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  1. Yeah they should just trade Hurts in the off season for whatever they can get. draft a late round project guy, Hurts has all the leadership and intangibles you could want but he can't pass like this he just can't. It might only the jets but this is the best the offense has looked in 2 years, even with Wentz.
  2. Reagor with his usual blend of pinsharp judgement and poise fielding a kick off.
  3. How do you not spot freaking gigantor wandering round the endzone.
  4. Fair play, there's no point denying the obvious this does look better, what the F have they been doing in training all year that the difference wasn't obvious? If this keeps up they can't go back to Hurts, maybe they could spread the ball around a bit better but other than that, even our screen game works.
  5. Minshew couldn't win games with a Jags receiving corps that had 3 guys that had broken 700yards in a season in their careers plus Leviska Shenault as a rookie, we've got Devonta Smith, Failin' Reagor and guys who were famous for not breaking 500 yards even though their QB threw for 4000
  6. Just to talk to your higher ceiling point, there isn't a Scout in this country that wouldn't say Wilson, Fields and Lawrence would be far and away at the top of this years class if they were coming out now, explain how a sub Zac Wilson QB helps us do bupkuss next year, it's not about finding the right guy, sometimes the right guy isn't there. You want to take Desmond Ridder, Carson Strong, Bailey Zappe, Sam Hartman or Hendon Hooker in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th or someone like Dustin Crum as a UDFA sign me up, but reaching for a guy in the first because convention says you only get franchise guys in the first in this draft, nah not having that. Corral and Willis are two of the most overrated prospects I've ever seen, If Hurt's numbers his last year at Oklahoma were solely a product of Lincoln Riley's offense then Corral owes his rating to Lane Kiffin. Guarantee you draft either Corral or Willis first round and next year this board will be full of alternating polls titled 'Should we fire Howie?' and 'Should we spend another 1st on a FrAnCHisE QB?' The hand size thing is the same level of science free nonsense that had people worrying about Devonta Smiths weight, it's one of those NFL scouting quirks where every scout says hands need to be big so teams pick big handed guys and then point to the data that only big handed guys succeed in the NFL, it's selection bias. Put it this way Chip Kelly said QB hand size was as important as height.
  7. He'll be all 'looks properly healthy and ready to make up for lost time' in camp reports, Howie will restructure him for another 2 dummy years to lower his cap number next season and then he'll tear a bicep, quad and hammy wandering out for the coin toss opening day.
  8. I would take Bryce Young and Will Rogers over Stroud, although if Stroud maintains his numbers with new wideouts next year he'd be hard to argue with.
  9. Tbf you want to piss away draft capital drafting any QB now when literally every scout says that this year is worse than last and may have no day 1 starters at QB, I'd take a project guy mid rounds next year but no way I'm drafting a guy with a worse college resume than Hurts with a first rounder just because I don't like Hurts this season, that's asking to be the pre Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns.
  10. Yards are yards, if one QB is getting less yards than another with his arm or legs, he's getting less yards, the field is 100 yards long whether you throw it or run it.
  11. He may pass it better, but he'll be nowhere near Hurts running. I say again, on current pace Hurt's numbers from this season will be respectable, around 3450 yds passing and 1000 yds rushing. Minshew's best 17 game stretch for his career so far would add about 450 yards to the passing and take about 700 off the rushing, so I expect despite what the TATE brain trust thinks Minshew wouldn't turbo charge our offense.
  12. His knee is the big question mark against his draft stock, multiple surgeries on his knee and he's also had it drained and some speculation that the problem he has is degenerative depending on how mature his knee was at the time of repair.
  13. Even if Hurts, Minshew and Blake Bortles all die in a freak off season boating accident, I wouldn't pick Matt Corral in the first round of a draft.
  14. Cox's chief complaint about the scheme was he sometimes lined up 3 technique (outside shoulder of the guard) and sometimes 4 (covering the tackle shading to the inside shoulder), I don't believe that a minor shift like that can take production off a cliff. My own view is that the Vets knew that this wasn't a year they'd be competing and have dropped their effort a notch, it may not even have been deliberate just a subconscious thing, it's also hard to escape that Cox, Kerrigan and Graham's peak years are in the rear view mirror.
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