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  1. Admiral Brett Giroir, former assistant health secretary under President Trump, warned on "America Reports" Thursday that the Delta variant is so contagious that it's "just a matter of time" before everyone who is not vaccinated and hasn't had COVID-19 yet catches it. ADM BRETT GIROIR: Anyone who’s not vaccinated and who did not have COVID previously, the Delta variant is so contagious that you’re going to get it. It is just a matter of time. If you have prior immunity you do have some protection, but more and more data are telling us that that protection is not so good against Delta. Remember, you can get the Flu every year. It’s not because your immunity isn’t good. It’s because the Flu changes and Delta is really a new strain that is different than everything we’ve seen. So, I am really concerned that natural immunity, although real, is not going to be sufficient against Delta. If you don’t have natural immunity and you’re not vaccinated, you’re going to get Delta. So, prevent it by getting your vaccine.
  2. Watching practice live on FB. Mailata is going to be a beast. 0 chance Dillard outright beats him for the position. Palmer?
  3. Has Reagor been spotting eating lunch in his car yet?
  4. What lead King to be out of the league? I feel like I saw ............something........ but cant recall what it was about him
  5. If I could spend 10 hours a day on the emb and see every post in that blog, there would be no need for this one. But, I don't. And a lot of people that work don't either. It's near impossible to follow along in that thread unless you are in it all day long.
  6. This makes me think they want to get a real quick eval on jjaw before pulling the plug on him.
  7. So... Fulgham,Reagor,Smith,Watkins,Ward,Hightower/JJaw?
  8. Is JJaw making the 53? After his abysmal start to his career , would the eagles walk away from such a high pick?
  9. It's impossible to keep up in the blog if you don't spend every waking hour in it. Talk about the actual preseason as it pertains to the Eagles here. No politics, no covid, no off topic on who knows what. Just Eagles preseason news and info.
  10. Gotta wonder what Hurts mindset is right now with all this Watson to Philly chat.
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