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  1. Imagine watching Russia attack a neighbor to try and reclaim former glory. . . . Your invasion stalls outside the capitol, seeming to run out of fuel and will Ukrainian granny welcomes Russian invaders with sunflower seeds so their corpses are useful Invading troops seem to need to raid local stores in order to eat People protest the war, so you arrest them You're a superpower, and you cannot maintain, or establish, any air superiority against a nation begging for aircraft You start running out of weapons, ammunition, vehicles and troops in a war you supposedly planned All your assassins are unable to kill one man, who has spent a lot of time in one place, the place where he is known to often work People protest the war, so you arrest and conscript them into service because you have no trained troops left to deploy Your actions drive other nations at your door to join NATO, and cause the applications to be fast-tracked
  2. He meant vomit. You post second-hand vomit, at best, and I am being generous with the likes of you.
  3. Zero GOP Senators Vote to Curb Dark Money's Stranglehold on Democracy https://www.commondreams.org/news/2022/09/22/zero-gop-senators-vote-curb-dark-moneys-stranglehold-democracy What's next for the GOP? Same old, same old. Corruption, and corruption's champion still reign supreme.
  4. There are people from this board fighting for, and IN Ukraine. On the other side, Russians have a pussbag, posting on a message board.
  5. I believe you are an idiot. Facts support my theory.
  6. Who you gonna listen to, a fascist, or a Putin lover?
  7. Thanks for the sweet little lies. They are so cute.
  8. You think they exist, and Trump is giving them away? Come on, hunt.
  9. The disconnect in your pin head is amazing. Russia, using an army to try and steal back bits of former glory, are not a threat, indeed, they are freedom personified. Sorry, the side conscripting war protesters is the side of the pathetic, fascist loser. You are unable to see it, because you are a fascist loser. Generally they suck at self-reflection.
  10. Here we see a pathetic POS loser posting Russian propaganda.
  11. Group Tries to Overload VA Crisis Line to Protest Prosecutions of Capitol Rioters https://www.military.com/daily-news/2022/09/20/group-tries-overload-va-crisis-line-protest-prosecutions-of-capitol-rioters.html Yep. MAGA F-wits are overloading a VA crisis hotline for suicidal soldiers, to protest the poor, poor, pathetic POS who tried to destroy our electoral process.
  12. They always leave out the accident in good Russian reporting.
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