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  1. Trade for Durant to pair up with 2 other guys who also can't stay healthy. Sounds like nets all over again with the same a-holes minus Embiid.
  2. 70 ft jackass makes me want to blow my brains out. That is all carry on
  3. Guess my laughing emoji reactions meant nothing to you!
  4. They should do a price match at least lol. Also the term is rollback! Lol
  5. Despite the " who for what comment" Ricky Watters would have been a great fit for Vermeil
  6. Also how we have been stuck with bad contracts. It's a tricky game they play signing guys early
  7. Do we get 3 hall of Fame players to have the greatest show on turf?
  8. It is definitely a nice surprise that we are one of the younger talented teams this year.
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