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  1. Much respect for a man with a urethra big enough for stuff to slide into. This is just simply, a big urethra.
  2. This is pretty close for me. I just think Hurts is more likely 45% based on say, he improves 10% on his overall performance and perhaps 10% based on the team getting it done. I just don't believe in a rookie starter so I weighted Strong over that. So I am at 45% 35% 5% 15%
  3. I think I can work out a country song off of the hook "Halfway to Crazy." "She turns me sideways and inside out, that girl has got me halfway to crazy and all the way in love..." Recite goofy ish she does and his exasperated reaction and then hit that refrain.
  4. Fantastic fight. This Round One is surely one of the best of all time.
  5. If he meant iconic but said ionic, that could be ironic if you would grant that ionic columns would be the most well-known.
  6. Well, other than that, how did you enjoy the play Mrs. Lincoln?
  7. I don't want to make a big thing about it, but if I'm Giselle, my feelings are hurt a little bit. I won't bring it up again. But that is how I feel.
  8. That on top of the desire to say I love beavers was hard to resist.
  9. They might as well take the FG. They can't do anything else. The Rams D line is all over Brady.
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