort.
  4. All anyone cares about is PPG. Beal will always put up an attractive ppg number so his contract wont be viewed that badly. On the other hand, Harris is an improved defender, and pretty good assist man for his position. But no one cares much about the additional things he does because he only averages like 16ppg. Harris isnt as bad a player as he is viewed. And Beal is probably overrated. But no one will care since the one thing he does well is score points.
  5. If he doesn't somehow come to Philly every 6ers fan should get a free kick to Bogut's balls. I know it doesn't seem possible but I now have a tiny glimmer of hope, because of Bogut.
  6. If OKC would be kind enough to take on salary, and they are reportedly interested in Thybulle we can save about 8M with this trade which just about gets us that MLE. The trade would also work with any 1, or combination of 2 of these players. Id give picks to make this work.
  7. I think a little mix of whats been rumored, and what may be ideal and realistic considering that is Tucker MLE Drummond BAE House- vet min Thybulle + traded for Gordon Maxey, Harden, Melton, Harris, Embiid Dort, House, Tucker, Niang, Drummond You have a ton of defense, and still really good shooting on that bench. EDIT: Nevermind. Thybulle, Kork, and Shake still doesnt even get you close to Gordon. Dont see how they can still land him. Maybe Dort. OKC is supposedly interested. Wonder if Dort is a realistic option.
  8. KCP and Barton traded. Couple of guys 6ers have been linked to in the past https://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/267617/Nuggets-Acquire-Kentavious-Caldwell-Pope-Ish-Smith-From-Wizards-For-Will-Barton-Monte-Morris
  9. Interesting notes from what I can see of that article behind a paywall BAE us up to a little over 4M. However using the BAE, OR the NTPMLE triggers a hard cap at 156.9M Im not sure teams ever want to trigger that hard cap. At that point you cant even do any sign and trades. You are pretty much limited to vet min as your ONLY way to add talent. It gets really restirictive. I wonder if Harden is leaving enough off that we can use those exceptions, and still have a tiny bit of wiggle room before the hard cap.
  10. my bad. I remember his name in the "free agent and trade primer" article from rights to ricky sanches. Hes in the trade portion.
  11. Randle and Reddish for Harris makes a ton of cap, and basketball sense for us. And allows Tobias to go be the alpha on a sucky team. Harris makes about 36M, and Randle + Reddish make 26-27 So you are just about at that area where you get the full MLE from the trade. Need to find a team to take about 2M more from NY to make it work. Harden, Maxey, Reddish, Randle, Embiid Melton, Thybulle?, Tucker, Niang, Drummond
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