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  1. Well. We know it isn't being attracted to young hot redheads.. so..... <shrug>
  2. A guy with blazing speed that clearly plays with heart and emotion. The guys story is unreal.
  3. I totally forgot we got Marquise Goodwin. His 1 year contract kicks in for 2021 since he opted out for 2020 (with good reason). 5'9. 4.27 40. I have seen people's projected roster for next year and he's not on most of them. Out of sight out of mind?
  4. No combine this year. Hopefully that stops Howie from doing something stupid based on how polite a kid is in his interview. Bwahahaha ya right
  5. My money is now on Watson going to the Saints. Brees is supposedly retiring.
  6. With the big rumor that Brees is finished and retiring, what are the odds of Watson ending up in N.O. ?
  7. If Mahomes doesn't play, Bills win by 3 scores.
  8. Camel Smash Training. Oh, the irony
  9. Anyone know how to adjust a garage door? 2 car garage, one side is suddenly about 2 inches higher than the other side when closed.
  10. Same here with the beer. No thanks. Im on a mission and that ish is just filler.
  11. @Moderator5 do you have the ban hammer with you today or does @Moderator12 have it?
  12. Watson really putting the pressure on the Texans ownership this weekend. 0% chance he stays there. With that said.... Wentz,Ertz and a 2022 2nd for Watson and a 2021 3rd
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