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  1. What are the massage parlors like in Philly? Classy joints? For real though, this would be a smart move if Hurts fizzles and it doesn't cost a king's ransom of picks.
  2. In my best Madea voice...'That was urgly!'
  3. I hear you on that. Greinke got me a whopping 6 points tonight. He usually averages around 20.
  4. Few OL questions: *Do you think Herbig, after reportedly losing 30+ lbs in the offseason, could have a chance to compete for starting LG position allowing Semualo to move to C? Especially if Dickerson projects better to RG **What about Driscoll? After watching tape of him at various spots on the OL, still not sure where he best fits.
  5. Will have to agree to disagree on this assessment. Thought Moehrig at 37 was a slam dunk and BPA. Getting arguably the best cover safety in the draft in RD2 would have been a huge building block for the secondary going forward. Not to mention that his play would have taken pressure off the other lackluster CBs on the team not named Darius Slay. Even Richie Grant, while not as 'special' as Moehrig, would have been good value in RD2.
  6. Really hope Dickerson can stay healthy and have a productive career with the Eagles. He possesses all the intangibles you want in a leader of the OL. But I'm still disappointed that they passed on Moehrig at 37. Getting him in the 2nd would have made the rest of the draft gravy regardless. That one is going to be a tough pill to swallow for a while.
  7. Love the Gainwell pick! Think he will fare as well as Antonio Gibson did coming out of Memphis. Still disappointed at only adding 1 DB entering RD6 but it is what it is.
  8. My bad it was the Ravens. Correction: I'm jelly they got Wallace in the 4th. Double Correction: I'm jelly of the Ravens.
  9. Browns got Bateman and Wallace. I'm jelly.
  10. No knock on McPhearson, just thought there were better choices at CB available: Tay Gowan Robert Rochell Rodarius Williams To name a few
  11. With Gowan staring at them.....🤣🤣 Working overtime to make us forget the Devonta Smith pick
  12. 10 Devonta Smith 37 Trevon Moehrig 70 Wyatt Davis
  13. Still some decent DBs left over CB Rodarius Williams CB Robert Rochell CB Ambry Thomas
  14. Just getting in from band practice..... They passed on Moehrig for Dickerson??? Wtf Howie...I was praising you on here last night and you go and do that shizz lol
  15. Indeed. He has surrounded Hurts with the tools to succeed. Suddenly Reagor doesn't have to be THE guy on offense. In fact, it takes the pressure off of all the WRs. Defenses will have to respect Smith's elite route running and mismatches will present themselves. If, and that's a big if, the OL can stay healthy, the offense should hold their end of the bargain. The defense however frightens me. Let tomorrow night be the beginning of fixing that abomination.
  16. Feels good to keep the torches unlit and pitchforks in the barn for once. Fingers crossed we get another good pick at 37. Hoping Moehrig is there. Would be a steal!
  17. Trevon Moehrig S TCU Jevon Holland S Oregon Richie Grant S UCF Tyson Campbell CB Georgia Ifeatu Melifonwu CB Syracuse Kelvin Joseph CB Kentucky Asante Samuel, Jr. CB Florida State Creed Humphrey C Oklahoma Quinn Meinerz C Wisconsin-Whitewater Wyatt Davis OL Ohio State Ronnie Perkins DE Oklahoma Christian Barmore DT Alabama
  18. Another guy who I think fits the mold in RD4 or RD5: Rodarius Williams
  19. I'm sprinting to the podium if Moehrig is there at 37. Consolation prizes include Samuel, Jr. and Humphrey. What about Rousseau? Edit: Rousseau to Bills.
  20. Wow Stokes to GB. I mean King did get taken behind the wood shed in that NFCCG.
  21. I'm a huge Stokes fan, would gladly take him there, but it'd be hard to pass on arguably the best safety in this year's draft class at 37.
  22. Stokes would be my target at 37. Keep it in the SEC.
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