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  2. Captain F

    So long EMB

    Surge timeline.. took these every 30 minutes. Water started about 2ft below the seawall
  3. Captain F

    So long EMB

    They didn't issue any kind of evacuation until just under 24hrs before the storm hit. Nhc kept saying it was going north towards Tampa and the Tampa area was getting the evacuation orders. Then it changed course. I75 was completely jammed. I figured it was safer at home then stuck in traffic with a toddler and infant. Lose/Lose situation.
  4. This team is going to win 13 games. Be excited.
  5. Poor coverage. Return blocking is still terrible. Missed PAT.
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  7. Captain F

    So long EMB

    I don't think so, but thank you. We are staying with friends in Lakeland just waiting to see when power and water will be restored before going back. I brought supplies back to friends on Friday. It took 4rs to get there and 8hrs to get back. I75 was closed due to flooding. So, I'm just going to ride it out as long as needed here with the family.
  8. Captain F

    So long EMB

    Hey everyone. I live in the very Southwest corner of cape coral. We were in the Eastern and southern eyewall for 6 hours straight. It sounded like a freight train overhead for that entire time. Rode it out in our bathroom. I don't know how bad our house is. The storm wound down around 10pm and we were in total darkness. House generator failed as it was under water. We were able to get out of the house and area early Thursday morning and got to a friend's in lakeland. We are safe. We do not know when we can return home. The water and electric grid in our area is destroyed. I need to start making long term plans for my family. Definitely the most stressful event in my life. I'm just now able to sit down and watch TV and seeing the videos and images are gut wrenching. Places I grew up going to, fort myers beach, Sanibel, Captiva, pine island, matlache, are all gone. Seeing the images after hearing it on the radio is just unreal. I thought the radio people were hyping the damage. Then seeing it with my own eyes... I'm a grown man. I'm crying. I really don't know what else to say on that. For those saying we should have left.... 2 days before the storm, the cone, and local media were saying it was going north of Tampa. By the time the nhc cone was over us and the local news realized it was coming our way, it was too late. When I went to bed at midnight Tuesday night it was still looking to go north of us and at high cat 2 strength. NO ONE in our area thought we would be waking up to a 155mph storm coming right at us. Almost no one left.
  9. Captain F

    So long EMB

    I live in Cape Coral FL. Hurricane Ian knocking on the door. Expecting huge surge. 30+ inches of rain. 130mph winds. This might be it. Toodaloo Mardafarkas
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