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  1. With the 242nd pick in the EMB NFL Mock Draft the Minnesota Vikings select Mark Gilbert, DB, Duke @Outlaw the cardinals are on the clock
  2. @eaglesfan0075 made the news for tatergeddon
  3. @JohnSnowsHair I read something real quick that said "simple asphyxiation” is when blood oxygen levels are lower than normal from breathing in other gases. So if you were mustard gassed to death your oxygen levels would be lower. But oxygen levels from being strangled or choked wouldn’t be lower as you pointed out.
  4. Oh yea sure. I just don’t want anything to help the rest of you bums.
  5. @Ray75 and @downundermike hell no to a BPA list. Let people look for themselves, make their own list, whatever. You’ll easily take away steals from the draft.
  6. There's video of Donald protecting the guy. After the guy allegedly hit him with a bottle in the back of the head.
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