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  1. It doesn’t help the owner also gives him excuses. They actually give Howie credit for players other teams drafted. Just cause you wanted Russell Wilson too doesn’t mean you should get credit for him. Stop letting other teams in front of you take players you covet and leave you drafting stiffs like Marcus Smith.
  2. So he can trade down and acquire more mid to later in the first round picks to screw up.
  3. It’s unprecedented that a GM could survive four coaching changes. Heck the Steelers have only had three coaches in the past 50 plus years. How anyone can blame all these fired coaches by the Eagles for their failings and act as if the GM had no part to play in it is beyond me. I guess people like that think drafting players like JJAW was a good thing.
  4. Howie has had a career of making bad choices. There’s a reason why he was out in the basement to begin with.
  5. Reading all those names and realizing how bad of shape the Phillies are truly in really is a sad feeling.
  6. Funny thing is Howie seemed shocked that Carson had a negative reaction to drafting Hurts. He was on the radio trying to do damage control, because most people reacted negatively towards the pick. Jalen Hurts can end up being a HOF player, but that doesn’t take away from how strange that selection was. Basically the Eagles were investing in Wentz to fail.
  7. Philly sports is in a bad way right now. Phillies lost to Gabe and they were so bad the stadium erupted into Fire Howie chants. 😂
  8. They probably won’t move at all, but if the do obviously they aren’t going to take less than what they gave up.
  9. Joe Banner doesn’t really move my needle on anything. He was a numbers guy who got carried in Philly due to some great football minds and was completely exposed in Cleveland. Hasn’t had a job in the NFL since.
  10. Reports are now the Dolphins are fielding calls for the 6th pick in the draft. If they get a bigger haul than the Eagles did.....
  11. 6 AFC Championships from a guy who has a losing record against winning teams, never won a playoff game, and averaged 8 wins a season. These guys crack me up. 😂
  12. Yeah cause we did soooo much better in the worse division in football with him right? 😂🤣😂🥱
  13. No one should be surprised as to why the Eagles can’t get anything other than a yes man type coach in here. What coach worth his salt would want to come here and be subjected to these two?
  14. Arguably the biggest play in the Super Bowl was made by the defense with that strip sack. Also the defense was completely dominating in the NFC Championship game except for the very first drive. Really the defense gets trashed all the time, but really they played one bad playoff game and it was against the best quarterback in football all time and still won.
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