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  1. How did I just now come across her. I mean this...
  2. Against who? <no sarcasm> Police? School board? Shooters family? NRA? Gun manufacturer? All of the above?
  3. I could change the word solution to problem in what I said and it would all still go together. There are several problems. Anyone who thinks there are no problems or a solution are delusional. Agreed. Can always make them safer, but nowhere will ever be 100% safe.
  4. You guys have gone 35 pages of round and round and get nowhere. There is no single solution. Hell, there might not even be a combination of 2 or 3 solutions that would completely stop this madness. There are way too many guns out there already for a ban to even remotely be effective. Want the government to go door to door searching houses to collect them all? Even if that was the route, it would take YEARS to collect them. But we all know that will never happen. Are you going to cure all forms of mental illness? Nope. Are you going to turn all schools into high level prisons with locking gates and steel doors? Nope. Unfortunately this will continue to happen. Can it be slowed? Maybe.... Stopped dead in its tracks? No. These attacks are so random, that they will always be near impossible to stop. If its not a school its a grocery store, if not there, a church, etc... Wait til some jackstain decides to figure out how to get a gun into a large sporting event... That day will come im sure. Then what? I think everyone has made valid arguments from both sides. Both sides have also made invalid arguments. There is no real solution. You guys are fighting and name calling back and forth over something none of us can control or really even have a say in.
  5. Live feed says as many as 14 dead now. No specifics on ages of the dead other then the 2 kids mentioned... effing horrible. https://abcnews.go.com/Live
  6. Multiple dead including children.. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/texas-elementary-school-reports-active-174500312.html https://abcnews.go.com/US/texas-elementary-school-reports-active-shooter-campus/story?id=84940951
  7. The Green Mile LIFE Oceans 11/12 Groundhog Day 8 Men Out The Natural The Program Any of these and im not turning the tv off.
  8. Hinting at coming back. Someone's going to post it so might as well be me. In this offense? 45 points per game.
  9. Ima just drop this Nuke and head on out.
  10. Why cant Biden supporters just answer a question and not immediately add something about Trump to their response? Its like Biden cant be held accountable OR praised without an immediate and direct connection to Trump within their response.... What I know... 36 months ago I was doing great under Trump. 12 Months ago under Biden I was doing good and today im doing worse. Much worse under Biden. Still on Bidens watch, our economy and supply chain has gone to complete ish and its getting worse. As for the American people, most, including myself are nearsighted. Who is the president and what is going on TODAY? Its his fault. Even if it isn't, it is. And its his JOB to fix it, and he isn't. At least not in a timeline that's satisfactory to the majority. Whatever good he is doing outside of those immediate pressing issues to the American people, doesn't mean jack ish.
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