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  1. He is 'ballin out' in a Contract year. That's enough said right there. I'd lowball him an new contact offer and let him sign elsewhere for more $ if he can get it. Good for him if he does.
  2. I am on 'pause' in regards to any SB talk. It ain't easy getting to that game. Stay as healthy as possible, get a couple of guys back from IR, and see what happens week to week. The NFL can be a wacky, crazy, wonky league.
  3. LOL Ooook. He'll come back in time for the playoffs and have a couple of key sacks. Hopefully.
  4. He was a really good pick. Love his upside, and his potential to be like the next Fletcher Cox.
  5. Teams are still on a BYE week this late in the season?? Also, I can't believe it's already December and week 14. Time goes by too damn fast. Love when our Iggles play at 1 pm, yaaaayyyyyy!!! Those 4 pm games...........ewwwwwwwww.
  6. WOW awesome signing! I know nothing about Baseball, but if a player signs for $300 million, he must be good, right???
  7. They cannot pay everyone. So some of these good D players will leave. I think I would take TJ over White.
  8. I think that line is on point. Early prediction: Eagles 30 Giants 23
  9. Philadelphia Punt Returns NO YDS LONG TD B. Covey 6 105 27 0 TEAM 6 105 27 0
  10. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. If I can't navigate to her 'region', then she is too fat!
  11. The balance from the Offense is AWESOME. Who is #53?? Dude made some decent tackles today.
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