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  1. He should have crossed out the part about "immediately deploying the national guard” since its complete bs.
  2. But have you seen the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop?
  3. If they have a tape of it exploding where’s the tape of them planting the bomb?
  4. What’s the definition of a right wing conspiracy theory, it’s the news. Gotta admit she nailed it. How come no one told me it was MAGA month.
  5. Isn’t all that stuff antiques with history attached to them?
  6. Ketchup dripping from the wall, that’s 100% trump.
  7. I guess the nation isn't enthralled with them like they were for the (what 4 or 5) Benghazi hearings but I think this committee serves a purpose.
  8. I know everything has to be one way or the other but why not a compromise? Anyone under the age of 21 and who has served in the Army would be permitted the assault rifle. I mean if they went through basic training that should be enough to Satisfy people that they’ve had enough gun training.
  9. I think he meant you said it sarcastically. The thought of the two women pulling out their guns and adding to the gun fight just seems to wreak of sarcasm.
  10. Sure we have democracy but the wait is so long I’m not sure if it is really worth it.
  11. People are saying… not that I am mind you, but people are saying and he really should know. 😟
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