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  1. It was weird. Kept showing last week's totals. When I tried to sign FAs for today, it would say the transaction was null because it was for a previous scoring period. First hiccup I've had with the app. Sent some feedback to the ESPN team. I do have an older phone, so maybe that was the issue.
  2. Restarted my phone a few times and it finally updated
  3. Anyone else having a problem with the ESPN App today? It keeps showing scores from a different week, won't show updated matchups, nor will it allow me to sign players from FA.
  4. Rest in Peace Olivia Newton John In keeping with the topic of the day, let's hope the Eagles defense gets 'physical' this year!
  5. 2023 5th and 2024 6th Brown Smith Watkins Pascal Covey Ward/Hightower/Human Being
  6. @mikemack8 Figures my guys show up to play on the last day of the week lol. Gonna be a day late and a dollar short unless Webb pitches a no hitter.
  7. @downundermike Are we allowed to go over our pitcher limit in this league on the last day? Or are there penalties assessed for doing so?
  8. Hell yeah, getting laid tonight! Ladies love a winner!
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