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  1. If there's only 9 of us then Winner Take All makes most sense to me. Alternatively you could pay the first two places and go for a 75/25 split.
  2. Thanks for doing this HE, I am in. 👍 Yes, they spotted all the petty BS stuff, had two phantom delay of game calls, yet missed the blatant helmet hit on Maddox right after his INT (as in, you know, the kind of thing they should actually be looking for).
  3. Devin Leary (NC State QB) -- STAYING IN SCHOOL - I Want the Eagles to Get... - The Eagles Message Board Perhaps Mods could merge the threads?
  4. I like Levis as much as anyone, but will he still be there with two mid/late R1 picks? You never really know with young QBs, but I'm not sure that Leary projects to be anything more than a decent NFL back-up. Now I'd be fine with drafting him in say, R3 to perform that role for the next few years, but would he ultimately be any better than Hurts, albeit that he's a totally different type of QB?
  5. So what's the plan at QB going forward? It surely cannot be to extend Hurts. Does Howie package future R1 picks to get the new guy, like he did with Wentz?
  6. FYP (in before @Iggles_Phan!) That was the year I wanted them to take Alvin Kamara in R2, IP wanted Hunt in R3. Howie got us Sidney Jones and Rasul instead. To be fair though, the Eagles immediately went on to win the Superbowl.
  7. It's a good job he's not on here, he'd have most of the Blog on ignore. Unless of course......he already is.......and he already does.
  8. Yes, very sad to hear this, he was one of my favourite actors. His obvious tour de force was as Sonny in The Godfather, but I thought he was excellent in Brian's Song, and also in Cinderella Liberty, a very under-rated film of the early 70s.
  9. Yup. Yup. Also check out the other 'tough guy' in the white stripey T shirt. He twice gets immediately in the face of the smaller security guy who was trying to move his gobby mate on, but wants ZERO parts of Ol' Julius once said mate was swiftly decked. That was one righteous right hook.
  10. Apropos nothing, I just had to share this. (Dialogue is NSFW as there are a few F's and C's going on, but it's so worth it to watch the 'tough guy' get his come-uppance)
  11. Reminds me a bit of Josh Allen, obviously not quite the same rocket arm, but still has plenty of arm strength and the ability to take off for 1st downs/TDs if necessary. He'd be an exciting draft pick, one that the fan base would surely buy into. Can get a little reckless with his body at times a la Vick/Wentz, so it would be good to see him be make better decisions in that regard next season. So far, Levis, Van Dyke and Richardson are the QBs that intrigue me the most for the Eagles in next year's draft.
  12. , Never can switch this one off.......one of my TOP 5 films
  13. Gotta take one thing into account though.......... ...........Driscoll is .............................. ....after all..... .........................................basically a rookie!
  14. Well, at least our UDFA guy has top 85% arms, if nothing else. Josh Jobe, Alabama Arm Length: 32 5/8 inches
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