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  1. This got 4 pages? You guys really will talk/ argue/ **** about anything
  2. Dude was underrated as a between the tackles runner for his size.
  3. Thank you, I manage it pretty well for the most part. I just fear for guys like West, he is going to regret it one day. Everything is falling apart around him and he doesn't even realize it.
  4. If they decide they don't need help and think they are perfectly fine then it's fair game lol. I've always said that Kayne is incredibly smart he's just bat sheet crazy
  5. He did what he was brought in to do so that's a good sign that a young guy can step up already. I missed the dam game! I thought it would start at 10-10:30. I turned it on at 10:45 and it was over! WTF! Lol
  6. What would be the point? He offers nothing to this team and the way it's run.
  7. My manic side, people just think I'm being fun and out going lol. They don't realize my head is going 100mph heading for a brick wall lol. Kayne thinks the meds takes away from his creative side but, in reality he is playing a dangerous game with his safety... Agreed though this is hilarious lol
  8. Remember when mid season Doug got pissed about how they were playing so he gave them a few hard practices and it lit a fire under their asses? So I'm wondering was that another Doug got tired of being told to run light practices so he hammered them on his own?
  9. Some.of the veteran players complained about chips conditioning tactics but, they stayed healthy and we're in shape all season. You can't win really, you have to cater to these players these days.
  10. I got it as a new customer. It's a pretty good deal IMO. I didn't get the wireless router yet. That comes tomorrow, I'll let you know how it performs. I would think they would offer a bundle, they did throw in a free tablet I haven't had sling since it was the first live streaming service out there, with 20 channels for 15 bucks lol. I was going to go back to it one point but they don't offer local channels. I've had all of the live streaming services at some point, I think YouTube tv is the most balanced and offers a little bit of everything as far as channels go. I had Fubotv for awhile but they dropped TNT and TBS which for NBA season is a no go for me.
  11. Lol, he has bipolar disorder and doesn't take his meds ... Even on my worst days something like.this never crossed my mind lmao.
  12. I'm all set, dropped Xfinity's junk off at their store and cancelled. Got the new TMobile home internet 50 bucks a month with equipment and taxes included in that price. Plus I get YouTube TV at a discount for having TMobile.
  13. Lat time they went for fresh ideas they hired 400 offensive coordinators.
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