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  1. Guess? You need to double down on the surveillance Dave.
  2. Anytime I tried to discuss this topic in here I was crucified. This type of reflection will extend to mask use in schools for the young kids under 10 as well down the road. Kids have paid a price. No doubt this post will get a Moss smiley and maybe a few other hater type responses.
  3. Always sucks to lose and especially to get ones ass kicked but it was pretty clear we weren't going anywhere. This was a very flawed team. Fun to watch, lots of youthful enthusiasm and young coaches, etc. but not a particularly good team. They should be far better next season if they have a solid off season. All in all it was a positive 1st season for a new coaching staff and their young team.
  4. Not the same thing So all of our major weaknesses were exposed. Reagor, basic talent on D, etc. The main one is the in ability for Hurts to arrive at the line of scrimmage and then end up with an easy 13yd pitch an catch to a WR, especially Smith. That's NFL QB 101 type stuff. There were many other flaws of course but you don't win against the best NFL teams if you can't step to the line and hit a mid range curl type route if that is what they are giving you. Aikman nailed it.
  5. Just what I thought. Bucs cried the LOS and that was the ball game. The telling observation was made by Aikman wondering why we don’t pass to Smith on 15 yard curls. I wonder why.
  6. Kernigan's job today is the ole classic of guarding the water bottle and tackling anyone that gets near. At least I hope that's what they go with. He shouldn't see the field except in an emergency.
  7. That's a total complement coming from him and a mini proof of my genius.
  8. Tell that to Munson, tell him I'm convinced he Fed up ole zuker
  9. Munson got to him and pushed him over from Old Zuker to New Zuker. Old Zuker comes out as well at times and delivers some wisdom.
  10. He's like the old sign in the bar that says "Free beer tomorrow"
  11. Military conflict is always tricky. I'd be quite happy to keep the Russian Bear at arm's length given that he isn't so far from me. It is a bit personal for me as well as my wife's mother fled the Russians from Latvia in a boat across the sea at night to Sweden when she was seven years old during WWII.
  12. I'm thinking it is pretty clear that cloth masks are really just for show with Omicron. That's pretty much where all the experts are at this point and the WH/CDC is pretty close to just going all in on this topic and upping their guidelines to minimum surgical masks. I'm thinking that is particularly important with little kids who really can't be counted on to keep any level of distancing. Yeah, I get the inequality issues but those would simply need to be solved. I believe the best thing is just to drop the mandate but if you're going to keep them then make it have some value and at least go to surgical masks if not N95s. Vaccines - Generally yes of course and I said just that a few posts back when discussing this with EagleRocker.
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