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  1. Doooooooooooooomed Not to mention Josh Huff is his guy. And then cut the next day.
  2. Jones just isn't a polarizing figure. Everyone loves Tyson, he's one of the Mikes that people copied as kids (Jackson, Jordan). Jones doesn't come close to the same hype level. And BHop was robbed
  3. @PoconoDon to piggyback off of what you said about chase in the Paye thread. To land chase ok think we need to lose the division and pick before the Giants. They invested in the oline last year and have a Vick 2.0 in Jones at qb. WRs are meh in NY. Also the skins could take Chase because skins gonna be skins. Unless the Giants want a guy like Surtain really bad to give them someone next to Bradberry. Those are the only two I think they'd definitely want.
  4. So that would be LT, LG, C, RT, RG. This might be better than the original map I put up. I think we need a poll to determine what’s the best plan here.
  5. Schwartz. He makes out DBs look even worse than they are. Think about that. He does everything he can to make their jobs harder. Heavy dose of run coming this week.
  6. I watched this. He was definitely tucking his shirt in but he 100 percent thought he was able to tap dat ass.
  7. I went to the future and seen what’s going to happen Monday.
  8. I think it’s 10 years if he’s popped again. Unless something changed.
  9. Hopefully he lays off the roids during rehab.
  10. They do lose their legs though and he’s already small for today’s guards.
  11. My in laws were supposed to come over from Poland this year. Stupid arse corona stopped that.
  12. I’m thankful for @VaBeach_Eagle getting this site set up.
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