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  1. Fairly significant. Think that had any impact on the trade down?
  2. What's the rookie contract difference between pick 6 and pick 12?
  3. Who. Cares. You guys are really arguing over something that's 4 years old, about a player that's not even on this team anymore. Move on.
  4. I'm holding out hope. I think this could still happen... either by a fall, or eagles trading up to 9 when 5 qbs go in top 8...
  5. Im not disagreeing with either of you at all. Not even a little bit. What I do know, and what is really care about, is that there's a very high probability that when I cash out at some point tomorrow, im going to make a very large profit. Anything else about it, I dont care about at all.
  6. .42. Very active right now. Strong possibility it hits .65 tomorrow. Would not be surprised to see .75ish tomorrow morning before the wheels fall off
  7. Its a weird position to be in. I bought so low, that I have a lot of wiggle room to decide and still come out way ahead. I mean, even if it hits say... .50, and restrictions hit and I cant cash out until it slams back down to .40ish, im still making a massive profit. Im just going to watch it like a hawk overnight and into the morning tomorrow and play it by ear. I may set a sell limit at .60 and just hold my breath. I do 100% believe that AFTER 4/20 the price is going to plummet to around 10-15 cents.
  8. Agree. I think thats why im going to tap out around .65. try to beat whatever restrictions might get put on. Hell, maybe even .60?
  9. I feel like its going to surge big time tomorrow, but I also think the bubble might burst sometime tomorrow. Everyone waiting for the 4/20 skyrocket. I think a lot of people will cash out right at/before .69.
  10. I almost cashed out at .05. Then it hit .10... then .15... etc... Today its playing between .35 and .40. I keep thinking .65 and im out, but who knows. I might bail before that or if I happen to be drunk at the time it hits .65, let it roll to teh moon? lol
  11. rephrase. $10,000 worth at .0133. Its a ishton of coins.
  12. That'd be cool. I bought 10k when it was .0133
  13. Been traveling and unable to keep up. How's the trial look to be leaning?
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