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  1. I'll be watching. Because it's Saturday afternoon and there's nothing else to watch 😄
  2. With the 213th pick in the 2021 EMB Draft, the Buffalo Bills select: Kayode Awosika, OL, University of Buffalo @ibleedgreen1990The Packers are now on the clock.
  3. There's a fallen tree on the back edge of the property that needs addressing. That sucker will be in a million pieces if that happens 😄
  4. If there are obvious BPA choices at 12 and they reach for someone out of left field, disappointment will be an understatement. Preparing for disappointment but hoping to be proven wrong. The life of an Eagles fan I suppose.
  5. Because if he screws up this draft the fans will put his head in a vise.
  6. WFT looking to trade up to somewhere in the 6th round. Have 2 mid to late 7th round picks. Willing to throw in a late 2022 pick to sweeten the deal.
  7. Ertz is going to have to sulk his way through the 2021 season.
  8. Would be elated with Horn at 12. Would be content with Surtain at 12.
  9. Okay, who had Rodon? Congrats. My team can hardly scrap points together early on. Gotta keep the faith.
  10. Definitely Option 2 in this scenario. Horn, Marshall Jr., Humphrey, and Davis is a solid haul out of the gate. Difference makers on each side of the ball.
  11. Yeah would be pretty disappointed if true. They're projected to have 7-8 players drafted in the first two rounds.
  12. Remember when the Eagles won the Super Bowl and were the 'Gold Standard' of the NFL? Feels like so long ago...
  13. With the 174th pick in the 2021 EMB Draft, the Buffalo Bills select: Tarron Jackson, DE, Coastal Carolina @Jenkins27 The 49ers are now on the clock.
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