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  1. We can all but, guarantee that this will end horribly lol
  2. Are we not going to talk about Goedert failing his conditioning test too? All this about Reagor but, at least he has somewhat of an excuse.
  3. What does anyone know about Cameron Thomas? I have zero knowledge on the guy but, the fact that he is the highest scorer in oak hill academy caught my attention. A lot of great talent went through that school
  4. You are posting on a forum too moron
  5. My favorite are the morons on Twitter begging him to get vaccinated so the eagles can get the 1st round pick lol. Yeah like he gives a flying F what we say
  6. Well, if they did that cause they think they have a shot at Lillard then they will come up empty handed on that front too.
  7. So it went from being traded tonight to they are not in a rush lmao. Because no one wants what they are asking!
  8. I hate Westbrook and he will never win anything. Nets aren't getting to the finals next year either. 😁
  9. People are already saying that Wentz is being whiny and mouthing off about the vaccine lmao. Where do people come up with this sheet? The guy doenst say anything so people make up what he says lol
  10. Here we go again with people needing to hear sheet. Only people that need to know who is starting is the damn team itself
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