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  1. So they want at least two 1st rounders for a guy who will never win anything. That would be a typical Snyder move. They can have him. Plus, you’ll have to pay him $30m a year. Not in a million years would I want this guy.
  2. But Howie, we’re a QB factory. Shouldn’t we draft a QB in the 1st round?
  3. Do you think Howie can handle that? Zimmer was seen laughing at the Reagor pick.
  4. I don’t think the decision at QB is that hard. I don’t want anything to do with Rodgers, Wilson or Watson and I don’t think any of them even want to come here. All come with baggage and huge price tags. Nor do I want Carr, Jimmy G or any of the other average QB’s out there. Those guys aren’t going to win you a Super Bowl. I’m not thrilled about the draft class but maybe Pickett falls to a spot where you can trade for him. I wouldn’t trade the farm for him but something reasonable. I’m not really thrilled about any of the other 1st round QB’s. Maybe take a shot at one in the 2nd or 3rd round. If we come out of the draft without a QB, I think you continue to develop Hurts. Believe it or not, QB’s can improve, just look at Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson.
  5. He’ll be back next year, so will JJ. That’s because Howie has too much control over the roster and to cut both of them would mean he made two big mistakes. His ego is too big for that. He’s desperate that they show something.
  6. He was, but you don’t want to draft a guy who turns out to be the next Paxton Lynch because you’re desperate for a QB. Pickett is the only guy I like in the 1st but I wouldn’t trade the farm to move up and draft him. But you’re probably going to have to because some desperate team in the top 10 will fall in love with him. Hurts was very inconsistent this year but showed flashes at times that he can be a good QB. He’s limited because of his arm strength but there’s no reason why he can’t improve his accuracy and decision making. Josh Allen, was terribly inaccurate when he came into the league, improved tremendously. So did Lamar Jackson.
  7. This is just classic. Vikings staff laughing at the Reagor pick.
  8. Josiah Scott, I believe, was the one who didn’t get a hand on Scotty Miller on the Reagor muff. He shares some of the blame too.
  9. Why does Watkins try and go outside when Smith created a blocking lane inside?
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