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  1. Anyone surprised that Baffert shows up on FoxNews and Dan Patrick Show claiming this is nothing more than "cancel culture"? This post-truth era makes me want to vomit.
  2. I listen to Howard... it keeps me interested. I'm about a month behind on shows.
  3. I'm currently doing Hardcoreonthefloor through facebook... there is a calendar for 3 or 4 strength/stretching per day plus one ride of your choice, no less than 30 mins. For rides, i'm in the Emma cult and i will occasionally take a Jen Sherman (music) and Kendall (nice to look at)
  4. Peloton is f-ing amazing. There are groups with dedicated calendar workouts so you just take their recommended several strength workouts followed by whatever bike ride you want for the day and it give you great results. Moreso than my results, my wife is also getting toned too....
  5. I would say likely over half of the country's population did this.... wifey and I are back to eating dinner outdoors and indoors with full immunization but when we take the kids, it's only outdoors. Some people we talk with are still not comfortable eating indoors even though they are fully vaxed.
  6. We have the same issues with a Kindergartener and 3rd grader. We had one quarantine but not the other and then the other way around.... i guess the whole thing is that the siblings are considered to be secondary contacts... whether or not that is foolish is up for debate but these secondary contacts aren't considered until the sibling who had direct interaction were to develop symptoms. They don't even quarantine the whole class until a "probable case" turns into a "tested positive case".
  7. The changing and/or running back out for other items is real and is a complete first world problem. The strangest substitution we got was a substitution of a large pack of toilet paper, which costs 17.99 for a pack of paper cups that costs 2.99. I called the woman to ask how this could have happened.... she said she was sorry and didn't understand either but did tell me i got a huge pack of toilet paper for 2.99.
  8. I do Giant curbside all the time.... it is a complete time-saver. Every now and then, they will not get great produce so i'll probably go back to purchasing my own produce but then let them do the remainder of my shopping.
  9. Thanks... i figured as much... i just cant wait to get back to normal.
  10. Certainly possible but i don't believe i have ever gotten poison ivy in my 40 years before this past week, if accurate. I'm just curious (completely anecdotal) if the shot made my body more hyper-sensitive to something that never bothered me in the past... especially since it didn't mainfest until almost 4 days after the contact.
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