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  1. I'm indifferent on Judge, don't really know enough about him to say he's an idiot. Is there something he did that stands out as idiotic?
  2. MVP - Devonta Most improved - Dillard Most disappointing - Lane, gets hurt early and repeats last year Record - 8-9
  3. Who's the most surprising team in the league this year? As in nobody expected anything from them, and they had pretty good success. Looking at last year, I'd say only the Dolphins really qualified even tho they just missed the playoffs. Who's the most disappointing team? Last year, I'd think San Fran fits the bill. Or us. I think this year, the Broncos actually could surprise, though they realllly need a QB. I think the most disappointing team this year will be the Packers. A lot of bad juju swirling around them, though their division is so easy they could coast to 10 wins easily.
  4. Serious question here....you seem to enjoy crapping on Philly the city and the Eagles team a lot. Why exactly are you a fan?
  5. Yes, you're one of the ones filed under willful ignorance. That's not to say the odd mistake here or there isn't acceptable, of course it is. But you specifically don't seem to understand simple things like the difference between they're, their, and there. Or should have or could have, instead of should of or could of. These are basic grade 5 concepts.
  6. There's a few in here who completely butcher the language. I learned long ago there's no point in trying to correct them, they have no interest in learning. They quickly pass it off as "I was typing on my phone" or "What are you, the grammar police?" No, I just appreciate our language and spelling things correctly. Considering how easy it is to use a spell check, there's no excuse at all other than willful ignorance. It makes me sad.
  7. Well the Raiders were wrong. It turned out to be a bad trade for them. They took Jonathan Abram with the pick they got, who has played a whopping 14 games over 2 years. Meanwhile Cooper has missed only 1 game in Dallas.
  8. I think you could say of any player they will eventually miss more and more games as their careers go on? Cooper misses 1-2 games a year basically, which I think is fine. He averages 119 targets a year, so he's clearly on the field more than he is off it.
  9. Lol look who's arguing for him....says it all
  10. Wentz was widely considered the MVP front runner and led the league in TD's when he got hurt. Him leading QBR that year matches the eye test..... Wentz was 12 and 11 in 2018 and 2019. I think that's about where Wentz is in the league. The 10th-15th best QB. Last year was a complete abortion across the board for this team.
  11. Why dont you hold weight? It's not the be all/end all, but it's another piece of information that appears to match up with the eye test. Keenum was a career backup, who had one outlier year with a pair of great WRs. Bortles was never any good. Eli had 4 years being top 10, but never better than 6, and most of his career was in the 20s. That aligns with how many of us view him, with his 2 Superbowls and playing in NY likely getting him into the HOF (though based on his stats alone, he shouldn't be going).
  12. Just for fun, Bortles: 2014 - 26.7 - 30th 2015 - 51.4 - 24 2016 - 43.0 - 28th 2017 - 59.2 - 12 2018 - 43.4 - 30 2019 - DNQ, 0.1 rating So, wrong again. Gonna look at Eli. ESPNs QBR stats start in 2006 (that I could find), from 2006 - 2019, in order, he finished: 20, 18, 6, 7, 13, 10, 9, 27, 14, 16, 27, 22, 25 and DNQ in 2019. LOL. I don't think I've ever seen a post that had every sentence be completely wrong. Congrats!
  13. Wrong. He had 1. 2020 - DNQ (Rating 42) 2019 - DNQ (Rating 45.6) 2018 - 29th (44.5) 2017 - 2nd (72.8) 2016 - 30 (37.5) 2015 - Not enough to qualify, but his rating was 34.8 2014 - Not enough to quailfy (didn't even get a rating) 2013 - Not enough to qualify, rating was 48.6 Funny how his best WRs were in Minny, where he had his best year. Yet Cousins best years were in Washington, when he had "lesser" talent. Cousins is a stat padder, but will never win a big game. He's absolutely average, and the type of QB that keeps your team competitive every year, but never good enough to go far into the playoffs.
  14. They aren't a waste of time, I don't think anybody has said that. But it's not as big a deal as you're making it out to be. Sirianni doesn't come across as a hard ass at all, so I'd think it'd be out of character for him to draw battle lines immediately. Doug Pederson ran 11v11 and 7v7s and his teams looked insanely unprepared every week.
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