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  1. That was funny. Thanks The cute neighbor asked why I was running down the street in my bathrobe.
  2. All you fushers are seriously harshing on my mellow.
  3. Which is insanely stupid. Brandon Lee died because they cheaped out after all the gun heavy scenes were done, they let the armorer go. There was still a scene with a gun. Bye bye Brandon.
  4. I'm not so sure about that. Any gun, prop or otherwise, on the set, should have been controlled by 1 person. They should NEVER have been in contact with live ammo while on the set. Before Baldwin touched the gun, 3 or 4 people should have been involved, and if they were competent, each would check the weapon. Baldwin too. Every gun you have not checked is a potentially deadly weapon you are playing with, since you failed to do the responsible thing. I don't know about the ranch. Do people live there? Is it a working ranch? Is it ever? If so, there will be guns.
  5. I agree, it is dangerous. This is America. There are guns in trailers. Guns in cars. I agree it is unsafe. There is talk people were shooting live rounds on the set earlier. That seems insane, but who knows if they were 'on the set' or out target shooting some cans in some other part of the ranch? On some sets there are armed security guards. What SHOULD never happen, is the prop guns should NEVER be near real bullets. Ever. They are supposed to be tightly controlled. However, this is America. There are lots of guns, and actors get caught carrying them onto sets often enough that word of it escapes. Jennifer O'Neill and Peter Fonda both shot themselves in the stomach, different sets, different times.
  6. We have not been back to that spot (one we both love) but we still hike, although not half as much as we did prior. She has plates and screws for life. It was a long, ugly road to recovery. Thanks.
  7. Really weird that there were live rounds on a set like this. No reason for those to be anywhere near a set where blanks are being fired regularly. Not really. Not there. I'm going to guess on locations like this, you get a lot of guns.
  8. He underpaid for a Mountain Dew by 43 cents. It almost cost him 7 years in prison https://www.npr.org/2021/10/27/1049651009/mountain-dew-arrest-felony-count-dropped While out west, you can shoplift up to $1000, no so in PA. Due to three strike law, this idiot nearly spent 7 years in prison. From the sound of it, probably where the idiot will end up.
  9. Now you are going to have Kz! call you an unhinged ishlib.
  10. Yes, it can, and is both. However, a huge chunk of people applaud Kyle. They make endless excuses for his illegal behavior. Not sure who is applauding arsonists.
  11. Sadly the trans people are like a kid looking for unconditional love from a neglectful parent. They will NEVER have the acceptance they want from everyone. Nobody does. As for Chapelle - there are always consequences. If, as I suspect, enough people like Chapelle, he will be forgiven, because they will continue to vote with their wallets.
  12. About four years ago now, the wife broke her ankle on some black ice while out snow hiking. Lovely spiral bone split that started at the top of her boots. She hasn't had any interest in snow hiking since.
  13. This is where I find him culpable. That other people were also criminal is another matter. He armed himself and threw himself into a riot. Moron. edit: It is telling that his lawyer is trying to make the point that he was carrying the rifle for hunting.
  14. I still have a pair of cold weather Columbia's somewhere. Haven't worn them in a decade. The wife probably migrated them to storage somewhere.
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