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  1. Going to be fun to watch him and this D this season. Can't wait!!
  2. Depth. Glad the Birds have some. Get healthy Kelce.
  3. I have a Dick Vermeil story. Posted it over on the Whiskey thread in WU section. Basically, I ran into him at a liquor store here in Delaware on a Saturday morning and talked him up for about 15 minutes. Very nice guy. Now back to your name calling and arguing. 🙃
  4. I hope he gets a chance play, seems like a good kid. Always a shame about the injuries.
  5. ^^^^ That is frickin hilarious!!
  6. Ewwww that Browns helmet.
  7. Get the eff outta here with this Packer crap!!! If you were a Giants/Cowboys/Washington fan, ok, we would give you some leeway here. But GB?!?!? C’mon, no one cares.
  8. I hope my dog gets to 11.
  9. I like them all. Although I do wish the Eagles would have gone with a white helmet instead of a black one. Saints have a new black helmet too.
  10. Yeah that was funny/cute. 😁
  11. Tough life. Last day of our vacation.
  12. Hey NFL……..the Eagles are coming for you.
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