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  1. Yup. And it stems from a set-up by Dallas decades ago. It was their specific table. It has since been modified and most teams use some sort of setup like that, but it is in no way binding. And when people talk about this mythical table like it has any jurisdiction or any weight, I just laugh. What does it cost to move up from Pick X to Pick Y? It costs whatever the team holding Pick Y deems it is worth. If they set the price too high, then they may have to keep their pick and use it to select a player. Meanwhile, the flip side could also be true, team holding Pick X might hear that price and counter with a lower offer, where that team with Pick Y would have the opportunity to accept the lower offer, rather than be forced to make a selection. Ultimately, the key is the two teams, the one holding Pick X and the one holding Pick Y set the price of the pick, not some silly chart. The chart might be a guideline for starting the negotiation process, but that's about it.
  2. I wanted to thank Marquise Goodwin for his time with this franchise. He was one of the greatest ever.
  3. Nah. Forget about first and second round picks. Just load up on 7th round WRs!
  4. Absolutely, just like you are prepared and when a LT falls, you jump up and take him, even if you never met with him to find out if he likes football or not... and don't have an answer to the question: "why are these other teams passing on him?" Dillard might work out, but being prepared means just that, especially in the first round. Do ALL your homework, not just the homework you expect that the teacher will check. Hopefully they are doing all the homework that they can right now on those possibilities, unlike 2019;
  5. The Eagles were the recipients of the 49ers overpaying for #3. Dolphins got a ton of value to go from #3 to #12, then gave back some value to get to #6. And some of that extra spilled over to the Eagles. Dolphins made out pretty well moving from 3 to 6 over all, and they will likely still get the guy they would have preferred at 3... one of the offensive weapons, either Pitts or Chase.
  6. Yes, because Peters is personal friends with the owner. Wentz is now public enemy #1 (at least to the Eagles, or so they would have you believe).
  7. Really? Losing the likely MVP QB wasn't a major blow? Oh... right... he's been named persona non grata now by the Eagles' spin machine, so his injury wasn't a big deal. It goes both ways, if they don't win the SB, Howie and Lurie don't get full of themselves and start getting cute with moves, then blame it on their latest scape goats after they are gone.
  8. The Eagles take credit for Berry though... as a GM that 'came through the organization'. Reality is, he was here for one year, and got the heck out quick. He was with the Colts from 2009 - 2015, Browns from 2016 - 2018, and with the Eagles in 2019. Which organization is the least responsible for where he is now? That's right... the Eagles. I think the Colts and Browns deserve much more credit. Besides, what good things happened in the 2019 off season that we can point to and say, "Yeah, that was likely influenced by Berry." JJAW? 5 draft picks... Dillard, Sanders, JJAW, Miller and Thorson. Wow. That's also the year they brought in Malik Jackson - fail. Traded and then resigned Desean Jackson - fail. Re-worked Jeffery's contract again - fail. Resigned Ronald Darby coming off ACL injury - fail. Shall we continue? Or is that enough? Oh, and the 2019 season is where they made the trade for... Genard Avery from the Browns. Maybe that move was initiated by Berry. But, there had to be a lack of communication between front office and coaching staff. Avery never got a legit sniff of the field while Schwartz was the DC. Why make that trade if the coach isn't on board? Of course, why make the Tate trade, if the coaches can't figure out how to use another slot WR?
  9. Agreed. Lightning in a bottle. Literally every move that year worked out perfectly. Since then, every move has been a moderate to abject failure... every move.
  10. Great question. Maybe his political connections? Who knows what goes through Lurie's head?
  11. Did you forget how to spell 'forces'? Jeff pushed JJAW on them, apparently. Not that he's a meddler. He's just very involved in things... on a weekly basis.
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