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  1. I like Quez, but I don’t know if I’m ready to call him a jackpot pick, and he was the third receiver taken in that draft by the Eagles. Howie basically missed two other times and one very badly.
  2. Certainly understanding that well this was the Jets and there were a lot of check down throws and screens, Minshew did his thing today. He also made plays by moving in the pocket and extending drives and allowing his receivers to get open. Also limiting the amount of throws to Reagor is always a plus. Despite all the good throws Minshew made today what impressed me most actually was his willingness to give up on a bad screen to play another down. No hero ball trying to make something out of nothing, just throw the darn ball at the feet of the back or Reagor and play another down. It was smart and efficient football from the quarterback today.
  3. No he got hurt late in the game. He just played like trash last week. No excuses.
  4. Minshew looked really good today and the birds handled business against a bad football team. Need to rest up during the bye week and hopefully get some people back. Hope Kelce is okay. Good to see even Gainwell understands to get down and not go out of bounds.
  5. Honestly at this point I’m scared to give him the ball at anytime.
  6. Eagles playoff chances back up to 30%. If the season ended now they’re in. Just keep winning.
  7. Well the same could be said about this team too right? I mean last year the team had a 100 million dollar quarterback, and won three games with him. He looked like an absolute mess. Then that team adds one target, but gets rid of another and they’re expected to be elite now? Some of this talk about Hurts is true, but some of this stuff is frankly to be expected considering what is around him.
  8. Yeah, but I could root for Minshew too. I don’t think he’s some guy who can carry the team or anything. Same stuff. Run the ball a lot. And keep his stuff fairly limited. Overall any game a quarterback needs to throw it 40-50 times is more than likely a loss.
  9. Well today we are going to see how much of it is him and how much of it is his weapons.
  10. I have my concerns with Hurts, but I also like his work ethic. I am pretty much in the middle when it comes to Hurts. He has to do better from the pocket, but it would help if they got him some more talent.
  11. It’s frustrating to have backs we can’t count on.
  12. Either way just let them both fight it out for 2022. I’d rather see that than trade assets for someone else. Idiot.
  13. But that’s not where he got injured. Ironically our former 6’5 250pound quarterback got injured nearly every time he got the run, our 200 pound running quarterback got hurt in the pocket. Go figure.
  14. No worries. Minshew Mania will carry him through. Besides it’s the Jets!
  15. Only problem is what is the other viable option? JJAW?
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