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  1. Just do it. Plan on him not seeing the field until next year and know you have a franchise QB in the wings. Give yourself 11 months to build something around him.
  2. Im starting to think there's a chance at 2 top 5 picks...
  3. Fire Siri Fire Roseman Fire the entire defensive coaching staff Trade Cox Trade McLeod Trade Dillard Trade Hurts Aquire Watson F it.
  4. As the #1 dbag fans in the league! https://larrybrownsports.com/football/aaron-rodgers-reveals-fanbase-talks-best-trash-eagles/585797
  5. Alright, Ill take a shot.. No players The Colts 2022 pick and a 2023 1st BUT..... If he is suspended more than 10 games at ANY time after the trade, be it this year, 2022, 2023, etc.... , the Texans have to give Philly their next available 1st round pick. So even if his legal issues result in a 10+ game suspension during the 2022 season, we get their 2023 1st, or essentially our own 2023 back.
  6. The eagles have 3-5 winnable games the rest of the way. With that, I expect them to actually win 2-4 of them.
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