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  1. maybe if arm talent is only synonymous with arm strength. But, then people would just say arm strength.
  2. Well, I can understand that. But we have an opportunity with this J&J vaccine to increase the rate of vaccination exponentially- if its widely accepted by people and they choose to take it. If you and everyone else jump at the opportunity to take the J&J then its probably going to end up being the most impactful of the 3 vaccines in stopping the virus. Its still pretty darn effective in its own right. And if you have your whole school getting it...
  3. there was nick foles in the super bowl, and Sam Bradford's first eagles pre-season game. The top 2 best games all time by an eagles QB. This may sound sarcastic, but yes, Bradford was amazing that game. The offense looked incredible and every one of his throws was perfect leading WRs in to open space. Its a shame it only ever lasted that 1 pre-season game.
  4. Last time I went heavy on weapons early. This time I decided to rebuild the OL and secondary. But obviously sprinkled in some pass catchers, because you have to. I went with Slater as an OT. Leatherwood as an OT. Menet is a Center. 2 rangy safeties. 2 fast WRs And an athletic TE who can block, and excellent RAC! I probably coulda went elsewhere with the Marco Wilson pick because @ManuManu got my hopes up for Gareon Conley in FA.
  5. so much crazy athleticism coming in to the NFL along the DL these days and we are going to have guys who just stand there eating up blockers. Dont like it.
  6. I was up about 20 bucks on that AMC call option that cost me 36 dollars to buy. This, today after it tanked on friday when I bought, dropping down to 19 dollars. So I was trying to sell today while it was up and the order was never going through on robinhood. As it was dropping again I tried a stop order for 40 bucks and when it hit 40, the order still didnt trigger. So then, I just put in a regular sell order hoping it would process before it dropped too far again. It eventually sold... I dont remember if I made a dollar or lost a dollar on it.... Frustrating when options orders are so inconsistent/delayed on robinhood. that has happened a lot to me.
  7. Ive been thinking JJ might get bought out. Its hard for anyone to justify matching his salary in a trade. Its too much for what he does when hes not even doing it well anymore.
  8. hate 2 gapping. I was afraid of that when I read "Stop the run first"
  9. Pels are likely keeping Lonzo due to his recent strong play. Redick and Bledsoe very available. They were interested in Oubre for a playoff run but are now more interested in stockpiling assets. https://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/261683/JJ-Redick-Eric-Bledsoe-Reportedly-Very-Much-Available-In-Trade-Talks
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