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  1. if I didn't know any better (that he just plain sucks)....I would have guessed Reagor was actually trying to give Tampa the game and he bet the Bucs........
  2. Dude needs a hug and his kid now needs therapy.........
  3. Yikes...this is the kind of game that turns a feel good season into nothing
  4. Reagor really does need to be cut along with JJAW. And Howie needs a 50 yard running nut kick......
  5. I was thinking maybe like The Golden Girls...... I mean I'd rather watch those things than these p uzzies......
  6. I was watching Terms of Endearment.....did I miss anything in the game yet?
  7. Does he break out the outfit from the Super Bowl parade speech though?
  8. That basically locked Kelce into Hall of Fame, I think he would have made it anyway but that is his 4th.
  9. I'm just partial to Jim's as my mom had a store on 5th and Bainbridge for a long time, we knew the owners of Jim's so I would always just walk around the corner and go there. Also helped in knowing the owner, I would just walk through that 3 deep line to the side and get my order without the line! Then, as I got older...well I would go to Jim's, then head across the street to the Copa for their Margaritas. Talk about losing some days in 4th and South triangle!
  10. So then you want our Defensive players knitting? Because that's about their strengths! I'd rather go down swinging! Blitz Brady out the ass, and I mean every play from every angle......
  11. If I'm Gannon, I am absolutely just doing EXACTLY what the Saints did.......if he doesn't, he should be fired.
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