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  1. It didn't Jeffery's first 2 games back he played 27% and 7% of snaps to Fulgham's 88% and 96%, with those snap counts Fulgham caught 1 of 5 targets and 1 of 7 targets for 8 yards a game, it was after laying those eggs Jeffery split snaps (52-48% in Fulghams favour) the next game and Fulgham put up 16 yards off two catches and looked OK but that was the only game he looked OK, you can look up the target numbers yourself he had 3 games where he was getting open and getting double digit targets a game, then he had one last game over 50 yards against a dreadful Dallarse secondary and after that he didn't break 5 targets or 30 yards the rest of the season. You try and float this in every Fulgham thread everyone makes and blaming Jeffery is a classic case of confirmation bias, you think Jeffery sucks so he must be the cause, but the fact is Fulgham failed all on his own, which is why I expect him to be on the roster bubble this year because when it comes down to it Ward has more reliable hands when you need a short yardage catch to move the chains.
  2. Douglas, Darby, Rowe, Mills and Jones are all still on NFL rosters, Ronald Darby is one of the top 5 paid corners in the league after signing with the Bronco's. If you're going to pull the 'actually some of those are playing second string' card, spare me we still let them walk so we could trot out people like LeBlanc, Maddox, James, Williams and Jacquet.
  3. You forget we let corners walk out the door throughout Doug's time here and pretty much all of them are still starting in the NFL, at this point Howie may consider it a decent roll of the dice to see what we actually have with new coaching staff and scheme. And the cap situation is what it is, it is immutable, given the number of players we have under contract for next year plus the cap space we couldn't even offer someone multiple years with a low ball first year. We aren't winning the Superbowl this year, its pointless digging ourselves a bigger cap hole going forward signing an expensive depth corner as if 2 more passes defended this year is going to define our season and get us over the hump. Give McPhearson his shot.
  4. If we're so tight on cap that we're not sure we can afford the rookies, then any room cleared will have to go to that first, anything beyond that will I guess go towards getting Sweat and Barnett tied up long term, which theoretically frees up some cap space given Barnett's cap number is ridiculous as it stands, having said that Barnett is looking at $10million guaranteed for this year and a way more attractive market next year so may decide to stand pat and given there's been talk of talks since the start of the league year and no movement I'm guessing it is heading that way, that makes a Sweat deal even more important to avoid going into next year with neither. So I don't think a corner is nailed on, consider that Jalen Mills got a base salary of $3mill out of the Patriots, so you're trying to get someone cheaper than Jalen Mills who most of this fanbase was glad to see the back of, you'd have to ask how much of a difference such a player would make? My guess is Breeland and Sherman are the only ones we could realistically afford (don't forget no team goes into the season proper with no cap space at all, you have to have a contingency for injuries), Breeland is at best hit and miss and likely not that much better than we have and Sherman is done at 33 coming off a season where he only played 5 games and wasn't that good when he made the field, people like Conley and Artie Burns are notionally attractive as former 1st rounders under 30 but they both suck. Nelson is worth a look but he's only on the market because the Steelers needed to clear cap, my bet is he get's offered more than our $10, all the frozen yogurt he can eat and some shiny buttons.
  5. Smith and Gainwell are unquestionably good picks, Dickerson talent wise is a great interior line addition but his injury history does not look good and the line suffered last year for chopping and changing every game. I actually like McPhearson, I know some on the board had other favourites for corner but I like the pick. The D Linemen outside Williams we picked were mostly of the 'there are 3 or 4 guys of a similar level, pick one and let's move on' type, so if the scouting guys say they were the pick then so be it. It looks a solid crop but let's see it on the field. B
  6. I mean we took Taylor and Wallace last year so I guess the team still thinks they may have been coaching rather than talent problems, but yeah I expected a Linebacker on the third day.
  7. Hello all, having looked at my performance over the competition, my points total seems to include coming out of the first round with 2 points which I'm not sure can be right because although Devonta Smith was the first name on my list, I didn't have a player bolded or marked lock and actually said we were a 'lock' to trade down (f'ing Howie man 😁) I think that means I finished as an 'also ran' albeit one who got a few picks right and I see we picked Jamie Newman up as a UDFA too, who made my list for day 3. At least I managed to get past day one this year.
  8. This is even more of a crap shoot than usual given last season but based on where the picks are. Jabril Cox LB LSU Zech McPhearson CB Texas Tech Rashad Weaver DE Pitt Cam Sample Edge Tulane Tre Brown CB Oklahoma Kenny Gainwell RB Memphis Robert Rochell CB Central Arkansas Rhamondre Stevenson RB Oklahoma Jordan Smith Edge UAB Shawn Davis S Florida Talanoa Hufanqa S USC Cameron McGrone LB Michigan Dave Moore Guard Grambling Jamie Newman QB Wake Forest Peyton Ramsey QB Northwestern
  9. As a player judged on talent it's a good solid pick, this guy is easily a mid first round pick with a better medical record. But dang you look at his medical record and he's basically gone down with a season ender 4 seasons out of 5. So talent wise I love the pick, but given the O Lines injury issues last year this looks a big risk.
  10. Isn't the issue that he asked for an extension and the team stalled him, I mean if we'd drafted Hurts the year Wentz was supposed to get his big contract and Howie had hemmed and hawed (we'd be in a much better cap position now amirite?) then there might be similarities but Rodgers is the franchise guy, consensus top 3 at his position reigning MVP and Green Bay go 'I dunno man, we drafted Jordan Love last year maybe we don't need to pay you' he should be pissed. Also it should be pointed out that Love was the second time Green Bay have taken a QB in the 1st two rounds since Rodgers became starter. People talk about all the offensive weapons Rodgers has, Green Bay have taken no Receivers and one Tight End higher than the 4th round since drafting Devante Adams in 2014 and haven't drafted a receiver or tight end in the 1st round since 2002. Hell if Wentz had played within light years of Aaron Rodgers level he'd have had a right to be pissed too.
  11. Trevon Moehrig S TCU Jevon Holland S Oregon Carlos Basham Jr DE Wake Forest Tyson Campbell CB Georgia Landon Dickerson OL Alabama Asante Samuel, Jr. CB Florida State Creed Humphrey C Oklahoma Nick Bolton LB Missouri Jalen Mayfield OL Michigan Ronnie Perkins DE Oklahoma Christian Barmore DT Alabama Kyle Trask QB Florida
  12. Originally posted questioning the need to trade up but edited it, f' it Smith is a good blue chip talent pick, finally.
  13. That's my view on Smith, the guy holds the career, single season and single game receiving yardage and TD records for Alabama, better than Julio Jones, Amari Cooper and Calvin Ridley. If he's there at 12 we should run to the podium, he's another one of those where the scouts are ignoring production at the top level of college football in favour of some dubious mathematical analysis around a narrow dataset that looks more like confirmation bias than actual statistical analysis.
  14. I was being a little bit sarcastic with 150 yards but lets be honest Reagor and JJAW ain't raising those averages are they. Since 2015 we've drafted two first round and one 2nd round receiver and none of them broke 400 yards for their first season (JJAW hasn't broken 300 yet for his career), so yeah we lower the average.
  15. To be fair, the Eagles probably bring the first round numbers down a 150 yards by themselves.
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