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  1. Why wouldn’t he play? Did I completely miss an injury or something?
  2. When the goal is to get another high draft pick it is....
  3. Yeah I thought about that one too. The Flyers making the cup saved it from being a slam dunk for me as the worst Philly sports year of my life. This year is looking very similar. The Eagles may surprise but I doubt it. Sixers are our only hope.
  4. This might be one of the worst times for Philly sports that I can remember in my lifetime, based on just how awful three of the four teams are. If it wasn’t for the Sixers, I’d say that it’s THE worst I can ever remember.
  5. Joke will be on them if that’s the case and they end up missing out on the 1 seed because of this one game. The Sixers at home are an entirely different beast than on the road.
  6. That’s because Embiid is just a monster. As long as that nice little midrange jumper is falling for him, he’s damn near impossible to stop.
  7. Not surprised. I don’t see how anyone would have bought into the hot start
  8. Crazy to see the amount of pessimism for a team that is the #1 seed in the East 55 games into the season. I get wanting them to dominate games wire to wire, but even the best teams don’t usually win all four quarters.
  9. He’ll get picked up to try out, doesn’t mean he’ll ever actually get in a game. Hollins isn’t good either but better than JJ. Hollins at least is a good special teamer.
  10. My prediction is he doesn’t make the roster, and never plays another snap in the NFL.
  11. All true, I’d say the "desire to be an elite player” falls under the work ethic category.
  12. Been saying since the start of last season that I’m nowhere near sold on Hart ever becoming this lockdown, franchise goaltender that he’s been touted. Yes he’s still young, I get it, but it’s starting to look more and more like this team is STILL going to be looking for their goalie in a couple years.
  13. This isn’t just hindsight, I was a Brandon Ingram guy. There were already concerns about Ben’s work ethic going into that draft. He would be SUCH a better fit for this team right now than Simmons.
  14. Hell no to Scott. He should never set foot on the floor for this team. Howard at least is effective at times.
  15. That might make sense if he didn’t pull the same disappearing act EVERY year.
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