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  1. Good morning. Game today. I went be here, but this is my challenge to you. When you go to the game day chat, bacarty posted a comment under the video. I just want to let everyone know that unlike here youtube actually has a thumbs down option so you can dislike a post. I already have him one. Let's see how many he can get today.
  2. Auburn needs to run a double move on #5 in the PSU secondary. Despite Auburn having hardly any passing yards, hes been beat like a drum all night on double moves.
  3. Franklin.. or whoever calls plays. How many years can they watch this guy cost his team big games? (I know they didnt lose this one, yet anyway. But jesus thats unacceptable in this situation)
  4. Nix is only 16/26 and 150 yards. The average yardage for him is 5.4 yards. Its like he is throwing to a bunch of Greg Wards. Didnt turn out to be such a good game for him. He might have some arm talent and a lot of athleticism, but hes looking far from NFL ready as a junior. Hes going to need to come a long way in a senior season. If he declares early I think he will be disappointed in his draft position.
  5. I still lean towards INT, but in the college game thats a lot closer to a catch than it would be in the NFL. You have to remember the rules, that the college kid is down as soon as his knee hits the ground. At the time the ball is in his hands, the defender only has 1 hand in there, and the WRs knees are down. Hes down before the defender takes the ball away. Now, you can still argue that WR never really had control. But if the tie goes to the offense, that DB also didnt have control till after you could argue the WR was down.
  6. he actually called that play again. What an idiot. I figured this time it was going to be a snap to Dotson, or a flip to him from the wildcat QB. Nope. No wrinkle. Same exact play. what an idiot.
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