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  1. I’m high on Davis, but he only played 6 snaps. Can’t really credit him for being the reason the run D was so good against Tennessee.
  2. Why are we even still talking about Wentz? He’s Washington’s problem now.
  3. Even if he never develops much of a pass rush he’s a good pick. As a rookie, he’s already an elite run defending DT/NT. I still think he can develop into a pass rusher too. He’s raw in that regard because he wasn’t really even asked to do it at Georgia. But with his size and athleticism it is reasonable to think he’ll eventually start getting his sacks. Even if not, he can still get push into the backfield so the QB can’t step up in the pocket, which will allow the other guys to get sacks.
  4. He’s my target with that Saints pick. Hopefully he is still on the board.
  5. You mean EagleVA wants a WR whose nickname is "Speedy?” Shocker.
  6. Why? They are fine at WR. Rather not risk disrupting the chemistry of this team as it is.
  7. The Titans and Giants are very similar teams. Not much for playmakers in the passing game, and have QBs who are mobile but mediocre overall. Both offenses lead by stud running backs. Both have solid but not spectacular defenses. On offense Giants put up 20.4 PPG, Titans are at 18.3 (they were just over 19PPG before the Eagles game). On defense, the Titans are 11th and Giants are 12th, with 20.0 PPG and 21.0 PPG allowed. The Giants really are like the NFC version of the Titans this year.
  8. I agree, it’s a tough call though… probably can’t afford both Bradberry and CJGJ
  9. Whether they re-sign Bradberry or not, they’ll probably need to look for another CB in the next couple years. Slay will be 32 by the time the season is over. Can’t imagine him staying at a high level for that much longer.
  10. Very underrated free agent addition. Everyone talks about the Brown trade as a major boost, rightfully so, but Reddick has made such a huge impact on the pass rush and it’s kind of gone under the radar.
  11. The gameplan on the defensive side should pretty much mirror what they just did against the Titans. Let the corners lock down on the receivers and go heavy against the run.
  12. After that hot start, Barkley has cooled off a bit. Probably just wearing down from such a heavy workload. Either way, he’s only averaging 3.6 ypc over the last 5 games. He had one big one against Houston in there, which was on 35 carries so still wasn’t a huge average.
  13. If the offense keeps hanging 30 spots on teams, he’ll be an NFL head coach next year. Forget UNLV.
  14. We are 12 games in and he’s top 10 in the league in passing yards… he’s been throwing plenty throughout the season. Also top 10 in passing TD, top 3 in passer rating and yards per attempt. People are acting like the Green Bay game was the norm for him in terms of run/pass.
  15. Why would they want to blow their draft position?
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