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  1. I guess that’s interesting. If he was just planning to stay in Washington you’d think there’s no reason to keep that secret. Don’t see how the Sixers could possibly make that happen though unless they work out a sign and trade that includes Harris.
  2. It sucks when viewed on its own, but I think it could look decent on the jersey.
  3. Such Philly luck… go on a 9 game streak, and not make up a single game on second place because Atlanta’s streak is at 10. Unreal.
  4. Wow. I didn’t even really look at their proposed trade, just ignored it when I saw Maxey included. I’m not convinced Mitchell is even a much better player than Maxey now. Then assume Maxey will improve some more going into year 3. Mitchell has him in scoring obviously but on far more shots per game. Maxey is much more efficient. If he took as many shots as Mitchell he’d be somewhere around a 26 PPG player, based on the numbers each out up last year.
  5. In my mind BG is one of those dudes that should never put on another uniform. Just like Kelce is, and like Dawk should have been.
  6. nipples

    Nintendo Switch

    So… are Nintendo servers down often? I just picked up a switch this afternoon finally. Got it set up, went to download a game and getting errors. Looks like a server is down
  7. I mean if he puts in the work to learn about running a franchise, it’s good news. Some may be down on Lurie for one reason or another, but he’s still one of the best owners in the league. I’d rather he groom his son, who hopefully is a lot like him, to take over when he’s done than to sell to the highest bidder. We could have another Dan Snyder buy the franchise if that were to happen.
  8. So far he can’t. We’ll see if there’s any change this year. The best possible outcome this season is he takes a huge step forward and grabs hold of the QB job going forward. I’m skeptical of that happening, but would obviously be the best result. In my mind the second best result would be that he shows little to no improvement, and the team looks to replace him next offseason. The worst scenario would be if he improves just enough that the organization is on the fence with him after the season. We need a definitive answer.
  9. Ok now get him some Fing help. Go hard for one more run with Embiid, and if they come up short again then you trade Jo and use the compensation to start a rebuild.
  10. Yep that too. He has a legit reason to want out if they insist on using him in that role while another team is willing to keep him at WR.
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