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  1. Wait... the Eagles got the Jets to give them a 6th round pick for Joe Flacco... and gave up a 6th round pick to get Minshew here... Wow.
  2. No one is surprised that they will suck. We are upset that the architect of the crappy team remains employed in the same position as the one that created the crappy team.
  3. Did I absolve him, or did I say 'he fell apart'? But, the person who started this whole process in motion is the one that should be gone, and is still here with job security. Gross.
  4. Putting a different puppet into the GM chair isn't really going to 'fix' anything. For the change to really happen, Jeffery needs to recognize that he is a major part of the problem and that his philosophy is what's causing trouble. He needs to 'open his heart' to actually hiring a true 'football guy' to run the organization and not his pet accountant. Of course, Lurie wants to win, but he also wants to win his way. And therein lies a big part of the problem. The idea that he would be upset with a win over the Packers where they were underdogs on the road, because they ran the ball too much just wreaks of hubris.
  5. I posted the quarter by quarter breakdown a little while ago, feel free to check it. But, if I recall, the 4th quarter remains just over 60%, the 2nd and 3rd, just under... and the 1st quarter is the highest at close to 65% (in other words, scripted plays are where they have the most success).
  6. Good thing they didn't show anything in the PS. Otherwise, it would be even worse.
  7. I think Lurie wants to make money and be in control of the organization and be 'respected' around the NFL more than he wants to win. The "TATErs" are the ones who shell out money to support this team... win, lose or draw, and I can't speak for everyone, but I do enjoy my investment in that entertainment far more when they win, then when they look completely and totally inept. Lurie, on the other hand, makes money no matter what the outcome. He's not sacrificing something else that he could invest his money in to watch this team... he's getting PAID to have the team go out and suck. So, I call BS on that last bit. As for the first part, Lurie and Roseman got lucky with that Super Bowl. It wasn't the culmination of a carefully orchestrated plan. They considered firing the OC right before that season, and potentially the HC as well. They filled the roster with a lot of one year vets to fill out the roster. And then, they caught lightning in a bottle. Ever since then, we watched as they carefully and meticulously tried to maintain that magic only to dig a hole ever increasingly deeper with each transaction. Their plan never worked the way they intended it to work. And if you just pull the anomalous 2017 year out of the last 12 years... Since 2009, this team has 1 playoff victory. And that was a playoff victory that required a double doink off the upright cross bar to narrowly beat a bad Bears team. In other words, the blind squirrels found a nut. It happens, just quite infrequently.
  8. I remember having that be the battle cry last season...
  9. Yup. The center of the field is a giant void on defense. Likely looked great in practice against Hurts though, since he never looks there. Frankly, they should have the first team D go against the first team O, and just have Hurts throw EVERYTHING over the middle... if he can't beat this defense there, he's got no future in the NFL.
  10. Look at the splits.... 1st quarter is buoyed by the opening drives, where they look somewhat functional. Then dysfunction arrives in quarters 2 and 3. And then when the game is over, 4th quarter, he almost becomes a 'good' QB. And look at that last one... The Greg Ward TD on the final play of the game... so good!
  11. I saw the 'highlight' of his fumbled snap. He hit square in the hands.
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