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  1. Cool thing for embiid to do https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/sixers/sixers-joel-embiid-pelicans-jose-alvarado-fine
  2. I've never heard it used that way. I must live in a perfect racist free zone.
  3. David Bell is the man. DeVonta Smith clone imo. Watson is great on the Reagor package that Reagor could never make work.
  4. I have never in my life heard of the word boy being referred to as a racist term. That's a new one.
  5. I think Stoll is going to be just fine as a blocking TE who can make a couple catches. If we look for a TE I want another guy who is a major threat in the passing game.
  6. I still feel that Jalen Hurts would never throw to him because he wont be open enough. Hurts doesnt anticipate. And he doesnt throw guys open. He needs to see them open before he lets it go. He will pretty much never see London open. Im not saying London cant have success. But Im pretty sure he wont have success in Philly with Hurts at QB. I think he will need the right QB who makes those throws.
  7. I read a comment on that youtube video once "Mom, Dad is watching baby shark again!!!" Yeah.... that could have happened in my house. any time the kids, or the wife started singing that song, I would switch it to that video.
  8. I watched a PFF podcast with a mock draft a few days ago. One of those PFF guys is crazy about London and has him as WR1 in the draft, and iirc he said that was the case even before Jameson Williams tore his ACL. Since then, I have noticed a few other mocks with London as the first WR off the board. I think there was even one with us taking him and calling him the WR1 of the draft. I love his RAC. He is so big, and runs determined to break away. Even after a contested catch with a DB right on him he has the strength to get away and start picking up extra yards. But.... there are entire highlight videos of him never being open even once. Honestly, I never even watched any more because I figured if hes not even open in his highlights, there cant be much more to see in non-highlights. From what you say, maybe I need to look more.
  9. I like this version. Its even good on mute.
  10. Joe Giglio is right https://www.audacy.com/94wip/sports/76-ers/daryl-morey-doesnt-deserve-your-trust?fbclid=IwAR256R99qTqWBCymFFzBSzbzHJn6a23uvZYHcRAsdFqF7AcYcJvuklXcbxU
  11. There are a lot of media people who think Hurts is legit. There are eagles players who have bought in to his hype since day 1. You see how they still stand behind him. There are a lot of people dumb enough to still buy this hype. He wont be a major deterrent yet this year.
  12. Emerson seems to be mocked in round 2 a lot. Woolen is lesser known but TDN is expecting a big burst on to the scene for him at the senior bowl. I dont know anything about the others. But I have seen that name Storm Duck, and I like it. I havent got around to watching CBs yet.
  13. it tells me what I just said. Players are dumb. They dont always judge teammates by talent. They judge them by hype and swag. Hurts may actually be a selling point for free agents, crazy as it may sound to you and me.
  14. Antionio Brown looks at Lamar Jackson and says he wants to be a part of that passing attack. Lamar isnt that good of a thrower. I know Hurts is not nearly even Lamar's level. But I still suspect just like many fans do, there will be plenty of players buying in to the hype and swag and "leadership". You see how teammates talk about him... I think there will be players that actually dont see him as a negative.
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