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  1. I very vaguely recall him being on the roster. I want to say it was during the Chip years but I’m not 100% sure.
  2. Sure, when going over a hill you dumb ass. On a flat road, the vehicle will get smaller in totality until the eye can no longer resolve the image. You're a liar.
  3. I think it’s understandable to have doubts. I’m just hopeful that the last 3 years of high amounts of injuries was something more directly related to something the coaching staff was or wasn’t doing.
  4. If he plays 70%, then Indy has to make the playoffs, which likely puts our pick in the early to mid 20’s but no better than 18th. The best case scenario is he plays 75% and Indy misses the playoffs.
  5. We should all just get this tattooed.
  6. The Cowboys players are the ones pushing them in front of the train.
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