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  1. Not sure how many people took the time to watch the Hurts breakdown on the last page. I watched 25 minutes of it and it wasn't promising. Compare that to the true freshman video of Howell on the same channel, the QB play is night and day.
  2. This looks like a really good channel I just happened across last night. Its JT O'Sullivan breaking down QB film. I just watched a shorter video on Howell from when he was a true freshman vs Clemson. I clicked on his channel to see what other prospects he has vids on, and saw this one on Hurts. Probably a good watch.
  3. Previously, Ostman was being experimented with in a Joker role. Then he got injured. Then they traded for Avery, but he never took over that role although he seemed perfectly suited for it. Now, he's transitioning to LB. They drafted the other guy who is a DE/LB. I think this defense will utilize a joker. Maybe we are just going to have an old school big slow SAM but that wouldn't make much sense in today's NFL.
  4. Maxey credits Thybulle for maxey's defensive progression. That's nice. But I can't help thinking it would be better to hear of Ben, #1 overall pick, and DPOY candidate, being a leader for the young guys and being the one responsible for taking them under his wing and teaching defense. Of course we know he barely has time to work on his own game let alone help young guys with theirs. Whats he gonna do when Maxey is a 2 way player scoring 20ppg and playing + perimeter D? Ben will officially be playing 3rd fiddle on this team. Probably requests a trade then.
  5. I think both him and Howie took away the same lesson from Douglas's time here. The very next draft, for separate teams they both suddenly started drafting athletes. However, with Newsome gone, there is a reason why the supposedly highly regarded Douglas was allowed to leave Baltimore. There, and here, he sucked. Remains to be seen if he still sucks. But he might have learned. He might even have learned quite a bit from Howie.
  6. Well, if the Waddle argument is disproven maybe he will change it and try saying that Smith only won the Heisman because of Metchie.
  7. Wtf??? Need a separate granny boob thread. Who the hell wanted to see that?
  8. I have a feeling McShay nailed every pick in this one.
  9. Todd McShay Way Too Early Mock has Eagles taking Sam Howell at pick 8.
  10. Oh man. I'm heading down Friday and Saturday. Just missed him!
  11. Embiid wants Maxey to play Hill, Howard, and Tolliver have good things to say about him too. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/sixers/tyrese-maxey-sixers-dwight-howard-george-hill-anthony-tolliver-nba?fbclid=IwAR3P7QVNdCT2l4khfkjFOK2-7DepBacSWoinLvsOOluCe7mRi3QAQi_e1zw
  12. Some eagles talk starting at about 2:00. Not breaking news or anything, but I enjoy hearing what people are thinking.
  13. lol look at the size of him compared to the res. he stands right out. And seemed ot be right with them most of the way.
  14. McLeod is injured. Wallace and Harris are your starters.
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