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  1. Right between Allen and Carr is exactly where I've seen him before. 😁 Come on, that list is a joke though.
  2. Not any, but you can't help wondering what Schwarz would have done with two corners that are decent...
  3. I think we should be an upper echelon team. We do have the talent for it. But I sure did underestimate how difficult it will be with our new coaching staff. Haven’t given up on them either, but I should have known a rough start was in the cards given their lack of experience.
  4. "I talked to the Eagles pre-draft and before the draft I already had all my Eagles stuff ready to go and I was set to come play for the Philadelphia Eagles,” Gowan said on Friday. "And then the Cardinals took me a pick before the Eagles.” - cbssports.com You guys prolly already posted this, but in case you didn’t… I am a sucker for stories like this. 😅
  5. No it wasn’t. Haha, oh god.. Flacco sucks. This was easy. Doom and Gloom is well learned for any older Eagles fan I suppose. Still some appear to enjoy misery. Agreed. If you can see that- that alone makes him a worthy second round pick. He will be. But apparently we are still searching for our identity..
  6. That L against the Jags… Wonderful! 😁
  7. He wanted to be payed at least top3 TE money on a multiyear "last big” contract deal with plenty guarantees. Ertz was great for us and on a personal level I would have loved to keep him but in what world could that possibly have been a good deal for us? That we have Goedert, who is not only younger but outperformed Ertz made this even more inevitable than it already was.
  8. So what? Nobody here said he sucks. But the whole reason he was here up to this point was that Roseman wanted more return so obviously this was as good as it gets.
  9. As if he didn’t try his best to get more, even when everybody said we should just release him.. 😄
  10. I fail to see any controversy on that disgusting call. Or did anyone actually think that was a good one?
  11. Looked to me like our run game was pretty good - when we actually decided to use it.
  12. The run game looked more than ok. The question is why we waited for the fourth to use it.
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