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  1. NSFW language. MAGA Icons: Where are they now? Too long, but has some great bits.
  2. Police union goes to bat for Chicago officer charged in US Capitol riot https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/08/03/politics/police-union-chicago-insurrection/index.html I suppose they have to, and in the USA, even scum-bag POS insurrectionists have rights. Although, I think a plan a right winger I know has for immigrants, is a good solution: Take the surplus A-10s and strafe a dead zone on the other side of the border. We can put scumbags over the wall and bomb them too. The country will be SO AWESOME! A huge wall, topped with barbed wire and machine gun nests. A dead zone a mile wide where nothing lives and anything that tries gets a .50 caliber enema. That's a nation to be proud of, right there. God Bless.
  3. Colts' Quenton Nelson suffers same injury as Carson Wentz, could also reportedly miss 5-12 weeks Probably not something the Eagles staff missed.
  4. No, you are confusing them with the mindless sheeple that support Trump. Notice how their support for military and police drops off as soon as one of them dares not to swallow Trump knob.
  5. 2 people in my family who got the Pfizer shot both had seriously 10+ day attacks of lethargy after the second shot. No other flu symptoms, just tired and achy..
  6. Who the hell is leaving a slime trail in here. . .. oh, Kz! That explains the smell too.
  7. Must suck to realize you work with people who want you dead. I wonder what the locker room there is like? Living hell, for some, I wager.
  8. Having a lung issue that the docs still have not figured out, I was hesitant to get vaccinated. I waited until March of this year. I did a lot of research and decided my odds were way better with the vaccine than without.
  9. They stop the certification, Trump gets his stooges in the DOJ to call the election corrupt, and our Democratic Republic turns into a third world crap hole.
  10. Dad sends heartbreaking text before death: ‘I should have gotten the damn vaccine’ https://www.foxnews.com/us/vaccine-dad-sends-heartbreaking-text-before-death Michael Freedy, 39, had gone on vacation with fiancée Jessica du Preez and their children, ages 17, 10, 7, 6 and 17 months, in mid-July
  11. On June 20th, Phil Valentine, who was unvaccinated, released this parody song, called ‘Vaxman’ Song parody of Taxman by The Beatles. Vaxman by Phil Valentine & The Heartthrobs. Additional lyrics by Phil Valentine Let me tell you how it will be. And I don’t care if you agree, ‘Cause I’m the Vaxman. Yeah, I’m the Vaxman. If you don’t like me coming ‘round Be thankful I don’t hold you down. ‘Cause I’m the Vaxman. Yeah, I’m the Vaxman. If you try to cry I’ll block your tweet. If you ask me why I’ll block your street. If you try to fly I’ll block your flight. If you try to lie I’ll take your rights. Vaxman. ‘Cause I’m the Vaxman. Yeah, I’m the Vaxman. And you’re living for no one but me. Vaxman.
  12. I've seen GOP polls where Don Jr. is at the top. Pretty sure it is all smoke, mirrors and cesspools right now.
  13. You can bet the police knew how outnumbered they were, especially once it became clear no help was coming.
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