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  1. Phillies are now #10 in the Power Rankings...
  2. I don't know why but I have really... REALLY... high hopes for this kid. As in... decades long starter/franchise QB.
  3. Time to bring back the Turkey Hill post of the day.
  4. Shocked no. But, that is nowhere near enough yards to feed the caliber of players we have in Brown,Smith and Goedert. I mean, that's enough yards for those 3 if 0 yards are dishes out to anyone else...... This team is built for a QB that is able to pass for 4500+ yards a season. Does anyone think Hurts is capable of that?
  5. Hear me out. If he jizzled on her face..... how did her face get so close to begin with?....
  6. 24th accuser steps forward. Says he ejaculated on her face. Her face!
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