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  1. Very glad we didn’t end up getting Allen Robinson. Dude is clearly done when he barely did anything on a team where he was the clear main guy last year.
  2. It’s funny that you think sexual assault of 22 women is even remotely the same as these 2 things. Things that most women actually don’t care about. But go on "defending womens rights”
  3. The way this game is being called, he was probably going for it on 4th down.
  4. Waiting for this as well. Surprised it’s so late this year.
  5. Have single game tickets already been released? I’m surprised there hasn’t been any announcement this year.
  6. Any idea when single game tickets going on sale? Planning to fly in from Vancouver for hopefully Week 6. Looking to witness my first home game vs the cowboys.
  7. Gotta believe it’s gonna be much more of a 5-2/5-1 front than a 3-4. They have a ton of resources and great players in DL that they aren’t going to continually sit to play 4 LBs
  8. Found this part of the conversation very interesting. They kept mentioning how great AJ Brown was at taking slants/RPOs/Playaction passes behind LBs and adding a ton of YACs. How this is a perfect fit here because it was the one thing lacking in our WR room. What they didn’t mention though that I think is going to be the biggest test for success this year is can/will Hurts make those tight quick passes to the middle of the field that AJ can then use to to run after the catch. Hurts has actually done very little of that in the last 1.5 years. You can probably count how many slants he’s completed in fingers of one hand. The far majority of his passes are outside the hashes where usually little can be done for YAC regardless who you have catching. Whether that’s a function of our smaller WRs or Hurts we don’t really know. It’s going to be very interesting to see if the addition of AJ allows him to start making these middle passes or if it was a Hurts limitation from the start.
  9. paying big guarantees for these UDFAs.
  10. It really would have been ideal if they could have included Reagor with 18 instead of the 3rd we gave up.
  11. Round 1 Jordan Davis - DT - Georgia Jameson Williams - WR - Alabama Trent Mcduffie - CB - Washington Derek Stingley - CB - LSU Ahmad Gardner - CB - Cincinnati George Karlaftis - EDGE - Purdue Kayvon Thibodeaux - EDGE - Oregon Jermaine Johnson- EDGE - Florida State(Lock)
  12. Rosters as is right now, I’d bet anything we finish with a better record than they do. OL/DL > WRs, RBs any day.
  13. It’s unfortunately starting to look like a lot of the top defensive prospects are gonna go higher than expected earlier. Seems like 8-10 of the top 12 are gonna be on the defensive side.
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