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  1. There is a lot of good things to say about the previous coaches, but giving players chances wasn’t really one of them… unless injuries forced them to.
  2. He can play both Safety and at corner, so probably not. 😄
  3. Cheap contract, elite athlete, they worked him out and liked what they saw. Might aswell give him a shot I suppose.
  4. Infam

    Win Now, Howie

    Because the NFL is full of examples of tanking teams that went and won a superbowl? I'd rather have a team culture where we always fight and try to win. That actually did work for us.
  5. I think he'll have a really good season, and as receivers are valuable he'll end up in the first. My hope is that it is late in the first, and we can get him with the last of our (hopefully three) firsts. Discussing expectations for Clemson’s Justyn Ross and DJ Uiagalelei | CFB Live - YouTube
  6. Same. And many people said so, there was reason for it given his play in college. Sigh, whatever. I think he is a good player. Even if he turns out to be "just" a slot when we wanted an outside receiver - if he plays to his potential he'll be worth it eventually imo.
  7. Infam

    Win Now, Howie

    I like it. This whole tanking business sucks. Rather have cheap veterans and a shot every year.
  8. As everyone know I think Mr. Roseman does a good job. But this would be a mistake of epic proportions.
  9. Well, importance of it is sure different depending on if you intercept it in your red zone or at the opposing 1 yard line I’d say.
  10. There sure is a lot of smoke. But maybe it’s coming from Houston?
  11. While he supposedly was giving it his best effort he wasn’t talking to our HC for weeks! F that dude.
  12. Yeah, I don’t know. The everchanging OL last year was a problem, but they weren’t doing THAT bad. Plenty of those sacks were on Wentz who held on to the ball forever.
  13. I was thinking we deserve a fourth, but with this new look we might be forced to cut him after all. 🙈 (pun intended) 😁
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