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  1. That…. And the constant racist posts he threw Vikas’ way despite multiple warnings had him a sneeze away from getting tossed as it stood. Another clone of a previously banned member that didn’t make good on their second chance here
  2. Interesting suggestion but I'm afraid the word "special" would embolden some folk.
  3. It was relentless. When we first opened it, I manually checked and approved a page of registrations, refreshed and two new pages would pop up The next few days after it I was doing my best to check every 15 minutes or so (sometimes life got in the way and it would be every hour), and sure enough we would have a bunch of registrations to approve. I think it only took 2 or 3 days to get to 800 members. It was very impressive what you and your skin guy were able to do. It's like we never left.
  4. I'm not sure. I was remembering 8 pm as well, but it does look like around 8:30 we went live. The only thing I do remember is that we had it set up, the original plan was to make it live several weeks later and you said "what the heck, lets open it up". That ended up being for the best because it gave us more overlap and a stress test with the upcoming draft.
  5. Is there another thread where someone is accusing people of being pedo's and beating kids?
  6. I just had to nuke roughly 2 pages of this thread. Knock off the personal attacks.
  7. You laugh, but way back when when people were allowed to change their own screen names, there was this phase where (lets use your SN) greend would change it to Evil greend and post the exact opposite as normal greend. But then some people ruined the schtick by changing their name to greend. Fun times, wanted to nip that in the bud before anyone got the same bright idea.
  8. That part was easy. It was manually checking each of the 800 people that signed up in the first 5 days to verify no one was stealing other peoples accounts was were the real work was
  9. Have @SB52 PM me and I can change the password for @SBorBust
  10. A combination of people not liking it plus there was a concern of people ganging up on a poster they disagree with and mass disliking them. The latter is similar to that fiasco when the NFL had the bright idea to merge all the boards into a single platform (but separated by site). Clearly not understanding MB culture, they were going to have it almost "self moderate" allowing users to vote down threads (and maybe posts?) with a certain % causing the thread to be removed. We pointed out that this would result in almost no content. As for here, we do enough to rip into each other, another method to do that seems superfluous. That phone call with "the NFL" (I forgot what their tech rep guy's actual job was with them) was fun. It consisted of 5, 10 and myself just ripping into them for an hour and a half poking holes into every feature they brought up. My favorite was the centralized user database. Sure, we were planned to be in the first batch of forums to be converted over so I could keep my name, but what about all the other Moderator12's out there??? They'd have to change their names!
  11. Randomly happens for me too. Both here and on the old board.
  12. Let me try to delete it and create it from scratch. Edit: Deleted the old poll, added a new one. Let me know if that works. If not, you may have to start from scratch.
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