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  1. They drafted Hurts and Wentz was so sad he had to leave. It’s such a sad, sad story. Poor ginger jesus. Nailed at the cross by evil Jalen to die for Rosemans sins.
  2. During season I was in the addition by substraction camp. But agreed, he is 23 and had a real rough time recently. And it’s not even uncommon for a receiver to need a few years for the transition to the NFL. It’s a cheap contract for two more years, so it has to be at least a fourth.
  3. Saying you prefer a QB that can’t run (despite same skill throwing) feels pretty weird. It’s another tool to victory in your arsenal. Besides having legs will help you escape from some guys that would otherwise bury you. I feel the need to add ‘if healthy’ here. If people get hurt that prediction goes out of the window in no time..
  4. The way I see it, best case you find a QB that is both- a superstar running and throwing it. And while a QB that is a star throwing it will be fine even if he can’t run, the reverse isn’t true. Still if you are like me and want someone to be able to do both to a jaw-dropping level chances are someone who is already a monster running improving his throwing is more likely than a great thrower improving his ground game. In part because he just has to. And despite some misguided opinions here, it’s not like Hurts has any physical deficiencies when it comes to throwing the ball. He has thrown perfect balls plenty of times and his ‘arm talent’ is excellent. What is lacking is consistency and making the right call all the time. Which is something that is to be expected with someone in his first full season. I am very hopeful this will work this year. I expect 1200 from Brown, 1000 from Goedert, 800 from Smith and 600 from Watkins. So that alone is 3600 passing yards.. and he should break that 4000 even without the very significant running. Maybe this is me being a homer, but if he can’t prove he can sling it, he will be gone and I’ll be ok with that. Still I am a believer.
  5. Absolutely! Because the critics are always fair, unbiased and have no interests of their own. Especially at QB, nobody has ever caught criticism undeserved.
  6. I think we all agree that if this year ends like last year Hurts will most likely be gone. I think it was an achievement we made playoffs last year but one and done with this roster ain’t gonna cut it. But we were talking about a deep playoff run..
  7. Even if true, I think he deserves one. Show that if you play well and do what is asked you get a (small) contract.. If you treat your players right, that will eventually pay dividents.
  8. He costs almost nothing, yet whenever he was on the field (for us) he looked good. He doesn’t have to be our new starter, if he does his job as a number four that’s fine by me. Even if he is often injured. Still good value.
  9. You know what, that sounds fair enough. I think there should be examples, but given I’m too lazy to actually check I’ll concede the point.
  10. Yet for some reason our coaches don’t like to use them much, and our FO won’t give out new contracts (even though Howard deserved one imo). I agree with you, but I think the Eagles just want modern RBs that run routes and can catch.. like almost everyone.
  11. No problem. I am confident enough to admit when I was wrong. Like believing in Wentz for example.
  12. So what? If you play lottery and win, should I assume everyone that plays will?
  13. We were talking about him making a deep playoff run without having ‘the stats’.. It’s not unheard of, sure. We got rid of Foles, so obviously playoff success isn’t everything for our FO. But I am pretty sure if he has success in the playoffs, he’ll stay.
  14. I will very much enjoy how much people will be annoyed when this turns out to be false.
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