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  1. I heard @4for4EaglesNest has watched that new Wednesday show 12 times already.
  2. And miss out on Dean getting rookie of the month in December and storming his way to a DPOY nom? Yes, let’s call it now for a week.
  3. I’ve rewatched Spartacus a lot. The first few episodes have horrible effects, but it gets way better quickly. Great dialogue and ridiculous banging and killing. In that same vein, I’ve watched Banshee a bunch. So great
  4. About how good Hurts could be. He’s been mostly fantastic this season, and played far better than I ever thought he could’ve coming into the year
  5. Wrong. We want Hurts to succeed. We just didn’t think he’d be this good. We were wrong.
  6. Serious question….are you as upset as I am that no kickers rock the single bar facemask now? Edit - they were banned in 2004. No fun league indeed
  7. We all reach a point in life of confusion. What’s got you vexed friend?
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