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  1. You talkin bout the white supremacist racist redneck dude there in the pic with the #7 shirt?
  2. Uhhh.... This was also two days ago and posted in here. Get with the program Dave.
  3. Good to see that you aren't behind. Was the issue resolved?
  4. @Dave Moss Seems like there is a new Nets problem. You'll need to get right on this one.
  5. I kinda know this dude. He went to my high school and knew my little brother and sister-in-law who were in his year. He's a full on Trump dude and runs some sort of Trump swag outlet. He runs around Manhattan and at times other places (see below a couple of the vids of him out there) flying Trump flags and stuff. Several years ago my wife and daughter and I were in NYC for a few days of vacation and we saw him in the middle of Times Square flying his stuff. I walked up to him and mentioned my brother and what not and he recognized me. Said he watched me on the high school teams growing up. He then asked me to tell my wife and daughter to come over for some pictures. I immediately declined and said "nope, no pictures" and started walking away. He got the message. What a nutter. He's been banned multiple times from Disney. He flew the flag on the paddle wheel boat ride once along with these other events. Total Trump nut case.
  6. Yeah, but that one was a good one and has aged quite well. btw - I thought you were supposed to be monitoring those sites for us. You should have warned us by now.
  7. Stupid as he is he probably found some dumb ass way to inform on himself.
  8. I think it is too late. Here is an article from the NBC website https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/justice-department/mar-lago-search-users-trump-forums-agitate-civil-war-jan-6-rioter-rcna42148 and then this Must have been Kz
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