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  1. Eagles control their own fate. Still play WFT twice. Win and they make the playoffs. Let's ******* go!
  2. @LeanMeanGM Eagles 23 Jets 13 Hot Take: Defense forces 3 turnovers
  3. Arkansas, Auburn, Kentucky were all ranked Top 20 when they beat them. Clemson win was big at the time. They should get in at 4, but not thrilled about it. Bama is their kryptonite.
  4. Hope so, but this loss was demoralizing. All those shutouts mean nothing when Bama puts 40 on you. This CFP is Bama's to lose.
  5. Hope the Eagles target him in RD1. It's time to invest in LB again. That guy could be a gamechanger on D. Enhance Edwards and Taylor by default.
  6. That's tough man. I've been on a winning streak so I knew I was due. Wilson's last two performances were garbage, and Heinicke was on a tear. That Logan Thomas TD reversal was a kick in the nuts lol
  7. I'm an ***hole for starting Heinicke over Wilson tonight in fantasy. Serves me right pulling for a Washington Fecal Team player 🤣
  8. @Godfather Yeah regretting it now. Carr was a solid pickup after Wilson went down, but he had a recent 2-3 week stretch that was below average. Think he's still a FA in my money league, so I might pick him up again. Hoping Heinicke puts a big numbers again tonight. I've lost faith in Wilson's ability to produce quality stats.
  9. Yeah I've kept Wilson on the bench since he returned. Had Carr the last few weeks, but dropped him for Heinicke a week ago.
  10. Wilson has been disappointing the last few weeks. Picked Heinicke off the waiver wire.
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