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  1. Westbrook with shooting ability. Incredible player. But its clear already, that Wembanyama is on another level. And thats an extraordinary understatement.
  2. Yeah... Hes ridiculous. He really seems like the next big thing. Not just your next #1 overall pick. He is special. Not cliche special. Like, truly special.
  3. on sideline? They told Krystle there is no more sideline reporter and they wont be hiring any. I dont see Taryn's post saying she is on the sideline.
  4. I guess kelce posted a pic of himself as sexy batman. So that's out there for whoever wants to find it.
  5. They listed ankle too, not foot. Supports my opinion that it looked like a high ankle sprain.
  6. Wembanyama is causing mass hysteria after last night's G league performance. GM says it's going to cause a "race to the bottom like we've never seen." Says the tank/trade market will shift. Whereas play in teams were buyers now teams that start slowly may just try to go the other way. We may see a very active trade market with rotation players being unloaded. I wonder if we have an opportunity to unload Harris contract this year for a player who is an improved fit.
  7. Ben brick hits Kyrie in the face. Ben sheepishly hides. Kylie looks like he cast stand him already. https://www.facebook.com/215317338498946/posts/pfbid0UUBc1pU3SRatDBfbv38P6YwS2zHSMcEvyE8i8U2JKtMMM7NgUryA25EJmfSTXgVCl/
  8. I see the game tonight will be televised. So that's nice.
  9. Wish someone would have given us a heads up on that. Would have loved to hear it.
  10. Interesting Kicking is pretty dang good around the league right now it seems. I feel very comfortable with Elliott. Hard to believe there are that many better, and that many more comparable.
  11. They said they won't be hiring any sideline reporters. Position is gone. I wouldn't have minded if she replaced Kate Scott though.
  12. Agreed. Thats why I kept it brief. I only said that because I wanted to drop it too. You can look foolish in your own thread. In here, I like to read about Ukraine dominating Russia like I dominate you on salary cap.
  13. speaking like someone who hasnt realized he is wrong yet. Even while Howie continues to make any move he wants to make and builds amazing talented rosters in spite of all of your whining about dead cap. Its interesting to see how much obvious evidence has to smack you in the face till you start to get it right. correct.
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