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  1. Make yourself useful for a change you f'n n00b. Keep track of the percentages. Post them after every single game and keep us posted in a separate thread. Clown.
  2. Talk about some man boobs.... Yikes!
  3. Uh, this is R&R. Everything is stupid. Wait till you see my next thread.
  4. Fart pranks, up on YouTube. Lemmie see... LEMMIE SEE, LEMMIE SEE, LEMMIE SEE, OH LEMMIE SEE. There will be much laughter, Lemmie see. OOOH!
  5. As a Coca-Cola loyalist, I gotta admit, Wild Cherry Pepsi owns Cherry Coke six days a week and twice on Sunday. As far as diet soda goes, I try to stay away. I seem to acquired a taste for flavored seltzer. Lemon lime being my favorite. For any soda lover interested in cutting back on sugar, I learned that Lipton Brisk Tea only has 17g of sugar per can, as opposed to as many as 50gs per can of soda. What I like to do is pour a can into an empty 16.9oz water bottle, then top it off from the tap. You wind up with a super sweet tasting drink with less than 1/3 the sugar of a can of soda, and before you even ask, no. A 12oz Brisk Tea does NOT taste watered down when you drink it in a regular size water bottle.
  6. Damn man, when I worked the 3 to 11 shift, I listened to him all the time.
  7. You can talk about the "Murderleg" of punters here. Is it time for us all to go ahead and get his jersey? I Sipposs...
  8. CBs wearing single digit jerseys, RBs wearing numbers in the teens (looking at you Gainwell) The WR single digit jerseys are pretty dope though.
  9. He has a 24/7 "live" YouTube channel. I watch it quite often. Between his channel, and the Bob Ross 24/7 painting channel, I'm not sure which one is more nostalgic.
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