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  1. This is the same moron that said vaccines cause infertility back in May. Just because you have money and can start something called the Covid-19 early treatment fund does not mean it is factual.
  2. Interesting - went and saw Hamilton on Weds and saw no issue from a single person when they asked for ID and proof of vaccination.
  3. Israel's 17% Unvaccinated Now Account for 65% of All Serious COVID-19 Cases Per capita, for every death of an Israeli over 60 that had received the booster shot, there are 15 deaths of unvaccinated Israelis in same age group https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/israel-unvaccinated-booster-65-serious-covid-19-cases-death-delta-1.10208784
  4. Why become informed and actually research things when places like Facebook, Twitter and Fox News can just give me my opinion? Thinking is like hard and stuff.
  5. That's fine as well. I guess everyone who does something is a stud.
  6. You are trying to compare value and why the Giants drafted him in the first. It is simple why they drafted him in the first - Gettleman is a moron. He still is the #4 on that team and he has more potential, skill and everything then Greg Ward does. All I am saying is that most #4 WR on most teams are way better then Ward and I would rather the team have a young, unproven player with potential to improve then Greg Ward on the team right now. Give me KeeSean Johnson. Give me Keke Coutee. How about Antonio Gandy-Golden? Is Treveon Grimes healthy again? However I do agree that LM is right - there are greater needs and more fun things to argue about then Greg Ward.
  7. I mean I would probably prefer to have someone different there, but whatever, it is what it is.
  8. Humphries is the #3 only because Curtis Samuel is on IR. Othewise it would be McLaurin #1, Samuel #2, Brown #3 and Humphries #4 - he was brought in the be the #4 WR. Toney is faster and has more potential then Ward, which is why he was a #1 round pick, regardless of what people think about him. All that other stuff about rounds, being a QB in college, etc is all fluff and means nothing. All that matters is where he is as a #4, which IMHO is probably one of the worst in the league.
  9. Well the one thing that I really liked about the line play on Sunday was that they did not have to blitz. I really hope that can continue through the year, as it makes it easier for the back 7 to cover in passing situations.
  10. Cedrick Wilson has more potential and upside over Ward. Ward is a decent route runner and can catch usually the ball but has no other way to go. He is not overly athletic, he is not overly fast and he is not big enough to fight with LBs over the middle consistently. He really is the definition of a JAG player. Look Ward is here and the Eagles like him for some reason but I think his position is the most easy to upgrade. He is here most likely in case he has to return kicks or punts.
  11. Ward as a person and a story is wonderful and he did help the Eagles down the stretch that one year. As a player though, he just is not good and I really thought that he would have been replaced on the roster right now. He really brings nothing to the Eagles. I mean I would rather them bring KeeSean Johnson up and put Ward on the PS.
  12. I think I would take the #4 on almost every team in the league over Greg Ward. I am an optimistic guy, but we really do end up overrating our own players all the time. I mean just look at the east. Would people really take Greg Ward over Cedrick Wilson, Kadarius Toney and Adam Humphries?
  13. Studs are players that are the best of the best at their position. They are the ones that every team wants to have on their team. They are the ones that make All Pro/Pro Bowls all the time. None of those attributes are Javon Hargrave. He is a good to great player and that is about it. Sorry if my definition is too rigid, but I feel that we tend to overrate many of these guys and use terms like 'stud' way too loosely.
  14. He was never an all pro and has never been to a pro bowl. He never led the league or was in the top ten (or even his position) in sacks, forces fumbles, or tackles - how is he a stud? He was and still is a good player, nothing more.
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