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  1. I think Scoot is Russ 2.0. Top 2 picks are stars picks in my opinion.
  2. If not a title contender then yeah I tank. This is crazy and went 7/11 from 3
  3. For certain body parts. You never want to put pressure on an IT band. If have a tight band foam roll the muscles around it or hit some yoga poses like pigeon pose or even the couch stretch to help
  4. He is Fing bananas and shot 7/11 from 3 last night. Scoot also looked like Russ with a MUCH better shot. Those two are absolute studs The race to the bottom might only have 3 to 4 teams though unless teams like Magic and Rockets hold out their top players. The NBA is LOADED with talent and it might be the best/deepest league ever. Spurs, Jazz, and, Pacers (Once trade Myles and Buddy) are the top 3 candidates with Wiz, Thunder, Pistons, and Rockets behind them in my opinion
  5. I have changed my workouts from straight weightlifting to lower body plyometrics so I can ski a lot this winter. Basically following what I give my son for his basketball workouts. Speed/explosive day, heavy day, mobility day. All depends on how he feels is his workout of the day.
  6. Scoot would be the overwhelming number 1 pick in any other year
  7. October have usually show to be positive months but could just be the bounce before the real bottom.
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