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  1. Yeah this is nonsense, the main cause of Sri Lanka's crisis is a huge wave of tax cuts that meant a full third of taxpayers stopped paying any tax at all, the government printing money at an unprecedented rate so that everybody was trying to get paid in Foreign Currency which coupled with the tourist industry being decimated by COVID so that an industry that contributed 10% of their GDP was reduced to 0.8 percent for 3 years, means that they no longer have the foreign currency reserves to prop up the balance of payments. But people like Peterson have to point to the tiny contribution of organic farming as the main driver because it's red meat for his devotees, who still refuse to accept he doesn't know his arse from his elbow about anything.
  2. Sorry but this is BS, what Thomas said about going after other decisions makes it absolutely clear that the rule of law has nothing to do with it, this decision makes the law a mockery, a shifting sands where the political make up of the supreme court can lead it to relitigate standing precedent on an unchanged legislative basis 5 decades later, that isn't the rule of law. Having said that the Democrats had 50 years and 3 presidents to codify Roe v Wade as law and they didn't, because the democrats like the UK Labour party have been more concerned with keeping the political left out of power than preventing the right getting dangerously close to straight up fascism, America is sliding towards being a Christian fundamentalist theocracy and it's horseshit.
  3. He can tell, some of the options are positive.
  4. Wait, he was a holocaust denier? Holy crap, I rarely go to CVON, I never knew. I just thought he was a Foles Wentz harmless but obsessive crank, but if he was a straight NSDAP then yeah F that guy.
  5. Really what was he banned for then? Because every time he gets mentioned it's ragging about his QB situation obsession.
  6. Poll Has Jalen Hurts completely ruined this message board? Yes Yes but lower. It's endless contrarian circle jerks between the two factions, the old board would have brung the ban hammer by now. Bobby Wizdum got permabanned for being a massive ****. *edited to reflect my new knowledge on why Wizdum got booted. I apologise if anyone was offended by my defending the dickhole.
  7. Silver pants nope. The most awful colour of uniform ever invented, I believe they stopped making the material when they stopped filming Buck Rogers and between the various attempts of the NFL to make them a thing and 'lets go to PG rated sexy planet' episodes of Start Trek the Next Generation there now isn't enough material left to go around.
  8. This post is revisionist horseshit, there was genuine debate about whether McDermott was putting his job on the line and wasting a stellar defense if he persisted with Allen after his second year, he didn't look promising he looked like he couldn't hit the broadside of a barn a lot of the time his first two years, PFF said it was clear he was struggling to grasp NFL concepts and that Daboll was trying to simplify the offense for him to smooth it out, the difference between year 2 and year 3 was night and day.
  9. The 66 massage therapists in 17 months is why the Texans may be neck deep in the same puddle of crap the Browns are in, it seems that Watson may have had a prepared non disclosure agreement to give to massage therapists which would suggest that the Texans were at least partly aware of potential issues with Watson's conduct. It wouldn't be that surprising if when all this shakes out, the Browns and Texans both have no QB or draft picks to show for it.
  10. This might seem controversial but they all ****s. The first one looked like it was an ill judged Paddy's day cash in that no one had the heart to get rid of and the second looks like it's for a **** Eagles re union tour, the third one is exactly what you'd expect a marketting team to come up with after 18 months of brainstorming and focus groups, the blandest way to spell out the word Eagles it's possible for the human mind to conceive.
  11. A doctor doesn't need to have examined Strong personally to state the results of medical research and their own observation of general prognosis of the condition he's almost certainly by all reports received treatment for. I have seen other reports that say there are rumors that the big red flag is a possible bone graft alongside the cadaver cartilage, which would explain why he wasn't even a late round flyer in a draft where guys like Chris Oladokun and Brock Purdy were picked. That said I tend to agree if your point is that some of the predictions in here seem beyond all reason ludicrously refusing to look plain facts in the face optimistic.
  12. The thing with Allen is, if he's that good at hurdling, isn't he going to want to go to the World Championships in July? The Olympics in 2024?
  13. Come on man, you've participated in the threads on our current QB in TATE and you don't understand this? With Strong it's not so much rooting for a kid not to make it so much as accepting the observable NFL reality that UDFA QB's that make it to starter at all are pretty rare, but UDFA's that make it to starting QB's within a season are rarer than rocking horse turds.
  14. Any interest from Jacksonville would be dependent on Etienne not being up to the pro's AND Robinson not coming back from his injury. if either of them manage to get back to their best I just don't see a slot for Sanders as a senior back.
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