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  1. You and I both know the Eagles have dipped too many times in that FA pool. What I don’t want to see right now is their first three picks as some guy they’re grooming again. At least two of them better be starters.
  2. Not sure why they’re even blocking it though. I guess they still believe in Fipp, but his units were terrible last season.
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/eagles-block-lions-request-interview-233247237.html Eagles blocked the Lions request to interview Fipp. Our special teams wasn’t that great last season, but it seems like he will have a place with the new HC.
  4. It certainly doesn’t seem like the Eagles will be able to improve the talent around him without drafting some gems. Good luck Howie....
  5. If they’re going to dump Jeffery and Jackson, they could use a veteran presence in the locker room. Not sure if he wants to even come back though.
  6. There isn’t a bunch of guys here. This is a two or three pony show tops. The rest of these guys were fluff interviews.
  7. I’m not is advocate, but McDaniels does not deserve this opportunity at all. We agree on that so why is he the front runner. It certainly isn’t cause he deserves it. I guess he "interviews nicely though.” Who cares if he turns your franchise to crap afterwards.
  8. Not sure if either Eagles quarterback is an upgrade over him really.
  9. Duce didn’t "bomb” his interview according to some. It sounds like he killed it actually. He also has the support of past and current players, but he’s in a battle for the job with a guy who sucked at the job before, and bailed on his second opportunity. Tell me how that hack keeps getting opportunities when his offense basically sucked last season?
  10. Some potential good news! Rivers has decided to retire and spend some time with his 57 kids. Maybe there's a small chance the Colts and Eagles can work out a deal.
  11. What stops Lurie from putting Howie just in the basement again thoug?
  12. Me too. With Howie in the mix I don’t think there’s any realistic chance they can get the "perfect candidate.”
  13. The USA Today report feels like they were scouting Wentz from November last year. It’s eye opening how little he’s developed.
  14. Sorry, but that’s BS. Being qualified doesn’t always have anything to do with it. This is clearly about preference.
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